What if the Minutemen can build an Airship

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    Look what i've found while googling the 'Prydwen' (and looking for other iterations in other games, novels or the original Prydwen which King Arthur and his knights used in his quests in what assumed to be the modern day Ireland) https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....576/BC2408668028C068E288B28346150F95BA0A45D4/

    This is what the Minutemen Airship may looks like if they build any. In reality it is an aerial floating structure built by several workshop glitches, including the uses of highly valuable and rare copper wires. and it looks very whacky and unwieldy BTW. i don't think it would survive the winds of the Commonwealth. let alone duking with the Prydwen toe to toe. if that happens, this ship might end the same way as USS Chesapeake which fell to the Brits in a conflict (1812 or maybe any naval actions against British Royal Navy as a consequences to Napoleonic Wars). it can't be another USS Constitution for sure.

    If they indeed build any dirigibles. What will be its name??
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    If the Minutemen can't continue existing without the help of a thawing parent, I doubt they can ever be competent enough to pool the resources and manpower for an airbase. Aren't they pretty much a settler militia through and through? Seperating themselves from the boots on ground doesn't exactly seem their style. Not even considering how without Vertibirds (which open up a whole other can of worms when you factor in docking bays on that... junkbarge) they have no way of sending minutemen on and off the airbase.
    Knowing the fetish they have for the colonial aesthetic they'd end up naming it something like the Washington Floatboat.
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