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    Jul 10, 2018

    Albeit, I would stay out of it for two reasons--Beth has been banking precisely on the idea that this will be a slow burner. Invest little until release, wait to see the numbers, patch slowly, create drama, then release on Steam, sale, release modding, ect., ect. They expect people to not be patient and that's what the whole rhetoric surrounding 76 was to begin with.

    On top of that, I actually deeply doubt that 76 will reach the same modding potential in a year alone(let alone ever...). I played F4 earlier in 2018, for it was standing like a fossil from my slightly younger days when I was doubting things less, and that has been a long time of patches and mods, and still some of the base problems that pushed me away in the first place persisted. For instance, going to the Institute and not being able to complete the main plot quest. What is weirder still is that I posted that problem on Steam's forum and asked for help, only to get a snarky response telling me to look it up myself. Which tells me that the community that aggregates around these games is not as mature as, say, Warframe(which I haven't played at all, but I posted a little on their community hub.)
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    I have known the Bethesda games' communities since Morrowind. And I have been deeply involved in/with it since Fallout New Vegas.
    And let me tell you... Since Skyrim appeared, the community changed from a mostly friendly, helpful and welcoming to a largely asshole filled pit. Even the modding community got like that...

    It's like you go from an old pub, where everyone get together in a friendly and welcoming way (including any new people who stops by), to a new club, where there are fights every night and people just go there to get drunk.
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    Oct 22, 2018
    I think it's the new blood. They kept widening their audience, a little wider and a little simpler, a piece at a time. Fallout already sortof had the problem with Tactics and maybe BOS (I don't actually believe anyone liked it enough to get included in the community) which brought in people who probably wanted slightly different things from the series, but before we could see if that influence was significant enough the end came. With Bethesda though we're watching it happen and have been with both TES and Fallout. The more people you bring in, the more spinoffs/lease outs you make, the more fractured you make your base/market because of the people. More people means 1) more a-holes you'll find and 2) the more your failures (small at first but ever increasing as you shed your past demographics to appeal to everyone) to meet their wildly varying expectations will lead to bitterness and perceived favor. All the while those who see the problem - too many chefs, too many visions/hopes for a franchise, ruin the stew - get told we're "gatekeeping" or that we "don't define what an RPG/this game is" when there's an effort to encourage people to enjoy the *original* medium for what it is or find something that actually matches their wants, instead of changing something established. Instead the community argues over every petty issue, with each small enclave forming their own little tribe and waging a "war" for what they consider the ideological spirit/definition of the games. Same thing with politics, food, music, or anything really. As people began to make the tribe their identity as opposed to just letting their views bringing them together. All this fervor and self-definition and arguing means nothing to the marketing/business, unless it impacts their bottom line of course, but they end up loving it because people who get that invested - who define themselves by their camp and the game - often will buy the next game, even if they think they'll hate it, because its a part of them and they need the next piece to fuel whatever vendetta they have. Whether it be as evidence for their way being followed, or evidence that the business is murdering the franchise. Hell its half the reason I even watched enough reviews of Fallout 76 to have gleaned its plot, probably. Even I'm not immune to it, although I'm never going to purchase it, even after private servers. (I thought I might at one point)
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    Not going to lie, seeing all the boot licking Bethesda fan boys on the Fallout subreddits discover how fucking terrible Bethesda is at game design and how big a stink they need to raise just to get a standard game feature like push to talk voice comms provides a little bit of schaedenfreude as I await this incoming train crash.
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    Sep 9, 2015
    At least there are some Youtubers out there who'll rake Bethesda over the coals for their shitty game:

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    Jun 14, 2014
    Of course.
    Bethesda can't invite all the youtubers for a "mini" paid vacation, to play the game before release, after all. :wiggle:
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    Jul 9, 2014
    I'd like to see what happens when they'd invite ItsaGundam.
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    Why can I not stand most youtubers? That was really annoying at points.
    And I'm not sure that 76 will fail as hard as NMS originally did. It may fail but it has a fandom backing it up where NMS didn't have that built up fandom.

    And I definitely agree with Risewild's comment about the Skyrim era. I was never too heavily involved with the communities in a large sense, but I lurked forums and groups and whatnot. I too noticed this rise in behavior with Skyrim coming out. It's also the first time I really go involved with online discussions related to BGS games. Rheios also makes a good point. More people = More assholes and when they broaden their audience and change the games so much, we all get different expectations which leads to more bickering.
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    Jul 9, 2014
    @Squadcar : Well, tough question about the youtubers - there's just SO much to hate about a lot of them them. Be it their attitude, over-exaggerated statements & movements, seriously, some act like they're missing their daily fix of ritalin. Or just the fact that some are grade-a shills with no opinion of their own, but an agenda to sell stuff to you.

    About the discussion culture in forums...
    While I agree that with attracting more people you automatically attract some more a-holes as well as of course people with completely contrary views about the same topics...
    ...I rly think that this is NOT a target-group issue, or a bethesda-issue, or a matter of age or even the actual topic. To me, this stems from the sheer inability to have a decent discussion with people who have a completely different opinion about any given topic anymore. It's clearly not limited to gaming, you see this all over social media (and it's _especially_ awfull there due to their mechanics) and literally in every comment section everywhere these days.

    People write out their opinion, and if you oppose it, they may possibly act like you didnt just disagree with their statement, but them as a person and EVERYTHING they stand for. Like you slapped them in the face in front of all the other readers with your willy or something.

