we need more realistic rpg's goddamnit!!!!

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    pardon my french, but i think all of these so called "fantasy" rpg's like baldurs gate and torment are not half as good as both fallout parts were/are, because:(watch out here it comes)
    its not real enough for me, because i cant relate to all that fantasy crap. I happen to life on planet earth and as i look around this very minute i dont see any elves, hobgoblins or such, now i know you will say: yes but thats why its a FANTASY game!!!!, k..... see your point, BUT then why is it that the "realistic" rpg market is neglected while one after the other "fantasy'game hits the freaking shells. and 1 more thing... if they arent going to make fallout 3 soon im going to cap some motherfucking mutating sonofabitch with my newly upgraded bozar. :), im looking forward into looking into some reply's of what you think of what is better a fantasy or real rpg, peace out.
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    You also don't see two headed cattle, multi-legged mutants, long lived radioactive Ghouls, hybrid super mutants, nuclear wasteland, evil composite humans bent on world domination, seven foot Deathclaws, Wanamingoes, Time portals, Knights who say "Ni", Federation shuttlecraft, giant spore pods,PIP boys, Vaults, Overseers, Skynet, Hubologists, dead aliens, blasters, pulse granades and ghosts, The Glow, The Brotherhood of Steel, Vault City, New Reno, Shady Sands....

    I think I've made my point. Fallout isn't realistic in setting and it certainly isn't realistic in it's mechanics.

    It's a bloody good thing too; who wants to play, "Role Player: The Saddening"? Hours of endless fun playing a character who has a 9 to 5 job, comes home and sits in a room with half a dozen others and eats junk food till it comes out of his ears. I can just picture the game modules: "Mindless Automaton: Adventures in food retail", "The nagging mother sourcebook" and "Get a Life: Campaigns in the Real World."

    I'll point out at this point that the above was a JOKE. ust in case the more obsessive RPG'ers decide to remove my bowells with a +5 Sword of Sarcasm Smiting.

    Oh the irony
    >> ;) ;) say no more
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    You seem to misunderstand what "dacollector" is trying to say. He wants to see more RPGs that take place on earth or another planet where the life can relate to todays. Fallout is semi-based on events that could happen if a real nuclear war occured, that is why it is realistic. I am not sure if this is what he is getting at but I agree with him. Fantasy RPGs suck, magic is lame.. I go in guns a blazin'
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    thanks cerial, thats exactly what i was trying to say, and mister sarcasticus im sorry if the message didnt come clearly enough, wich could be the case since im from europe and my my native language is not english, oh by the way if you would want to play a really lame ass("realistic">wink wink) game i suggest the sims.
    peace out.