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    Jun 25, 2019
    This is just a hypothetical question I had: let’s say you somehow have control over creating factions for a Fallout game. What faction ideas would you have?

    Just state the factions location, their founding, general ideology, and other important stuff like military or religion if you have one. And if you can, leave your thoughts on other people’s ideas! (:
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    Like I said in the more-creatures thread, a sort of Religious faction. But there I just mused on them basically creating Demons and Devils to have another humanoid enemy to mow down; here I'll muse more on them as a faction.

    Religion has always seemed to be background fluff for Fallout.

    In 1 - Dharma, The Church of Unity.
    In 2 - Hubology is a jab at Scientology
    In Tactics - Reavers a tech cult and parody of 90s Silicon Valley and Christiaity. Nothing substantial.
    In 3 - Saint Monica's, bible refs in the Vault, then PL tells us that there are Christian orgs out there doing stuff. And, of course, the Church of Atom (which was just one BS cult in Megaton) expands into a super-religion by 4.
    In NV - Mormonism is the big thing here, but even then SLC is gone, New Canaan is gone or under threat, they're scattered. Some NCR talk about Jesus but little more.
    In 4 - Church of Atom again, Pillars of Community.

    But there has never been a fully religious movement you can really interact with. The Church of Unity comes to mind as the most talked to and widespread and even then you just mow them down. And honestly I'm surprised; as this:

    Is basically a cornerstone of Post-Apoc Americana, isn't it?

    I would suggest that, in lieu with how strongly Religion bobs up and down in this country, there could be a rather big religious faction, even if not in the foreground. And I wouldn't make them outright evil, that's too cliche. Maybe in a civil war, sure, but yea. Something with a full structure and a huge, active presence in the world.

    They came from a Megachurch that pooled together their resources in the mid 70s; got in time by Oct '77. It's out in bumfuck nowhere, so wasn't going to be nuked anyway, but a big repository of food, water, supplies, hydro-or-aeroponics, and power goes a long way. They go out and wax and wane and turn to militarism under some 'Fathers' or 'Mothers' and are beaten back or change in others. The Civil War could be about their proposed place in the world, either in the background or in the foreground, they might have 'good' qualities overall but still that question alone can go a long way for a conflict. Or even just 'are we metropolitan/Eucemical/Universal' or 'a closed off select few' sort of deal.

    Call them something like the Church of New Hope or something.
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  3. Dayglow Drifter

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    Sep 25, 2018
    Christianity is also mentioned as well, if I remember correctly.
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    Jun 5, 2018
    In Fallout 3 there is a church in Rivet City
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    Jun 5, 2018
    The Brotherhood of Steel is pseudoreligious I'd say
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    Jun 7, 2015
    I'd say it's outright religious, the only reason people don't recognize it as such is because of the adoration of technology (which is uncsoncsiously perceived as inherently anti-superstitious) and the fact that modern people have drawn an imaginary distinction between philosophy and religion.
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    Jun 5, 2018
    Yeah, I guess you could segue it's a new form of religioussness. American Gods does a great job of portraying this concept.
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    Jun 27, 2003

    Actually thats a really good idea, and in a generic form likely happens across the whole US ingame.

    As for religion, there are subtle refrences, a drunken priest in new reno, a church in modoc for shoggun weddings, etc, but aside from the hubologists or the cathedral before you nuke it it just doesnt come to the forefront, it just is.
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  9. TomJ

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    Jul 12, 2015
    One idea I have kicked around in my head is the idea of a faction with a basis in a traditional martial art like jujitsu. Specifically Dan Zan Ryu which is what I know. Historically we existed in high numbers in California, Western Nevada and Hawaii. Some of us are the survivalist types so it would make sense for us to pool resources and essentially make self sufficient monastery like outposts around the West Coast or frankly anywhere in the US or Canada since we have tended to spread since the 1950s, I'd imagine you could stick a commune pretty much anywhere in the US a century later.

