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    Jan 24, 2011
    Hi, guys!

    Today we’ve got a bunch of pleasant news about several completed tasks.


    First and foremost I’m glad to report all beta keys for Steam Early Access have been sent. It was quite a challenge, but now it’s behind us.

    Please check your Inbox and Spam folders (just in case) and feel free to e-mail Max ( or to me ( if you have any issues receiving your key(s). You can also send me a PM via Kickstarter.


    I’m also glad to report the completion of all 39 pages for our cinematic graphic novel. Next week we’re liaising with Peter Cooper on lettering, and another week will be spent on the final design. We’ll then publish its digital version in a closed update (to backers only) on our TFOG Kickstarter page first, and shortly after that to all other backers who purchased a copy elsewhere. In time we’ll also upload it into Steam so that many of you who have it as a digital add-on can access it and keep it in your library. As always it will be DRM free.

    Our Co-Founders can already check out the novel on our official forum (beware of spoilers):

    I’d also like to immortalize our backers from the TFOG Kickstarter by putting their names in the credits for both digital and physical versions of the novel. If you’re our TFOG Kickstarter backer, please check your name on this topic:

    If I made a mistake of forgot you to add or exclude you (due to your previous approach for anonymity), please send me an e-mail ( to edit the list. A few rules: no nicknames, no letters, no middle names - only first and last names. Let’s do it like the professionals.

    * * *

    Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for the patience you’ve shown us!
    Have a good weekend and stay tuned for more good news.

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    Jan 24, 2011
    Hi, guys!

    As is our tradition, in this weekly update I’d like to share the current state of affairs for our various productions. Beginning with the next update, most will also include a fresh build/patch.


    After announcing the completion of key distribution (in the previous update) we had several waves of backers who didn’t receive the keys for various reasons. It was quite large percentage, about 30% overall. By now all of those issues have been resolved and the missing keys have been sent to their legal owners.

    Don’t worry; if you’re a backer who hasn’t been following our updates and is still missing the key, it’s not too late. Feel free to PM me via Kickstarter or by e-mail (, and we will expedite the delivery of your key.


    I’d like to thank all backers who reported various bugs and typos on our forum:

    Thanks to your feedback, we managed to fix most of the reported problems while resolving issues with key submission. We’re going to do more this weekend and throughout the rest of the week so we can publish this upcoming patch by next weekend.

    Here’s a general list of changes and fixes coming:
    - Various interface fixes for MAC and Linux;
    - Application launcher error fix for MAC;
    - "Space" hotkey for skipping each of in-game videos added;
    - Sound effects for main menu fixed;
    - New cursors added;
    - Typos in the Modes descriptions corrected;
    - The intensity and frequency of the holographic distortion visual effect has been substantially lowered;
    - Main menu text size scaling added to the Options/Gameplay menu;
    - Auto-scaling for panels in the main menu added;
    - Premade characters activated;
    - Zoom/rotate buttons added for the model of the character through the character creation;
    - Random button added for Stats, Skills, and Feats stages of character generation, so you can allocate each prompt by chance;
    - New icons for the Skills added;
    - Message with all available content for the current build added, so now you won't be puzzled with "Why can't I proceed?" questions;
    - Alphabetical auto-sorting for the Feats added;
    - Typos in the feats descriptions corrected.
    - and likely much more…


    We’ve also completed most of the video/sound/voice acting for the first in-game short story movie, which will be launched after the character creation process (before the next area loads). I also hope to include it in the next patch. Above you can see a shot from it, and you can download it in full HD (1920x1080) for your wallpaper here:


    I’m also proud to present several of the latest objects we’ve made for the prologue (the Gyes’ interior prefabs):


    I’d also like to show off our new items (various tool kits) that have been added to the build, and you can see previews of them below. You can also download it in full HD (1920x1080) via this link:

    First Aid Kit 'Astrolis Pharma'

    Base Item: First Aid Kit. Weight: 3 lb.
    Special Properties: + On Use (+10 to First Aid skill).

    * * *

    This First Aid Kit is a portable boxed collection of supplies and equipment used in first aid. Produced by one of the major UG Corporation, Astrolis Pharma, these kits have been commercially available since 130 A.R.

    The contents can be used to stop bleeding, open restricted airways, thicken/thin the blood, reduce pain, inflammation, and treat first-response trauma. It also has masks, gloves, syringes, Geiger counter, and other essential medical equipment.

    AED Kit 'Astrolis Pharma'

    Base Item: AED Kit. Weight: 5 lb.
    Special Properties: + Revival: performs d20 roll + Fortitude CoS against DC30 death to revive yourself (passive roll) or your companion (activated roll) if either of you has this item in inventory.

