Dat Explorer by Dims 1.43

Dat Explorer & Packer/Unpacker

  1. Horusxav
    Dat Explorer & Packer/Unpacker with graphical interface by Dims (dims@hot.ee)

    Contains :​
    • 1.43 source codes
    • Dat Explorer 1.42
    • Dat Explorer 1.43
    • Dat Explorer Beta
    • DatRepairer 2.0 by KIA
    You'll most likely use this to unpack the annoying .dat files... :​
    • Run Dat Explorer 1.43
    • Double click the folder icon
    • Choose the .dat file you wanna unpack
    • Click extract -> extract all files to -> Fallout2\data
    • Now set all proto files in Fallout2\data\proto to read only (right click the proto folder and click on properties)
    • If you want to modify the proto.lst files, don' forget to remove their read only tag...