    As for ideology or worldview, a few things we tend to believe in is some level of spirituality and the preservation of other forms of art and science along with military arts and sciences. So it would make sense that the monasteries would have fairly large libraries and aquaponic gardens in bunkers. So think the Followers of the Apocalypse minus the anarchism.

    As for what we would do following the War would essentially be mercenaries to protect towns and trade routes in a given area. The profits would then be used for the preservation of other aspects of art, science and culture along with funding relief efforts for the towns and villages that they work with. Some relief efforts I would imagine we'd run would be orphanages to essentially raise your own recruits. Or teaching people about agriculture or hiring out people to be sheriffs or advisors to towns since anyone with what would be the equivalent of a high school education is going to be highly educated compared to most of the populace that would exist in the Fallout universe.

    As for what these factions would be doing from a story perspective, it would depend on the setting and what else is going on in the world. Even if we were scattered across the country, we'd likely exist in pockets rather than evenly spread across the country. So its possible to have a bunch of factions with a similar theme across the country that are fairly unaware that the others exists. This would also be compounded by how fast people travel on foot. A healthy person is about 20-30 miles per 8 hour day so crossing the US would take between 100 and 150 days. Another compounding factor would be that building the "monasteries" would likely not be a centralized effort which would add to the fact that the factions would be fairly isolated from each other and take different views on local politics. Which would exist on a spectrum from nation building to just being charitable mercenaries that largely stay out of local politics.

    I've thought of what if a faction like this existed in an around the San Francisco Bay Area down to Monterey and up into the Redwood Empire. The story would be set post Fallout 2 and the faction would be having to choose between nation building with the Shi to preserve their independence or adhere to their policy of non interference with local politics. I'm aware this would be a retcon and a lot of people would hate it, but it would make some sense that the Shi would try to remain independent, but that they didn't seem like the faction that would have good relationships with the towns around the former Bay Area, at least relationships beyond trading. So my thought process there would need to be another faction to act as the go between and this is my answer to that. But its also an idea that could be shamelessly used in other settings with some local adaptations.

    As for spirituality, since I mentioned it and didn't elaborate. The likely base religion would be Zen Buddhism and Shintoism since those are the religions of Japan and it seems like most societies in the Fallout World that have religion went with animism or some form of watered down Christianity (besides the Mormons of course) so it would be believable that practitioners of a Japanese martial art would have a spirituality, philosophy and religion based on a watered down form of Zen Buddhism that was likely watered down even more by the situation the world found itself in after the War.
  10. PsychoSniper

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    Jun 27, 2003
    I'd have the Fort Irwin national training center become a thriving desert settlement, its a bout midway between LA and Vegas and located off of the long 15 (a decent ways off of it, admittedly).

    Its over 1000 undeveloped square miles surrounding a small base, which would keep the masses of survivors away in the early days, and make it a real paid to find/reach for raiders later on.

    I'd have the garrison and whatever unit was currently there for training, or at least those that stayed, all combine under the base command and work to do what they can to survive.

    Using Fallout tech, they'd have a small contingent of vertibirds and whatever armored units and other vehicles they and the rotational training unit brought had, most of which would get cannibalized for parts, a few full companies worth of power armor (at least a full company of T-51b and the rest of older T45 suits), and a vault tec water reclamation system that pulls from the aquifer as well as recycling waste water.

    Early on after the bombs fell, the base not having been targeted directly, they get orders to maintain order in the local area and lock down the base, but as comms quickly break down the commander quickly refocuses on gathering what supplies he can, having the foresight to empty out various stores of their stock of seeds and farming tools, and as the unrest gets worse they bring in what locals they can, including the workers at the nearest strip club.

    In the early days, most die from the radiation despite the fully equipped hospital onbase, but enough people with skills survive to keep the community going.

    By the time of Fallout, the community numbers around a thousand people, and using their water supply they run farms to keep themselves fed, but generally dont leave the expanse of their land other than occasional recon and supply runs, or patrols on the outskirts of the bases footprint.
    After the destruction of the vats and the cathedral, several large waves of supermutants wander into Fort Irwin and are cut down, the perimeter guards noting them and guiding indirect fire while tanks come in to finish them off.

