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    You've just arrived to the area, you've finally found it, the city of dreams. Free and independent of NCR and Legion. Thanks to the Courier, New Vegas remains independent and free, as it should be. You've heard all the rumors, the Casino hidden deep within the mysterious Cloud. The legendary Zion canyon, the home of the Sorrows and the Dead Horses. The Old World Vault, Big MT, awaiting more treasures to be unburied. And the legendary battle at the Divide, the ravaged land guarded by the elements.
    The Mojave belongs to all who claim it. Will you claim it, or will it claim you. Don't think for a second that you can shrug off the elements, or that you'll be the next courier. Then again, you're more than welcome to find raider gangs that wander about, between them, the new raiders always coming in, the NCR's growing hostilities, or the Legions inevitable return, I'm sure someone would be happy to put a bullet in your head, and bury you in a shallow grave. This isn't a game, this is the wastes.

    Go to the OOC, read all the rules and guidelines and fun stuff.
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    Jul 23, 2011
    Name: Sarah West
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human (Caucasian)
    Age: 35
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 130lbs
    Appearance: Sarah is a woman who knows the hardships on the wasteland, and it has sculpted her into a stronger person. She stands at an average height of 5'5, and has smaller muscles, strong enough to carry around her supplies, but nothing to heavy. Sarah is far-sighted, and wears glasses to help see anything that comes up close. Her vision at further ranges improves greatly, and she can identify hostiles from further distances.
    Sarah wears a large black vest with a red short sleeved undershirt that exposes her midriff with an eight ball stitched into the left sleeve with black trousers. She wears a holster on her left thigh, as well as a utility belt to hold her medical pouch. Their are also has spurs on the boots.
    She wears her sandy blonde hair up in a ponytail to keep the hair from obscuring her vision, along with a single silver stud in her left ear.

    Back Story: At a young age, Sarah was already as smart as her parents, her father, a hunter, her mother, a doctor. These skills allowed her to survive. Her mother was a doctor in Boston, among the top in her field left. She had no doubt her daughter would follow in her footsteps. In her teen years, Sarah learned how to practice medicine, and her father taught her how to use a weapon should the need arise. It was during these years that she would say were the most painful, because they were the hardest to remember.
    At the age of fifteen, there clinic was attacked, drug fiends looking for a fix. Her father attempted to stop it, but was quickly killed in a firefight that had broken out. She hid, as she heard the tortured yells of her mother, crying out for her, to help her, maybe to save her. She hid too afraid, a coward, for all her brains, her intellect, her skill that her parents praised her for, she couldn't bring herself to move. It was only when she thought they left did she move, only to find two had stayed.
    Her mother, what they had done to her. Sarah thought taking two lifes would be able to avenge her parents. The only thing she felt was disgust. No feeling of righteousness, she was just a killer like them. It is said that it is better to be wiser than to be smarter, and Sarah, wished that it was so.
    There was nothing left in Boston, for her at least. She wandered, trading aid and services for food, supplies, shelter. Maybe Sarah was hoping for the wastes to claim her, it's hard to say really.

    Strength: I take what I need.
    Perception: I saw you coming a mile away.
    Endurance: I can take a punch as well as the next guy.
    Charisma: In the wasteland, you do what you have to if you want to save caps.
    Intelligence: I could kill you with my brain.
    Agility: You may be faster, but let's see how far you run with a bullet in your knee cap.
    Luck: There's no such thing as luck, only science.


    Strengths and weaknesses: 
    Sarah is a prodigy, an expert with computers, she is an experienced hacker, and tends to have a knack for finding components, information, and data that some find valuable.

    Sarah's medical training allows her to ration her supplies, she knows what injuries need treating, and which ones can just be bandaged.

    Things have a habit going wrong for Sarah, maybe it's as simple as being short on a few stimpacks, or a gun jam as she holds a raider at gunpoint, whatever it may be she has bad luck. It doesn't happen often, but its always at the mist crucial moments it seems. She claims she can explain it away or that she had other things on her mind.

    Sarah picks her shots, she takes time when shooting, while more accurate, she leaves herself open, and fires slower. 

    She is good with one handed weapons, her firing style favoring her left hand. She struggles using rifles and heavy weapons and will not use them, but in return she is very skilled with pistols, gun and energy alike, and SMGs.

    Starting equipment:
    Merc Adventurer Outfit- a standard adventures outfit. 

