You know when you played the Fallout series in the wrong order when...

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    You know you played the Fallout series in the wrong order when...

    1. The first deathclaw you met was Gruthar.

    2. You thought the Master and his army were part of the Los Angeles vault experiments.

    3. You are still trying to figure out why west coast ghouls only walk.

    4. You tried to give outlaws body parts to the Boneyard regulators.

    5. You considered New Vegas too civilized and The Capital Wasteland as more appropriate picture of the level of civilization.

    6. You never weared Fo1-Fo2-FoT power armor, waiting for being trained.

    7. You killed your way into the Enclave/Unity stronghold. You probably slaughtered everyone in Gecko/Broken Hills/Necropolis when first entered into it.

    8. You thought the scout handbook was written by Moira Brown too.

    9. You considered the Fo2's geck as inconsistent with the rest of the series. (aka Fo3)

    10. You thought Harry was a second generation SM and Melchior a first generation SM.

    11. You expected the Calculator's to be an ex-president AI or the Fo2 Enclave President to be an AI.

    12. You wondered why so many west coast computer weren't working or why there were so few robots in that coast.

    13. You wondered if you missed some quests involving your parents.

    14. You tried to attack the patrols surrounding the cities to get their stuff and came back in the cities three days later, only to figure out you screwed yourself.

    15. You had to restart the whole game after dying in a random encounter after your third city, unaware of the lack of auto-save.

    16. You spent 3-6 hours trying to activate the quest markers, in classic games. You thought there were necessary for finding the Geck or the Water Chip.

    17. You slaughtered many west coast children for no reason, just to get revenge agains't Little Lamplight children. (I only wanted to do that in the first game that forbidden it)

    18. You took the first ending you got as the canon ending. (if you played Fo3 first, then the others)

    19. You only recruited one-two companions in the classics. You never won Fallout:Tactics.

    20. You thought there was a bug in classics beds.

    21. You wondered why the main quest-givers didn't left Gecko when you destroyed it. You hoped there would be some ways to finish their quests.

    22. You took 1 intelligence or 1 charisma and you wondered why the Fo1-Fo2 writting was so praised.

    23. You thought Paladin Latham was a member of the Casdin Outcast.

    24. You took for granted that the BOS came from a vault.

    25. You thought there was something wrong with Jacoren, in the first minutes of Fo1.

    26. You wondered why there weren't much talking animals outside Fo2.

    PS: Even if you played them in the right order, you could imagine what it would be if you didn't.
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  2. SnapSlav

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    27. You can't grasp why the game you're playing now has turn-based combat. What were these made in, the stone age?

    28. It never occurs to you that you'll be standing upright when combat breaks out. You can't stop assessing every space to figure out all the lines of sight, all the attack ranges, and all the different heights of obstacles to duck and/or get prone behind for cover.

    29. You don't understand why you arrive at an advanced and civilized settlement that came from a Vault. Why didn't evil scientists in Vault 8 lead to everyone's guaranteed catastrophic and gruesome deaths?

    30. You arrived at the Khans encampment and just opened fire. That's all you can do with raiders, right? Just shoot them?

    31. You don't understand why every town turns hostile to you. You closed dialog after saying some disparaging comments to a major NPC, that means his opinion of you has reset!

    32. You have fond memories of Brotherhood of Steel, and why not? It was your introduction to the Fallout series!
  3. Emperor

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Not in the wrong order but this happened to me:

    33. When you first knew about Fallout you tough that there was two Fallout 3, one was an older one with top view camera named Van Buren and another was a remake of the older one, with different perspective,multiplatform and had the same quality of it's original version and than you discovered the hard/cruel truth :puppy-dog:

    Now back to the topic

    34. You wonder why when you press V it doesn't take you to VATS

    35. Your heard there was an atomic bomb in the older Fallouts but you search with no avail for the Fat Boy to launch them

    36. Who the hell is Interplay? Bethesda previous name?

    37. There are Fallouts before 3? The number wasn't only for the lulz?

    38. The SMG is a lie, it only fire one shot per turn.

    39. Where is my homosexuals companions? I hope they have done it right just like in Mass Effect.

    40. The Master was part of the Enclave right? Don't be silly with me, who else would know where the L.A Vault ( also what his number?) was?
  4. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    41. When you found the alien blaster, you tried to find the alien ammo that you used in Mothership Zeta.

    42. You probably shot/ignored the classic mysterious stranger, not aware that he would appear outside of the VAT.

    43. You didn't mind the loss of the original dogmeat, expecting to take the puppies perk later.

    44. You thought that the Fallout2.exe icon was Todd Howard, Brian Fargo or Chris Avellone's face.

    45. You thought that Melchior or the Master brain/mind was altered by stealth boy.

    46. You liked Wasteland 2, but you complained that it seemed to have copied many features from Fallout, like the desert rangers or the robot scorpions.