    By the time of Fallout 2, they have trade routes up and running, have rebuffed contact with the brotherhood of steel who they deem 'weirdos', and have friendly relations with the NCR, with the NCR being left thinking they're more just an isolated farming community, and due to other priorities the NCR doesn't probe.

    By the time of New Vegas, the NCR has come to realize the true scope of Fort Irwin, whose population has ballooned to around eight thousand.
    Between the surviving vehicles, heavy weapons, and power armor, the Fort Irwin defenders are well armed enough to keep the NCR at bay, while the NCR could overwhelm them over time it's just not worth it, they dont raid, sell useful food, and their trade caravans usually include people who will repair items for pay, making them too useful to be worth fucking with, albiet the NCR does strongly desire to force Irwin to join.

    Post New Vegas:
    NCR Mojave- After defeating the Legion and House, the NCR spends a few years consolidating the Mojave fully into the NCR, Irwin becomes less important for trade but remains self sufficient.
    House Mojave- The NCR and Legion both repulsed, House eventually builds strong trade relations with Irwin, eventually forming a defence pact against the NCR and other threats.
    Player controlled Mojave- Irwin eventually becomes a strong ally of Vegas.
    Legion Mojave- Irwin allies with the NCR as the legion slowly pushes foward along the long 15. Eventually the legion, tired of the stiff power armored resistance, gets several pre-war offroad vehicles and outfits them with armor... and one is loaded with a salvaged nuclear warhead. Irwin becomes a radioactive spot well off of the long 15.

    As a faction, Irwin would be a well regimented society, with its faculties leaving it very able to regrow a population.
    Starting around middle school age, in addition to their more regular education, their children would be taught to farm and live off the land, once they reach high school age they are given basic military training, the curriculum at all ages being an interesting mix of prewar education and more practical items, with their graduation gifts including combat armor and a rifle that matches their skill set, Bethesda laser rifle being the most common, Wattz laser rifle for marksmen, with conventional ammunition based weapons being hoarded for their more elite full time forces to conserve ammunition and parts that wear out.

    Their most elite forces would be called OpFor, off of the opposing force of the old national training center, and they would function as a training cadre in addition to the heavy shock troops, being a heavy company sized element.

    Only the best join OpFor, all have served in the settlements defence their entire adult life and are the most experienced who came up thru the ranks.

    OpFor would have almost all of Irwins supply of T-51b power armor and full run of the armory, and be composed of four infantry platoons, a command element, a transport element with trucks to rapidly move them around, a heavy weapons platoon that will be either split among the other platoons or kept to defend an area depending on the circumstances, and most of the surviving tanks (two platoons of four), with the small number of helicopters and vertibirds available to them as needed.

    Most of the time OpFor would be split into platoons with the heavy weapons platoon distributed among their ranks, and be positioned to guard the outlier areas of their territory supported by other units, with one full platoon always stationed on the road approach from Barstow incase raiders need to be kindly asked to fuck off.

    They would have several more companies of infantry in T45 suits, well equipped and sitting in long established defensive positions, and every adult in the population would at least possess combat armor and a laser rifle incase of a massive attack.

    At the time of Fallout their T51 suits would simply go to their most veteran troops, by Fallout 2, their population would start to baloon enough they reorganize their power armor and it becomes mostly restricted to the more veteran units, with the OpFor training cadre finally having the numbers to form a full company sized element.

    By the time of New Vegas, they have:
    OpFor: Company sized, standing around 230 at most times, the four main platoons are about 40 strong, with the remainder in the heavy weapons platoon, company headquarters platoon, and other support roles, the platoons are all broke down into squad and fireteam elements, but due to the unforgiving nature of the wastes they keep their most elite together so as to avoid loosing irreplaceable power armor.
    Transport company: All of their various trucks and handful of aircraft, all electric and recharging their fusion cells from the bases reactors and solar power plants. Composed of the drivers and mechanics, day to day they repair things in town and ferry cargo around as needed, rarely do they leave Irwin, practically never to trade.
    Able and Baker companies in T45 suits, these serve as the standard guard, and are the rank and file veterans of Irwin.
    The power armor units compose the first battalion.