    * * *

    The Automated External Defibrillator Kit (or AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life threatening cardiac arrhythmias in a patient, such as ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, and is able to treat them in order for the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm. It can sustain a mortally wounded subject for 24 hours (but they will still need medical aid).

    Produced by Astrolis Pharma, this portable medical device became standard issue for all trauma units, hospitals, and ground outposts for the UG in 130 A.R.

    Science Tools 'Kitaro Scientific'

    Base Item: Science Kit. Weight: 6 lb.
    Special Properties: + On Use (+10 to Science skill).

    * * *

    The Science Tools, produced by Kitaro Scientific since 101 A.R., are essentially portable scientific laboratories, programmed with Research Operations Nano-Assistants and the Advanced Hardware Data Analyzer DA-7, complete with a customizable set of Program Cubes and other small instruments.

    These science kits are widely used by the Science Corps' and forensic crime units, primarily for field research outside of the UG colonies. The powerful hardware cores are also frequently used by engineers for data analysis, and even the hacking of electronic devices.

    Because of its widespread use it became available for civilian purchase in 102 A.R, but was soon put back on the restricted materials list after black market knock-offs dealt a crippling blow Kitaro Scientific’s cash flow.

    General Repair Kit 'Ishima Engineering'

    Base Item: Repair kit. Weight: 6 lb.
    Special Properties: + On Use (+9 to Repair skill).

    * * *

    The General Repair Kit contains all the essentials an engineer might need to fix pretty much anything constructed by man. It contains a plethora of advanced DIY tools including: General Repair Tools, Computer Repair Tools, Environmental Control and Life Support System Repair Tools, Weapon Repair Tools, FOKRT, HESRT, RRT, MnA EORT, and more.

    This advanced repair kit is standard issue to all engineering personal working with Ishima Engineering since the beginning of the UG’s Underearth colonization, beginning in 54 A.R.

    Electronics Repair Kit 'Ishima Engineering'

    Base Item: Repair Kit. Weight: 6 lb.
    Special Properties: + On Use (+10 to Repair skill).

    * * *

    The Electronics Repair Kit contains all the essentials an engineer might need to fix pretty much anything constructed by man. Unlike General Repair Kits this set is specialized to deal with sophisticated electronic versions of advanced DIY and LAB tools including: General Repair Tools, Computer Repair Tools Mk II, Environmental Control LAB-SPEC and LSS Pro Repair Tools, High Energy Weapon Repair Tools, FOKRT, HESRT, RRT Mk II, MnA EORT etc.

    This advanced repair kit is standard issue to all engineering personal working with Ishima Engineering since the beginning of the UG’s Underearth colonization, beginning in 54 A.R.


    We’ve completed the lettering for The Fall of Gyes graphic novel. I also registered ISBN and barcodes for digital and hardcover versions. We’ve also applied for LCCN at the Library of Congress. It should come within two weeks. Meanwhile, Adam is preparing the source files to be sent to me, and I’ll complete the final page design in preparation for digital and hardcover printing.

    Here I’d like to remind our TFoG backers to check their names for the credits (“personal thanks” section) on this topic:

    If I made a mistake and forgot you to add or exclude you (due to a previous request for anonymity), please send me an e-mail ( to edit the list. A few rules: no nicknames, no letters, no middle names, only first and last names. Let’s do it like the professionals.

    On the topic of future printing: if you’re purchasing (or just considering) a TFoG hardcover, you still have a chance to do that via our STORE page. If you do it BEFORE we send the order out to our printing company (in March, I reckon) you will receive a signed hardcover at the same time as our original TFOG backers.

    But if you’re interested, I encourage you to do that AFTER (I’ll remind you about the right in a following update) you get a chance to read the digital version. This way you can be sure that this way of supporting AR is a worthy one. Frankly, I’ve already printed it “homemade” with a laser color printer on A4, and it is amazing. I rarely found such quality and style in comic book stores in California. However, I’d prefer that all of you check out the digital version for yourself and see what works best for you.

    * * *

    Well, I believe that is a decent stock of news for this week. Hope you like what you’ve read and seen.

    Thanks for rooting for us, and have a good weekend!

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    Jan 24, 2011
    Hi, guys!

    I welcomed this opportunity to address you, the followers of After Reset, to whom I am so deeply indebted for a lifetime of support, friendship and trust. Today, I’m happy to report significant headway has been made in the development of the game, and especially the graphic novel. At this point the majority of TFoG obligations have been completed, but we’ll back to that in a minute.

