MIB88 Megamod Currently at version 2.46

New content, game play enhancements and more!

  1. MIB88

    The MIB88 Megamod current full version is 2.45.3 with a 2.45.4 incremental patch to apply (included in the file). This latest version contains some new content, but mostly corrects errors from previous versions of this mod. See also the Megamod FAQ. The weather system has been removed as it was the cause on many issues.

    Do not expect previously saved games to work... mainly due to the fact that Klint has been completely rewritten. Please post any problems you encounter on the Megamod Bug List, so that the author may correct them.

    The mod contains the following:

    New locations:
    The mod is available in both English and Russian. If you can help support future releases, contact @Dude101
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  1. Megamod 2.46 (Full Repack)

Recent Reviews

  1. downloadmyheart
    Version: Currently at version 2.46
    Great mod, lots of new contents, a must have to replay Fallout2..keep up the good work ty
  2. acage
    Version: 2.45.4
    Once again i'm Chosen One... And i like it!
  3. Slawek
    Version: 2.45.4
    Thank u! great Mod and Great Work, its Time to play fallout 2 once again. Im waiting for more, thanks ! =)
  4. Sonsalt
    Version: 2.45.4
    This is an amazing project. Not only improving upon a great game but expanding the universe. Absolutely loving it, some minor bugs here and there but overall great work.