    The companies of the second battalion are 'light' infantry in regular combat armor, they serve in a reserve function and have regular jobs in town, usually their rank and file will be composed of younger residents of Irwin and older residents who are too old to work in the fields, their jobs range from being the more visible guards for traders to interact with (noone is allowed inside the community proper), escorting the towns trade caravans, to simply walking the streets to keep the wildlife at bay.

    Third battalion would be the training unit, consisting of all of the towns older teenagers and younger residents, those who wish to stay in the towns militia will transfer to second battalion or the transport company, the rest would train for a skilled job or to farm. In the event of a major attack, they could all gear up quickly.

    Yes, I know, this seems purely military, but in the earlier parts of the timeline their forces would be much smaler. Most of them have day jobs, but the wasteland is fucking dangerous.

    Now as for how to implement it ingame:

    If done as a FONV mod, after Hoover Dam the long 15 would open up to travel again. Irwin would more or less be the more friendly boomers of the long 15, more friendly because they're way more likely to use loudspeakers to tell you to fuck off than shoot first, and most of their territory is way off of the long 15, they wouldnt have too many quests, and mostly you'd just see the occasional very well defended caravan, the NCR would have quests to attempt to sway some of the smaller settlements away from Irwins influence.

    If done prior to FONV and the first battle of hoover dam but post FO2, they'd be allied with the desert rangers in the area, finding it far easier to help protect friendly settlements than have to deal with defense on their own territory.

    In the FO2 era, they are the primary force in the area, and would have more of a presence as they scavenge for anything abandoned and useful.

    In the FO era, they're the only force in the area.

    Expansion wise, they dont really seek to take over land, they have lots of it.
    Its mostly a fucking desert, but they have very deep wells to provide water, and over the years have built many cisterns so as to store as much water as possible, making them more than able to farm far more food than they could ever eat, leaving them with a surplus for trade.
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    I came up with this one recently - The Silver Rangers.

    The Enclave scattered after Fallout 2, maybe one larger group came across a vault in northern-Nevada. I'd call it Vault 9 but it could be any vault. The Enclave took those citizens in and helped them use their GECK to create a settlement above ground.

    Then when the NCR moved east and absorbed the Desert Rangers, there'd be a large group who wouldn't want to join the NCR. That group would move north until they come across the Enclave remnants. The two groups would bond over their distaste of the NCR and eventually merge into the Silver Rangers.

    I also came up with the general idea of this a few years ago - Apex Unity

    There would be a first generation nightkin named Pygmy, and he would adore the Master and everything he stood for. After the Master's death, Pygmy would try to continue his legacy.

    Pygmy would make his own version of the FEV, try to make it better. Then he made apex humans, mutated people that have been subtly physically devolved with exaggerated features, but intelligence and all five senses would remain the same. And if you were the first person an apex human saw, then you would imprint on them so there is a very small chance they would go rogue.

    Pygmy would slowly build an army for over a century while hiding out in a massive cave system until he felt confident he could take over the human race, of course everyone else was building an army too so Pygmy will have some problems.

    Last one, also pretty recent but less so than the Silver Rangers - Spartacus' Legion

    After the death of Caesar, the Legion would burn while several splinter factions arose out of the ashes. One of which would be Spartacus' Legion. A slave, after hearing of Caesar's death and Lanius' defeat, would form a slave revolution. He would've been the leader of the operation so he would be crowned king after the successful uprising.

    His knowledge of ancient Rome would be limited, so he would often mistake many things from pre-WWI to be apart of the Legion's aesthetic. Spartacus, as a former slave, would wish to treat slaves better, so he would use the Aztecs' system of slavery. Slaves would be treated as people and could work for freedom, not only that but people would have to be guilty of a crime before they are enslaved. The reason slavery isn't gone altogether in his legion, would be that Spartacus knows it's efficient and it would help his legion become stronger.

    Edit: Spartacus' Legion also wouldn't be sexist or xenophobic.
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