Whats the backstory of your New Vegas Courier?

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    Mar 16, 2013
    What's his tags and traits
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    May 12, 2020
    Fuck I can’t remember, I know he tagged energy weapons, then maybe barter and sneak? Or maybe survival? I don’t really remember at this point. I remember getting speech pretty high with him, so speech was probably tagged. As far as traits, I remember wanting to give him Hot-Blooded, but to be honest I hate most of the traits in New Vegas, so I probably just chose wild wasteland and left it at that.
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    Sep 25, 2018
    My last courier was a mercenary from some fringe prospector community up north, probably Idaho or Oregon, whose home was wiped out by tribal raiders when he was in his early teens. He steadily drifted south, rarely encountering the NCR beyond small interactions at the fringes until he made his way to New Vegas and worked as a courier.

    He was kind of a greedy "operator" sort of character who liked to shoot first and ask questions later and loathed tribals, with the exception of the ones in Zion who voluntarily took him in and sheltered him after a caravan job that way went awry. His fondest memories from that time in his life, besides leading the NCR and Enclave Remnant forces to victory in The Second Battle of Hoover Dam, were his extermination of the Great Khans and his escape from The Sierra Madre Casino.

    His only regret was that he was unable to save Novac, the settlement which reminded him most of his childhood home, from being sacked by the forces of Caesar's Legion.

    For my current game I haven't actually decided on a super detailed backstory, as I'm only 10 hours in, but I'm playing a low-combat high-speech character with extra skill in Science and Sneak thrown in there as well. I started the playthrough when the @Atomic Postman Van Buren PnP thread was still in it's early stages and was thinking it would be fun if my character had some kind of family roots there.

    I was thinking that his father was a prospector from Colorado and his mother a Mormon who suffered from an unknown chronic ailment that often left him caring for her when his father was away in the wastes, and he would often pass the what downtime he had reading through what few books his family owned. He soon developed a knack for electronics which garnered the attention of his father, an abusive drunk and chem user, who began to take him out prospecting with him beginning at the age of 8.

    During one of these trips his mother passed away, which resulted in him running away from home while still a young boy. He would gradually drift westwards by tagging along with various bands of merchants, and one small group of strange cult-like missionaries, until eventually finding himself in Vegas.

    Not sure where the speech proficiency fits in there, though. Maybe he picked it up while traveling with merchant caravans, or maybe it just came naturally due to him not being particularly good in a fight.
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    My current courier is a girl from Vault 101. After saving DC, she took a train to Mojave.

    Some years later, some checkered city boy of an asshole put a bullet on her head, make her lose all the skills and levels, as well as an idea of where her stock of items are.

    Only a few perks telling what's she been through: Ant Sight, Superior Defender etc...