    45. You were convinced that your Fo2's radio was bugged, because you weren't able to hear Enclave transmissions.

    46. You thought the children of the Cathedral were somehow involved with the hubologists because of their similar clothes.

    47. You considered Fo1-Fo2-FoT special encounters & easter eggs as canons.

    48. You wondered why there wasn't much aliens in classics games. They started the war after all...

    49. You spent entire days in New Reno & Junktown looking for special chips that could open secret vaults.

    50. You shot the tin man on sight.

    51. You thought Fallout 1 main quest was optionnal and started exploring the Wasteland at random. Then, after 150 ingame days, you complained that the game felt unfinished/buggy/like a demo.

    52. You thought classic ennemies would have been easier to fight by not levelling your character.

    53. You wondered why Tabitha, Keene & Lily weren't in Broken Hills.

    54. You are still trying a way to unlock the quest in which you could convince Dr Henry to leave Shady Sands and join Marcus.

    55. Considering Tandi is alive and well in Fo2, you figured out that there would be no way to fail to save her in Fo1 and never bothered to rescue her.
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  5. TheChosen1

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    Nov 8, 2012
    56. You were surprised to be addicted to Radaway.
    57. You were addicted to Jet and were surprised to find that it can't be cured.
    58. You were surprised to find that Jet was a post war drug.
    59. The vault boy looks wrong.
    60. You were surprised that after opening your pipboy a few times in combat, you can't move.
    61. You are still searching for Sulik's brain chunk in a jar.
    62. You tried to use C-4 and dynamite in combat.
    63. You thought that the game was railroading you into the main quest by placing all those Enclave patrols around Navarro.
    64. You were surprised when the presidents special agent was a super mutant in PA. You though that the Enclave killed all muties.
    65. You were surprised when the presidents special agent was a super mutant in PA not a Colonel in a trench coat with a heavy american accent.
  6. naossano

    naossano So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 19, 2006
    66. Your Fo1 character is supposed to use jet, but you can't find some.
    67. You hoped to meet Robert House at the end of FoT.
    68. You closed FoT when you heard that you have to fight reavers in the next mission.
    69. You wondered why people were unhappy while you left Fo1-Fo2 caravans missions before the end.
    70. You expected to have a super-mutants/ghoul follower in Fo1. After all, you only recruited 4 followers. There must be, at least 4 others guys to recruit.
    71. You still wonder why Junktown/NCR inhabitants are always hostiles.
  7. 5545Trey

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    Jun 25, 2014
    72. When you realize that Myron's voice actor is also the voice for Boone.

    73. When you are surprised to find high-leveled enemies north of Goodsprings.

    74. When you think that the beginning of New Vegas is railroaded when it should be an obvious tutorial.

    75. You wander why Harold called you an idiot when you chose the wrong dialogue option.
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  8. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    76. You thought the Fo1 Master was the guy in Mariposa (with Tony Jay voice).

    It happened to me.
    Started with Fo2. In the intro, they mention the previous threat and show the picture of the Lieutenant.
    In Fo1 first playthrough, Harry brought me to the Lieutenant. I understood he was the boss, through his dialogs.
    I could escape him as you leave dialog without starting combat when he try to beat you to make you talk. Then you are free to move in the base with him following you for another beating. Since i knew i couldn't beat him (low level and i thought he was the boss), i could only escape. But somehow, i managed to self-destruct the base.
    Later, i ended up in the LA vault, wearing a purple robe, in the room with the bomb having the right key. I destoyed the Cathedral without being aware of the real Master existence.
    When i replayed Fo2, the intro confirmed me that the guy in Mariposa was the Master.

    It was only on the 2nd or 3rd playthrough (and having grow up a little) that i finally met the real Master. It was a shock in the right way, as i didn't expect to see that kind of character in a game that i already played. It gave the whole game an entirelly new dimension and got me to admit that the main story was far better than Fo2. (i still prefer Fo2, but the main story is clearly weaker)

    Sure, the open-ness of the game can lead you to that kind of situation, as you aren't forced to face anyone, (and youth help too) but i indeed played Fo2 first and it shown the picture of the lieutenant to refer the threat of the previous game. For me, he was the Master before my first Fo1 playthrough and even after this playthrough.

    PS: I am sure you understood that i missed a lot of background informations and actual goals about the super-mutants & the Unity. On first playthrough, there were just there.