    PATCH #030315 RELEASED!

    Some of our backers may have noticed that your Steam application After Reset RPG was updated on Tuesday, March 03. Although you can read all the patch notes in PatchNotes.txt (which is in your game folder), I’d like to publish the full list of changes in this update so that any future backers can follow our chronological process from start to finish.

    After Reset RPG, Patch Notes #030315
    Release on Tuesday, March 03, 2015


    • Application launcher error fixed for MAC version.

    User Interface:
    • Various interface fixes for MAC and Linux versions.
    • The intensity and frequency of the holographic distortion visual effect has been substantially reduced.
    • Auto-scaling for panels in the main menu added.

    • Sound effects for main menu fixed.

    • Typos in the Modes descriptions corrected.


    • Premade characters activated.
    • Random button added for Stats, Skills, and Feats stages of character generation, so you can allocate each prompt through chance.
    • In-game Pause mechanics added (set on "Space" hotkey").
    • New models for Pastagers race for the character creation added.
    • Special Facility level added.
    • Prologue narration added.

    User Interface:
    • New cursors added.
    • Main menu text size scaling added to the Options/Gameplay menu.
    • Rotate option added for the model of the character through the character creation.
    • Alphabetical auto-sorting for the Feats added.
    • New icons for the Skills added.
    • Typos in the feats descriptions corrected.
    • Loading screens design reworked.
    • Camera controls for the gameplay added.
    • Fog of war, Range-of-Sight (RoS) and Field-of-Sight (FoS) added.
    • Highlighting system added.

    • Glass shader for the OpenGL fixed.
    • Injured animation for humanoids added (activates if a humanoid have less than 10% of its hit points).
    • Realistic Decal system added.

    • Music for the Science Facility level added.
    • Voice for the Prologue narration added.

    • Prologue's intro added.

    • "Space" hotkey for skipping each of in-game videos added.
    • Message with all available content for the current build added, so now you won't be puzzled with "Why can't I proceed?" questions.
    • Realistic Decal system added.


    As you guys can see, your detailed feedback has resulted in many changes and tweaks to the look and feel of the game, and we didn’t want to wait to reward you for that.

    I’d also like to talk about graphics. From my picky point of view (which criticize even games like DA: Inquisition) I am finally satisfied with the graphics, and you can see the progress yourselves by trying out our first tech build from 2014, which you can see on IndieDB:

    However, what you can see now is only one quarter of what we have planned for the full graphical capabilities of the game, and the source build you are playing is already a whopping 50Gb :)! We switched off a lot of features because of common hardware limitations, but we’ll keep the source production in reserve so that we could gradually switch graphic features on by the time of the full game is completed. Through every stage of development, regardless of how long that takes, the game should look cool and be easy on the eyes.

    This is all important because graphics go hand-in-hand with optimization. Despite the 60-100fps performance I get while streaming on my machine, we’ve only implemented about 30% of all our optimizations. So, please be patient if you’re having issues on older machines. We’ll run our full optimization circuit by the end of development on all five areas of the Prologue. This is because the hard optimization circle we’ve developed and tested will irreversibly change the build and we’ve got some work ahead of us before we’re ready to tackle that.

    Lastly, the hobbling animation for your character is not the default animation. It is animation for humanoid creatures that have less than 10% of their Hit Points, and/or do not have a crippled leg, or don’t have the special Endurance-related feat. In the future these injuries might also lower a victim’s speed. We’ve also got various idle animations prepared for them as well, so please take a look!


    There’s nothing quite like fulfilling your promise and keeping your word. Today, almost a year after the TFoG Kicktarter campaign, I’m proud to present to you the full digital version of The Fall of Gyes graphic novel.

    Most of our TFoG Kickstarter backers can find the link for it (with password) in a previous closed update. Most of our After Reset RPG backers can get the digital novel in the Steam folder of their game (It’ll be in something like...\SteamApps\common\After Reset RPG\add-ons\graphic_novel-the_fall_of_gyes).

    Those who backed TFoG directly on PayPal will receive their link via e-mail.

    The formats for the graphic novel are: PDF (PC) and CBR (tablets).

    I am sincerely grateful for your support, trust and patience that you’ve shown us. I asked for your help and your prayers as I embarked on this new journey-and you rooted for us. According to After Reset tradition, I’d like to share something more with you, for those who saw sparks of light in the project and believed in it even at such an early stage. In gratitude, I therefore present the following:

    • every TFoG KS backer is listed forever in the credits as a special thank you, both in digital and in physical versions (see this thread).

    • 6 extra story pages (32 was promised we’ve released 38 TFoG story pages).

