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    As i understood fo3 will be in 3d!But not in 1stp i expected fo3 to be 1stp like those screens whwen u are talking to the characters in f02.But im not about this...CAN U HELP ME!!IM not sure will fo3 finished and published or not.And who is going to make it and publish?Iwould like fallout3 to keep the old atmosphere and i would like it to be more cruel and dark.BUT, there must leave turn based combat,just add more options and blood loosing efect.And those jokes be left but i dont want to fell ou of my chair of stupid laughts.its a cruel dark and cold wrld after of a terrible disaster made by human.I think the start of the game must be in that war...A normal world and suddenly some kind of confilct and WAR u mustfight for some time in that war like a soldier anh they hit u and u wake up in a strandge wault...AND the storry begins.
  2. 1. It's not in development.

    2. See above...
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    Apr 3, 2003
    >As i understood fo3 will be
    >in 3d!But not in 1stp
    >i expected fo3 to be
    >1stp like those screens whwen
    >u are talking to the
    >characters in f02.But im not
    >about this...CAN U HELP ME!!IM
    >not sure will fo3 finished
    >and published or not.And who
    >is going to make it
    >and publish?Iwould like fallout3 to
    >keep the old atmosphere and
    >i would like it to
    >be more cruel and dark.BUT,
    >there must leave turn based
    >combat,just add more options and
    >blood loosing efect.And those jokes
    >be left but i dont
    >want to fell ou of
    >my chair of stupid laughts.its
    >a cruel dark and cold
    >wrld after of a terrible
    >disaster made by human.I think
    >the start of the game
    >must be in that war...A
    >normal world and suddenly some
    >kind of confilct and WAR
    >u mustfight for some time
    >in that war like a
    >soldier anh they hit u
    >and u wake up in
    >a strandge wault...AND the storry


    No offense, man, but what the hell did you just say?
  4. I'll try and translate here....( I speak two languages myself so maybe i can decipher his/her's version of uhhh English ..I think :-) )

    Basically he thought that Fallout 3 was going to be in 3d like an FPS but he wants it to be 3d like Planescape or BG. He doesn't want it to be a first person 3d shooter type RPG except when you are speaking with important characters in the game. He wants the atmosphere to retain its darkness and the cruelty of living in the world of Fallout and no more easter eggs or references to pop culture. Also, he wants more gore and options on the violence.

    The story of the game, as according to him/her, should occur before FO1. It shoud be about the war that led to the events of FO1 and that the main hero of the game should be a soldier who fights in that same war and then wakes up in a vault somehow. And then story BEGINS...

    I hope that helped LOL
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    nice translation :o)))

    man what language are u speaking?And abut 3d i wouldnt mind fo3 to be in 3d-1stp.All game would look like those characters in fo2(remeber sulic standing or miron!)NOW answer what about fo3 when are they going to start creating it!
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    RE: nice translation :o)))

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON May-28-00 AT 09:14PM (GMT)[p]uhhh... he was speaking English.

    [Edit:] Oh, by the way, glad you found your way to the FO3 forum.

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    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: nice translation :o)))

    >uhhh... he was speaking English.

    I speak and read over 6 languages. Though, I can't say that "Unintelligible Drivel" is a language in the list.

    >[Edit:] Oh, by the way, glad
    >you found your way to
    >the FO3 forum.


    No kidding....
    About damn time. Was going to post the below in a sarcastic remark, but I decided if he couldn't find the Fallout 3 board, then I really couldn't help him aside from taking his hand and pointing him to the location of it as if he was Algernon. And I don't do that with people, it's not too hard to ask people to use the flabby grey matter they have between their ears.

    "Now today kiddies, we're going to play a game. It's called 'matching'. If I hold up a blue ball, then think of something that would match it. Would it be a red square? No.

    I'm looking for another blue ball.