    Tinted Reading Glasses- glasses to help adjust to the unforgiving sun, as well as reading facts and figures (Tier 1)

    Sarah's 45. Auto Pistol (M1911A1)-a weapon that has been a trustworthy side-arm for years. It holds a seven round clip. Sarah has upgraded the weapon over the years, giving it a reinforced slide to help deal with the wear and tear of use, and a three dot sight system with an extended front sight to allow for easier precision. the barrel was modified to allow a mounted tactical light for dark corridors. The weapon is used more for saving those she couldn't help, than defending herself.

    Survival Knife- a tool that is as deadly, as it is helpful. You can use it to remove bullets, dig out any harmful objects, or just plain killing.

    Supply Bag:
    Stimpak 15x
    Med-X 15x
    Mentats x 3
    Splint 4x
    Bandages 20x
    Empty syringes 3x
    Suture Kit
    .45 ACP round x50 (seven loaded, one chambered)

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    Jul 22, 2011
    OOC: I'd like to join the rp if I can, here is my character "sheet." XS

    I hope you folks don't mind me making a TF2/FA crossover character, I'll try to make a good one, here it goes. X-/

    Name: RED Team Engineer Clone # 18.
    Real Name: Dell Connagher Clone #18.
    Age: 200+ years (via stasis chamber, see bio).
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human (w/ Cybernetics)
    Occupation: Scavenging, research on old tech, reverse engineering, trying to develop new tech. Basically, buidling/repairing things that go boom and selling them. XP Also does merc work and courier runs for the Mojave Express.
    Physical appearance: The character basically looks like a TF2 engineer equipped w/ a gunslinger and a welding mask.

    Very quiet and polite outside of combat. Inside of combat, completely the opposite.

    Weapons: Gunslinger (Cybernetic fist), 12 ga shotgun, 9 mm pistol, a ED-E bot w/ "sentry" bits added to it.

    Items: Some medical equipment; stimpacks, first aid kit, some rad away and the odd body enhancement drugs that she has scavenged on her many journeys. A can of pre-war beer, a bottle of pre-war whiskey, a pack of pre-war smokes, scrap metal, bobby pins, various nuts, bolts, vacuum tubes, and transistors. Any extra ammo he can find while scavenging.

    Affiliation: Pro-NCR, Brotherhood of Steel and Engima. Of course, being freindly w/ all three said factions can lead to conundrums of philosophy from time to time.


    War, war never changes, nor does the conumdrums of philosophy it can cause.

    During the last several years before the Nuclear Holocaust, the forebearers of Engima set up a secret sub-project for the Vaults, Make a Team of warriors not affiliated directly to the military that they could control and use for certain "problems" the military couldn't afford to get involved in. This lead to the founding of Project: Team Fortress (also known as Gang Garrison). The project was headed by two rival brothers who owned equal interests in a large Corporation, it's true name lost to the annals old world history. However, their main weapons and equipment supplier was an Australian entrepreneur named Saxon Hale, head of the Company MannCo. Under the aforementioned brothers was a engimatic and mysterious old woman known simply as "Announcer." It was her job (and to the lesser extent of a secretary she hired), to see the goals of the project implemented.

    Her first step was to find "expendible" troops that she could hire that no one could miss. This led to her hiring and odd assortement of riff-raff from the lower classes and seedier elements of both country and big city natives throughout the world to serve as mercenaries and "test subjects" during this project.

    Her intial recruits were:

    The Heavy: A former Russian soldier who went to asassin school, but due to his heavy build, was better at using a chaingun.

    The Enginer: (Dell Connagher) A native of Bee Cave, Texas, this former Roughneck and Wildcatter was a mechanical and scientific genius w/ nearly 20 Master Degrees and Doctorates total and excelled in the field of AI and robotics.

    The Soldier: A aged and grizzled mercenary vet of the European Battlefield who was a native of the Midwest US.

    The Spy: A French rogue whose aim and knifework were almost as sharp as his tongue.

    The Sniper: A Aussie Bogan, former Big game hunter turned mercenary.

    The Scout: A Bostonian native who was fast on his feet and good w/ a Scattergun and baseball bat. Fond of Nuka Cola, Bonk, and Atomic Punch.

    The Medic: A German Doctor/Mad Scientist who graduated from the University of Heidelberg. Lost his medical liscence under "mysterious circumstances"

    The Pyro: A mysterious individual whose true identity was hid under a flame-resistant suit. Rumored by some to be scouts mom. Excelled at the use of flamethrowers, fire axes, and other incendiary weapons.

    The Demoman: A native African-Scotsman of the Van DerGroot Clan. He was a professional at using the grenade launcher, bombs, and Scottish Claymores (both the sword and mine). The amazing part was, he was the best at it, even though he only had one good eye left and was often drunk on "Scrumpy" Brand Scotch.