    To me this is due to the social media bubbles most of us somehow live in, where we try to find people whose views we agree with and lash out together at those who don't, no matter if they ever get to read/hear it. This is a natural phenomenon, but the vast availlability of solely digital peer-groups outside of our own surroundings in everyday-life keeps making it worse and worse.

    We don't know how to get along with our own next-door-neighbors anymore, but 10.000s of people who agree with our views on the good effects of parental child-beating or the impaccable "logic" behind being against vaccination.
    And IF there happens to be a discussion, it rather seldomly really is about explaining and accepting the standpoint of the other one, but rather of convincing them of your own without considering their arguments or what they base them on. This is bound to fail ofc.

    Sometimes I almost feel bad for politicians who have to cater to the broad variety of us idiots out there who don't know what they want themselves, just that everything is shit because someone else said it. I'm clearly not excluding myself from any of the above.

    And you know, in a way, you could even call NMA a filter-bubble.

    Sorry for the lenghty rant. The discussion was food for thought to me.

    Edit: Put the rant in Spoilers. ;)
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    Jun 1, 2018
    Our tribal instinct is furthered by the internet in stranger ways that's for sure.

    Yeah, I've noticed this as my circles have gotten older on social media.
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    Oct 28, 2018
  12. nighty

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    Jul 9, 2014
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    Really not surprised. Their single player games are filled with exploits and bugs, didn't expected anything else from a multiplayer offering coming from them.

    It's like they went with the same mentality they use to make single player games, but forgot it was a multiplayer game.
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    Oct 22, 2018
    That Egri guy in the first one seems pretty cool, just by virtue of how nice he was being about 'still trying to figure out reddit'. Plus that exploit he found is just gold. Literally gold to be mined. (Which is also probably what the area should be using for currency instead of caps, if Beth wasn't Beth. Gold found from abandoned and drained coal mines, or possibly even just the coal, because of the rarity and danger to obtain it giving it value. Not that it matters in lieu of no people)

    For the second one, I can repeat definitively on at least one thing for sure in that thread: Slipknot would not fit. =P
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    Sep 9, 2015
    Hey, at least Beth managed a cursory hand wave on the caps this time, that's... progress. I guess.
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    Jul 9, 2014
    You say this as if they didn't do exactly that. :D Client-based inputs without any integrity checks, Client-Server-Com in unencrypted plaintext, player IPs visible to everybody able to use wireshark...just...WOW.
    Remember Jagged Alliance 2, where you could stick a silencer to a carbine using glue, duct tape and a lead pipe?
    Picture-perfect description on how they did it.

    If I were a big (or female) streamer I'd be rly wary of this game. Imagine the harassment some of their screwball-"fans" could come up with if they had easy access to their IP.

    Alright folks, which one of you posted this? :)
    @TorontRayne , your absence has been noted. Have you snuck off to reddit again?
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    Oct 28, 2018
    Actual quotes from people
    "It’s fun for me so whatever I honestly wouldn’t care of the next fallout was just a picture of Todd Howard you paid €60 for because 76 right now is fun so that’s all that matters"
    "'I'm enjoying 76, glad they're stepping away to something they aren't comfortable with and trying something new. It's given me a fun experience with my pals"
    "It’s fun with mates we had a blast last night killing some scorched beasts and doing a high level dungeon. 76 is a good game."

    Notice a trend in all of these?
    (((Good game))

    These words have been showing up more and more as time goes on and it feels weirdly memetic.
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    I think this should become Todd's calling, starting his very own religion. Pete Hines could become his priest.
    "In Toddness we trust"

    If they enjoy it I am not going to tell them that they are wrong. Enjoyment differs per person.
    Do I think that they are quite gullible? Oh yes.

    Then again they think I am holding on to ridiculous standards and that those don't make a "fun" game.
    In general I don't care for multiplayer games (Left 4 Dead style games can be fun though in short sessions and perhaps one day someone can guide me through a strategy game online), or games that are primarily about shooting, looting, building, and repeating the whole process though I don't mind if these are just part of an action-adventure/RPG as long as they are not the focus. (sorry, I just don't like survival games, that is why I did not play Neo Scavenger how cool the background sounded; apocalyptic world, cryptids, ghosts, things from another dimension)

    My main frustration as always is that this is what Fallout has turned into; a skin for a Fortnite clone. It can't even be turned into a single player Fallout game through mods.

    BTW as you may have heard fans are already bringing up again that mods will fix all of Betheda's mistakes/errors.
    When you put down $60 for a game, is it not reasonable to expect that the game is relatively error free and that the company will focus on fixing any of the remaining bugs in the near future instead of focusing more on paid content such as hats and skins?

    Why are fans suppose to fix the mistakes of paid developers?
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    Nov 9, 2018
    I played a mission, where the creatures from the wilderness attacked the pipe - it's a joke. Big ticks go together with mammals and attack me - because water flies from the pipe.
    If this is how tasks should look, I'm not thankful. BTW, what is the final look of trading in FO76?
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    Nov 28, 2015
    Or maybe it's because other people enjoy stuff you do not?

    I was watching rockcock64 who was the same guy that did that minecraft review back in 2011 that pissed everyone off and he also shitted on Fallout 4, but he enjoyed fallout 76 for what it was, not as 60 dollar game but he said its worth it if you enjoy bethesda games and if its on sale.

    So what do the jews have anything to do with this at all? Can I go onto one gaming related forum without hearing racists talking about how they want to destroy people I'm friends with over video games? Or has /pol/ spread its tentacles across the internet and won't let go until the psychopaths get what they want which is to destroy everything?