What's the fastest time you've completed the original Fallout?

Discussion in 'General Fallout Discussion' started by Gary 34, May 25, 2018.

  1. Gary 34

    Gary 34 First time out of the vault

    May 25, 2018
    Fallout is an amazing game, of course. We've all played it so many times, but what's the fastest time you've ever gotten? The game is set up where you can literally complete the main story in less than 20 minutes, but I've seen speedrunners on YouTube complete the game in less than 10.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Macster2001

    Macster2001 First time out of the vault

    Oct 20, 2016
    I know this is an old post, but a couple days ago a started a new playthrough at like 9 am, and i beat the game at like 11 30 pm. That was also with like 75 to 85 percent completion, i did most side questlines.