    The second phase was cloning these mercenaries and tranferring their memories and skills via the downloading of brainwaves into the clones. The clones were also given implants so that there knowledged gained would be transferred to yet another clone upon death.

    The third Phase was the "training" phase. The Clones were split up into two factions that posed as legitimate construction companies to the public world-Rennovation and Demoltion (RED Team) and Builders League United (BLU/BLUE Team). They were then put through constant training via combat scenarios against each other w/ live weapons! The attrition/death rate in these drills were often high, but it mattered little as the information from their brains would be transferred to a new clone that would be teleported to a "respawn" point to take the earlier clone's place. The drills would often involve taking enemy intelligence, convoys/patrols involving taking a live nuke form point a to point b, taking and holding points, or just plain wiping each other out before a timer went off. The myterious Announcer would oversee this training, and except for a brief (but temporary) friendship between a BLU Soldier and a RED Demoman, the training (mostly) went off w/o a hitch. While they trained all over the world, the most commonly used training ground was an old abandoned gravel quarry in the SW US. This was also the location of the Vault that would serve as the clones shelter when the Nukes came. It was during the one of the drills in preparation for the Chinese invasion of mainland Alaska that the Nukes started to launch. Fortunately, due to a twist of fate, Mr. House's Anti-Nuke Defense system was close by, and the system barely bought them enough time to evacuate most of the RED and BLU team into a nearby Vault made specifically for them. When the survivors entered, they were put into suspended animation via a state of artifically induced hibernation. This was done so that they could help carry out Engima's agenda when the world became inhabitable again. The Suspended animation was time locked to awaken the clones in about 150-200 years. The fate of the actual Announcer, Saxon Hale, and original mercs who provided the clones brain patterns and DNA are unkown. It is rumored they too are in suspended animation somwhere, yet to be found. Due to a breakdown in communnication, Engima lost contact w/ the Team Fortress Vault and over time, it would be forgotten altogether.

    Somwhere between 150 and200 years passed and the clones finally awakened. When they did, a meeting was held between the RED and BLU factions. They knew the combat drills were no longer necessary as the goal of producing troops tough and rescourceful enough to survive a post-Apocalyptic Earth had been achieved (there was still some animosity between some of the Red Demomen and Blu soldier though). It was then that they decided upon a plan, try to contact Engima and help to re-establish the pre-war government, which is what they were made for. It was agreed that due to having memories about various regions from their original benefactors that the Soldiers and Engineers would recon the western half of the US, the Scouts the Eastern half, and that the Demomen, spies, medics, and Heavies would attempt to travel East in a attempt to find passage to Europe. While the seperation of teams would produce weaknesses due to the various specializations the men had, they knew they had no choice as the technology was no longer avaiable to transfer memories via implant downloads, having been destroyed by the inevitable march of time. They would try to sruvive in this world via a combination of mercenary work, banditry, and scavenging.

    One of the RED Engineers (my character), took a long trek from the Rock Quarry to New Vegas, gathering intel along the way. He found out that there were three remnants of the old government. The Brotherhood Of Steel, a Knightly Order descended from a Army SpecOps unit assigned to guard an old lab; Engima, the descendants of various government figures, scientists; and the New California Republic, a revival of the old US-style government founded by another Vault Dweller in California. Alas, he also hear that all three groups hated each other w/ a passion. He didn't know how, but he would find a way to convince the three factions to put aside their differences, see thier common past and heritage and to join together into one governmental body-or die in the attempt. Unable to find work as an Engineer due to the abandonment of power plants and factories in the region, the Engineer took on a temp job as a Coruier for the Mojave Express. Sure, it was more of a Scout's fortay, but they left for the East Coast and he needed the caps for food and drink, so he took it. He figured it would suffice until he could come up w/ another plan to further his agenda. As to whether this clone of a soft-spoken Texan w/ genius intellect was to become the famous Courier of the Platinum Chip incident remains to be seen.

    Starting Stats (Lv1):

    Str: 5
    Per: 4
    End: 9
    Cha: 4
    Int: 10
    Agi: 4
    Luck: 4

    Tags: Repair, Locksmith, Science.

    Starting traits/perks: Wild Wasteland (is that the proper name for it? The perk for the weird events?), Good natured.

    Skill ranks: Don't know how to calculate those, sorry. X(
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    I'm afraid I will not be able to RP, there's been a family emergency, and it will be a few weeks before I may return. If a moderator would please remove this RP and it's OOC, I would be grateful.
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    Idk what Cazador was writing...