    • 25 extra content pages with backstory, concept art, and more (totaling 65 pages for the final print, 40 were originally promised).

    • 1 extra character poster for our $65+ TFoG KS backer tier made in very high dimension to be printed in any photo studio.

    • A free preview version that you can share with your friends and colleagues (you can download it from IndieDB as well:

    • The wallpaper of 1920x1080 resolution you asked:

    Even though I haven’t received any complaints - only cheering mails and replies - I want to thank everyone again for the supportive attitude you showed us despite significant delays. That really means a lot to me. Your warm attitude helped me to concentrate my energy on fixing issues and eliminating obstacles so that we could complete this graphic novel with the best possible quality.

    I also haven’t forgotten about any of the other obligations I have toward you, and we’re preparing for the physical version (a splendid hardcover) as well as for VIP physical figure of the protagonist that was promised. It should really be something fantastic!

    For those interested, here’s a brief list of topics that slowed down the development, and keep in mind these are not excuses, just the truth:

    1. Quality and attention to detail was a big one for me, because I demand perfection from all of the staff. A lot of things that would be perfectly acceptable for casual commercial products falls short of my vision and would constitute a compromise for the purposes of maximizing profit. Some art was rejected for this reason, and we had to start over from scratch.

    2. The second deadly issue was 'the nature of people of art.' It turned out that you can’t really predict it. I mean, my personal attitude to promises is perfectly described in House of Cards: "The nature of promises is that they remain immune to changing circumstances." But a few months after the Kickstarter ended, we were unable to contact Adam and we eventually received word that he had been suffering from a crippling bout of depression. Keeping in mind my promise to you, and the responsibility I received with the money you trusted me with, there was a moment where I almost started over from scratch with another artist. I’m glad to say this didn’t happen, and once we had re-established communication with Adam, he made great efforts to complete the novel as soon as possible.

    3. Finally, there were issues with an increase of costs. We had to raise additional funds because of the two points above. Thus far our budget for TFoG is approximately three times higher than the cash we got from Kickstarter campaign (bear in mind a substantial percentage was taken by Kickstarter, Amazon, Banks, etc. for handling the funds). I was only able to keep this project solvent by selling my other business and borrowing funds from that. As promised, the quality of the product is of the highest concern to me.

    Once again, thank you for your support and patience. This novel would never become a reality without you!


    Finally, it’s my pleasure to introduce the main characters for the graphic novel: Alan, and Gia!

    Name: Alan Bodrick.
    Nickname: Alan.
    Race: Pastager.
    Date of birth: February 23, 112 A.R.
    Place of birth: Helios, Undereath.

    Both of Alan’s parents, Megan Tong and Jodie Bodrick had high posts in the United Governments Military Corps, both when he was born in 112 A.R., and when his sister was born a year later.

    But despite their status, material wealth, and having had two children, two years later, Megan and Jodie got divorced. It’s not fully clear what their reason was, but a few months later, Megan began to drink heavily, gamble and get mixed up in the shady Old Cans District. It’s not surprising that this led to Megan being transferred into reserve, and all parental rights being given to Jodie.

    It seems that these events finally broke Megan. A month after she stopped answering the phone, her rider was found by Helios police 40 miles from the city with traces of narcotics inside. Search operations turned up nothing, and by Alan’s 9th birthday, Megan’s ID status had been changed from “missing” to “dead.”

    Alan and Deb’s second mother, Jodie Bodrick took care of the children as much as she could, providing both of them with a trust fund for education and finding their places in life. Her love and care played an important role in the formation of Alan’s internal world, just as much as the necessity of care for his sister, mother and close friends.

    This experience would prove especially useful for Alan, when in 129 A.R., Jodie died during the Dallas Incident. Suppressing his feeling of grief with his sense of responsibility, he would continue to care for his sister with a special energy, taking upon himself not only the role of older brother, but also parent.

    After having been wounded in training in March 131 A.R., he ended up in Salus Hospital in western Helios, where he met Gia Bellakofka on a hospital bed. The couple fell in love at first sight and ever since then have rarely been seen without one another.

    In 132 A.R., Gia and Alan, both with one year of service left, signed up for the Military Corps together for their last training tour, after which they planned on getting married. A few months later, Alan was sent to Gyes, a distant outpost on the surface. They applied for a couple’s transfer, and were accepted, so Gia was sent off with him.

    * * *

    Name: Gia Bellakofka.
    Nickname: Bella.
    Race: Pastager.
    Date of birth: September 14, 112 A.R.
    Place of birth: Helios, Undereath.

