Weird colors with old mods or old games

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    Oct 19, 2006
    I am currently playing older mods for Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 and i've noticed some frequent bugs (especially with those who don't use Mash high-res) that also tend to happen with some 90s games. (not all)

    I doesn't happen all the time, and not at the same moment. But it happens quite often. The image is fine until the colors start to suddenly change for some random result that usually a lot of pink, blue and cyan, with sometime a bit or black or white. Sometime. the effect is less damaging, as there only seems to be some small white dots here and there. Sometimes, it cripples the visibility and i have to restart or even install again. Is it some well known issue ? Is there any way to fix it or work around it ?

    Here a few exemples, although the screenshot aren't 100% identical with what i had on my screen. (and weren't always the same thing.) There usually is less blackness or darkness.

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    Yep, this is well known problem. Thanks to Timeslip and Mash we can play Fallout 1 and 2 without any troubles, and you can get rid of funky colours in other old games without unofficial patches too. There's a couple of hints:

    - kill explorer.exe temporarily
    - disable hardware acceleration for DirectDraw
    - replace Windows Explorer with some alternative open source shell, such as Emerge Desktop for XP/Vista/7
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    That seems a bit extreme, but i might look on it if it happens too often.

    Indeed i don't have that issue with mods that work well with Mash high-res mod. But there are some mod that don't work well with high-res. They tend to block the view (you can move the screen in some directions) or have black screen on some borders, while there is in fact some mapped content that you can reach without the high-res mod. It usually happen with very old mods that were made before the high-res mod.

    I found a way to work around high res compatibility issue with older mods.

    I install and enable the high-res mod, then manually config it.
    For some mods i set IGNORE_MAP_EDGES=0 to IGNORE_MAP_EDGES=1
    For some other mods, i also set EDGE_CLIPPING_ON=1 to EDGE_CLIPPING_ON=0.

    The edges of the maps are a bit less attractive, but it kills the weird colors and allow to play on high-res.
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