20 Years of Fallout

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    Still from what I recall Nukapedia sort of "stole" from the Vault Wiki or at least copied contents before it went its own way.
    Had the Vault Wiki not existed then Nukapedia would never have come into being.

    The story about the split is such a long time ago but I recall Wikia's people doing something backhand to the people of the Vault Wiki which made me loose my respect for them.
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    Man, you just exactly described my experience when I played that bit in FO1! I, too, felt guilty for murdering 10-20 ghouls above ground when I discovered in the sewers that ghouls were intelligent NPCs that you can actually talk to. I think I even posted about this a few years ago when I was ranting about the "feral ghouls" bullshit in FO3.

    That was FO1 and FO2 for me, really (haven't played FoT or anything else in the series yet, except for 6-8 boring hours of FO3, which I didn't manage to finish). Relatively modest games that gave you great, memorable moments (gameplay or story-wise) when you didn't expect them. From what I've read or seen on this site and elsewhere, it looks like Bethesda's games could never offer the same. A pity, really. How many beloved franchises destroyed beyond recognition does this add up to then? Besides Fallout, I'm still sad about the ignoble deaths of SimCity, Command & Conquer, Mass Effect, and Star Wars Battlefront (notice a trend here?)

    As for the Vault Boy vs. Pip-Boy debate, what can I say? I love Vault Boy for his cheerful optimism in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, though now the joke became the real thing. Fallout was turned to shit and yet good ol' Vault Boy keeps on smiling and wandering the wasteland, doing whatever asinine thing Bethesda wants it to. I have nothing against the Pip-Boy but he's been around so little as TorontRayne said that he might as well not exist. I think, like most other lore-related debates, this will become a moot issue as the Fallout brand evolves into something farther and farther away than its once-excellent origins. The future will have super mutants crawling around 25 years after the nukes went off and "feral ghouls" and after we or this site are dead and gone, who will be there to dispute it?
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    I feel at home
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    I dunno how long it's been since I used to browse the forums here. I signed up eventually when downloading some mods or something. Never really felt a need to join the conversation, observation was fine.

    But yeah, this place does feel like a homecoming. Real Fallout Fans, with their eyes open. Seeing 76, I just had to log back in.