What if Frank Horrigan was a three-dimensional antagonist?

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    How would you rewrite him in a way so he's just as well-written as the likes of The Master, Caesar, Ulysses, Elijah and Mr House?

    We all know how he's a mindless psycopathic brute throught fallout 2's story, his first appearence being gunning down a entire family because he didn't feel like capturing them, the second killing Matt who was one of the very few BoS members alive on the california chapter instead of taking him for questioning since he was a "pure human" and the third exterminating an entire race of intelligent deathclaws alongside with everyone else on the vault with seemingly no remorse as well, he's also one of the few fallout antagonists you can't get past using a diplomatic solution too, forcing you to kill him via the turrets or using the bozar with a ton of chems.

    But what if he was not like that? what if he was truly a intelligent and charismatic villain like his SPECIAL stats say?
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    That is easy.

    You do villain 101 from modern Hollywood - he had abusive father and society didn't accept his love for playing with Barbie dolls, so he was outcast from earliest days.
    Sprinkle this with traditional gentle monster tropes - in his private time he reads Schopenhauer, listens to uppity jazz, and plays mail chess with multiple people.
    Add sure sign that he isn't all bad - he is polite to ladies and has a pet (and possibly tends to bonsai).

    Congrats - you traded one cardboard character for another.
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