    77. Having started with Fo2, you don't understand why some super-mutants are stupid in Fo1 or you think these are out of characters, until you hear the proper explanation. (no dumb-dumb in Fo2)
    78. Having started with FoNV, you think dumb super-mutants in other episodes are addicted to stealth-boy or 2nd Generation Super-mutants. (you take Tabitha explanation for granted)
    79. Having started with Fo3, you are suprised to find any smart super-mutants. You think this is out of character when they are smart.
    80. Having started with Fo3-FoNV, you were sure that Frank Horrigan was a cyborg sold by Robert House or by the Institute.
    81. Starting with Fo2, you consider the BOS as a joke, not even sure if they should be considered canon, or if they are part of the game lampshading.
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  9. Villejh

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    Nov 7, 2014
    82. You spent hours trying to find Bobbleheads in Fallout 1.
    83. You were disappointed when you couldn't find Cannibal Johnson in Navarro.
    84. You thought Bethesda came up with the idea of Vault 106 and Obsidian with Vault 34.
    85. You thought the plasma rifle looked wrong in Fallout 1 and 2.
    86. You were surprised because you could leave the vault at any age in Fallout 1, instead of 19.
    87. You thought the Enclave power armor looked wrong in Fallout 2.
    88. You put your intelligence at 9, planning to get the INT bobblehead right after leaving the Vault in Fallout 1.
    89. You wanted to work for the Van Graff family in New Reno.
    90. You wondered why Julie Farkas wasn't in the Boneyard.
    91. You thought the slaver camp in Fallout 2 would be Paradise Falls.
  10. Byzantine

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    Sep 4, 2014
    92. You sometimes have the overwhelming desire to plan a dream trip to the Mojave and Las Vegas.
    93. You develop an occasional craving for macaroni and cheese omelettes.
    94. You wonder why there weren't any bows or crossbows in any of the Fallout games.
    95. You realise just how profound Mad Max was in inspiring the Fallout franchise.
    96. You sometimes feel the urge to go out in the bush and hunt kangaroos with a sharpened spear.
    97. You wonder if the games' developers were partially inspired by Beneath A Steel Sky.
    98. Where are all of the Native Americans?
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    HEY! That's my home you're talking about!
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    What? I'm not making fun of either place. I'd actually love to take pictures of the desert out there, if I ever had the chance.
  13. BigBoss

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    Ah you'd turn around in a week because of the heat.

    Well... you are from Australia so you should be able to handle it, but the heat get's into the late 80's (Fahrenheit) in the winter, and past 100/late 90's in the summer and spring. But it's not just the heat that get's to you. It's the air itself, there's something about it. The moment you walk outside you feel like you just walked into a huge ball of packing tape, the air feels sticky and just ehh. Other than the weather, I loved growing up in Vegas though. I grew up in North Vegas unfournately (look up their crime rates), so if there's any advice I would give you, take about two grand if you want to maximize the fun of your stay, or just one grand if you don't care where the hell you stay, or just five hundred bucks if you're just staying over the weekend (ration out your gambling money), and stay the hell away from North Vegas. It's basically the real life opposite of East Vegas in Fallout lol.

    Also I knew you weren't making fun of Vegas. I'm just screwing with ya.
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  14. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    Mandatory update with new release.

    99. You keep breaking and repairing things to get romance points with Vic.

    100. You are still struggling with the game options to activate the voices during dialogs.

    101. You only push 4 buttons of your gamepad during dialogs. All other options are flavor for storyfag.

    102. You think you found out a glitch when your first companions actually died.

    103. You are still lurking the internet to find the item dlc for fallout 1, and the nude mod for fallout 2.

    104. Myron is a liar. He couldn't have invented jet. There is plenty of vaults with jet on the east coast.

    105. You don't try to repair the water pump in necropolis. If ghouls can survive 200 years in a fridge, they don't need to drink water.
  15. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    106. You bitch and moan that Power Armour doesn't have jet packs.
    107. You try and get some mysterious serum from the aliens in Fallout 2.
    108. You question where your spouse is in Fallout New Vegas.
    109. You ask where the legendary enemies are and why they aren't hostile.
    110. You think anyone in any of the major settlements are essential.
  16. naossano

    naossano So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 19, 2006
    111. You wonder why people say the older titles have more replay value. They only have a few radiant quests.

    112. You keep adding perks, but your skills don't seem to improve much...

    113. You wonder why the followers of the apocalypse and the BOS help you defeat the master. You are supposed to do everything yourself.

    114. You wonder where you can pay bethesda for Fallout 2 restoration pack. And then, when you find it for free, you send an email to zenimax to inform them.

    115. You claim that your skills are useless in dialogs as you don't see a bold glowing mention of the skill involved and the number required between very obvious brackets.
  17. Einhanderc7

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    This thread makes my brain hurt, it also makes me understand that our perspective of Fallout is more akin to a book vs. an actual video game. The failure here is that Bethesda failed to read the darn thing.
  18. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    116. Having started with Fo2, you grabbed a bunch of water chips at vault city and you are still exploring the wasteland, looking for the purpose of those items.
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  19. mrchaos

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    Nov 14, 2015
    117. Power armor is actually good and you don´t get kill by a low-level critter or a raider with a shitty weapon.
  20. naossano

    naossano So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 19, 2006
    118. You run away from the Highwayman every time you enter an new encounter, fearing that the enemies would create a nuclear explosion everytime they shoot at the car.