    So if you are looking for the Fallout 3 board, look for the one that says 'Fallout 3'. Not the one that says 'Fallout: Tactics'. And if someone says the Fallout: Tactics board is the wrong board, it's a good idea to start looking again for something that matched what you are looking for."

    --Gee, I love teaching rudimentary child development principles to people....
  8. RE: nice translation :o)))

    >man what language are u speaking?.All
    >game would look like those
    >characters in fo2(remeber sulic standing
    >or miron!)NOW answer what about
    >fo3 when are they going
    >to start creating it!

    Let me think for a bloody moment...I was speaking the Latin of the modern world ...ENGLISH.

    I suggest you stop skipping English class because your grammar is, quite frankly, atrocious and does little to convice myself and countless others that you actually possess a substantial amount of sentience/intelligence.

    When are THEY going to create Fallout 3?? Personally, my hopes lie that Interplay will create FO3 within my lifetime. As for you asking repeatedly when it's going to be created, please stop because NO ONE HERE KNOWS AS OF THIS MOMENT. So please, in regards to saving time and message board space, quit asking that question.

    Idz do piekla, ty glupia kurwo. (A little Polish for anyone who speaks/writes it...)

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    RE: nice translation :o)))

    My only hope is that FO3 will be next game from BIS, right after Icewind Dale and it will be as revolutionary in Fallout universe as FO1 was revolutionary within RPG's. I also hope that it will have much darker atmosphere than FO2 (no offence, but too many jokes and eastern eggs almost kill that game).
    By the way, it's nice to see some warm words in another language which I can slightly understand (Greetings from Slovakia!).
  10. RE: nice translation :o)))

    I too was kind of put off by all the Easter eggs in FO2. It gave me the feeling as if I were playing a parody of the original Fallout...but without the damned waterchip! LOL

    (You have better English skills than the guy who actually started this thread (GEEZMOU) and I'll bet he's an *gasp* American....LOL!)

    I just hope that Interplay/BIS will look at their damned sales figures for both Fallouts and think "Hmmmmm ...maybe we should create another Fallout RPG but put effort into it so that it doesn't suffer from sequelitis and doesn't make us look like greedy bastards who are just shoving this product onto store shelves to make a quick buck off of our fans,...."
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    Apr 24, 2003
    RE: nice translation :o)))

    >(You have better English skills than
    >the guy who actually started
    >this thread (GEEZMOU) and I'll
    >bet he's an *gasp* American....LOL!)

    Don't judge too quickly. He's Italian.
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    RE: nice translation :o)))

    If he WAS American, it would be quite sad... I feel sort of bad making fun of people trying to speak American when they don't know much of it... but seriously, I had to read that post over and over for 15 minutes before I understood ;-).

  13. RE: nice translation :o)))

    It made my eyes hurt to read it ...unintelligible drivel always does that ...
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    what a...?

    Judas Iscariot im the same guy,with the same BAD ENGLISH because im lithuanian and.FUCK. stop criticizing me because my cauntry is in another
    side of world.TALK about my ideas not english!
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    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: what a...?

    >Judas Iscariot im the same guy,with
    >the same BAD ENGLISH because
    >im lithuanian and.FUCK. stop criticizing
    >me because my cauntry is
    >in another
    >side of world.TALK about my ideas
    > not english!

    Asedk kenr nffiid odokrnmnrt orlmrlf oenmd, oasd.
    Oansd, odnebe, oogjdnrd ifntn okny osnerbnt inelrtm. Inb dinrt, osnbsd lrns ontb osnrlk.

    See, I can write in Lithuanian, but I didn't give a fuck in how I typed it. Can you read it, much less understand it? Not likely.

    Case in point.

    The Roshambo Warrior
    Asshole of Observational Comedy
  16. RE: what a...?

    Hey Roshambo..can you teach me your version of Lithuanian?? It seems to make some sense LOL
  17. RE: what a...?

    Granted you're Lithuanian and English isn't your first language BUT if you're going to post on an English speaking board then please try to make yourself intelligible somewhat.