"You fail to learn anything"... until NOW!

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  1. LionXavier

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    Dec 29, 2007
    Fallout never stops to amaze me. The following is something I just recently found in my last playthrough; something that I've never seen mentioned anywhere, not even in Per's guide:

    As you most probably already know, when you use the science skilldex cursor on something other than a functional computer, you receive the message "You fail to learn anything" in the message window. Well, it turns out that if you use if you use it on a brahmin, you get something special: there's a science check; if you don't pass it, it says that the brahmin seems normal; if you pass it, it says that the second exta head of the brahmin is the consequence of a mutation. No amount of XP or any other reward is to be obtained by doing this.

    This event is present in both Fallout 1 and 2, but oddly enough it isn't something identically inherited by the second installment from the first one, like many other texts like the description of the objects or the message "you fail to learn anything" itself, as the messages for both the check failure and check success is different in both games. In the first game, the fail check says something like "The brahmin looks normal to you" and the check pass says "There's nothing natural in the brahmin. The second head can only be the result of some strange mutation", while in the second game the fail check says something in the line of "You don't notice anything unusual about the brahmin" and the check pass says "The reason for brahmin having two heads is due to early exposure of radiation to what used to be called a cow ".

    Looks like we'll keep finding these little hidden details in the Fallout games for ever :o
  2. Stanislao Moulinsky

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    Jul 16, 2009
    Holy cow. :o

    How in the hell you thought to perform a Science check on a brahmin, by the way?
  3. LionXavier

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    Dec 29, 2007
    It all happened with Bess in Modoc. At that moment I was on an XP hunting frenzy 'cause I was nearly about to gain an extra level, and after doing things like locking/unlocking all the doors, I though of using the science skill with her in case I could earn some XP by discovering something about her condition before actually healing her (just like you do with Puking Charlie in Vault city's courtyard, albeit in that case you do it by using the doctor skill). That way I obtained the special message. I thought it was too generic to be something Bess' exclusive, so I tested it with other brahmin. Then, I tested it in Fallout 1. There you go.