Zenimax is being sued by Dion DiMucci for it's "vulgar" use of "The Wanderer" in promotional ads.

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    Funny, that site you linked seems to be the only site with any reference to this. I could literally not find a single other site with any mention of Zenimax being sued by Dion.

    As a general rule, if only one site is reporting on celebrity gossip, it's very likely they made up the story.
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    Jun 14, 2014
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    So, at this point this is probably legit, so I thought I'd share my thoughts.

    Lots of Bethesda fanboys have been dismissing this as blatant opportunism, claiming that Dion doesn't actually care about the trailer being "repugnant". My response to this is: So what?

    Bethesda have been no strangers to opportunism. They acquired the Fallout license because they could, with no regard to the fact that the people who worked on and loved the series(Troika) also wanted it. They showed clearly they care more about a profitable series than they do about the wishes of artists or quality of games. They outright channelled all there review-copies in to super positive fanboys in hopes that all the attention given to them pre-release is positive. They got in to legal dispute with Mojang over the word "Scrolls" for no good reason other than showing that they are powerful enough to control a single word.

    Bethesda's entire history post-morrowind can basically be summed up as "Fuck you, we don't care about principle, we are doing this because we can". Bethesda are deep, deep in the game of using everything in there power to get what they want regardless of principle, yet somehow Bethesda fanboys find it outrageous when someone does the same to them.
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    I agree fully on ^^^

    I got the info when a LoneVaultWanderer or whatever the guy's name is's vid showed up in my recommendations (and no, I am not subbed to him). And most of the comments there were like "The guy just wants to get $$$ on his song about a man whore". And if Bethesda was bankrupt, much like Interplay, I honestly maybe would be glad the IP went into most likely more caring hands. And that's gonna happen only if A) suddenly a mysterious syndicate murdered all fanboys and Bethesda released more shiet OR B) suddenly Bethesda got a bad luck streak on sues and shiet.
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    Neat another lawsuit, quick everyone grab your brooms and umbrellas.
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    I am well aware of the irony here, but:
    Dion Dimmuci.png
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    Ignoring Bethesda's general assholiness, Dion's clearly in the wrong here. He licensed the song (or allowed his label to license the song) and now he thinks he can get more money. I really hope he loses, or it'll set a precendent that can be used against less asshole developers.