    Gia was born September 14th, 112 A.R. in a typical middle class United Governments family. Gia’s father, Jensen Belakofka, a reserve member of the Military Corps, owned a small agriculture business, while her mother, Katrina Malik managed a small ecological department in the Economic Corps.

    Gia spent most of her happy childhood in the capital, Underearth. Being a typical fidgety child, she often got in trouble with her parents, but every time, as if by a miracle, she was able to wriggle her way out of the weirdest situations. She was so good at getting out of trouble, that despite her getting into an endless number of less than great situations (more absurd than dangerous), her parents only had to move her to another school once.

    At 16, when she reached legal majority, following the standard Training Program, Gia went through a yearlong tour in the Helios Social Corps, then in the Science Corps, and at 19 in the Economic Corps. She kept herself entertained with semilegal cave racing, which landed her in the hospital in March 131 A.R., where, lying on a hospital bed, she met Alan Bodrick. The couple fell in love at first sight and ever since then have rarely been seen without one another.

    In 132 A.R., Gia and Alan, both with one year of service left, signed up for the Military Corps together for their last training tour, after which they planned on getting married. A few months later, Alan was sent to Gyes, a distant outpost on the surface. They applied for a couple’s transfer, and were accepted, so Gia was sent off with him.

    * * *

    Thanks for your support, guys. As well as for the quick and confident replies on voting for the novel's cover :)

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    May 22, 2010
    So who wants to take bets that this never becomes a real game? Take the early access money and run, that's my prediction.
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    Jul 1, 2012
    If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on the "takes longer than expected, many apologies, but we get the game we were promised" bet. Of course, there are reasons for my leaning...
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    Aug 4, 2013
    Considering that the Early Access is expensive and by the looks of its just a walking simulator, with nothing to interact to, this might be a scam. Hopefully everything works in the end.
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    Jan 24, 2011
    Hi guys,

    As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago we released the current version of After Reset RPG on Steam Early Access (SEA). As I promised, from this moment on each of our updates will coincide with the release of a new patch. These patches need to show serious additions or corrections that were completed (by the team) between updates.

    Today's update is dedicated to addressing the game's first week on SEA, other game development news, and a small contest that was created for our Kickstarter backers and Co-Founders only, which we'll talk about towards the end.

    PATCH #033115 RELEASED!

    Some of our backers may have noticed that your Steam application After Reset RPG was updated on Tuesday, March 31. Although you can read all the patch notes in PatchNotes.txt (which is in your game folder), I'd like to publish the full list of changes in this update so that any future backers can follow our chronological process from start to finish.

    After Reset RPG, Patch Notes #033115
    Released on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


    • Fixed an error in the application launcher for the WIN 32 version.

    User Interface:
    • Highlighting system fixed to produce exponentially transparent aura.
    • ESC hotkey now returns back to previous menu in the main menu.

    • Fixed an issue with the voice of the Prologue narration.

    • Fixed the text of narration.
    • General description for skills amended.
    • Strength STAT description edited (now it says the Strength affects chances to force opening mechanical locks).


    • Door scripts added (with 4 possible stages open/close/locked/sealed). However, you can't hack/lockpick/brake doors yet. Use ALT+Z to change the stages of the doors for tests.
    • Tutorial pop-ups added.

    • Character speed (walk/run) adjusted to SACPIC mechanics (30/15ft per round for Humans).

    User Interface:
    • "Game Paused" message is added when you pause the game by pressing spacebar.
    • "Game Over" screen for Gyes added. Use ALT+P for suicide and test.
    • In-game date/time panel added.
    • In-game skill panel added.
    • In-game log panel added.

    • New Loading Screen arts for the Special Facility level added (they depends on character’s gender selected).
    • Animations for normal walk/run (for Humans) added. If your character, your human allies, human NPCs have less than 10% of their HP, they will use that shambling animation.

    • Footsteps system added with majority of footsteps sounds.
    • Gyes doors sounds added (open/close/locked/sealed).
    • All in game sounds are bonded to SFX volume control.
    • Various game-over narrations added.
    ECLCC and Plasma Reactor sounds added.
    • When the game is paused music and all sounds except UI is muted at 50%.
    • Game Over music added.

    • Laboratory CCP-5 room completed (capsules, engines, infrastructure added).


    About shambling animation. During the game you be able to identify HP of enemies only if you got and set relevant augmentation for your CORE-7 implant. Without it you will be able to see the general state of the enemy (Uninjured/Barely Injured/Injured/Badly Injured/Near Death/Dead). That shambling animation will help you to identify the most injured human enemies. As well as it should attract your attention to your wounded allies and help them in time. Beyond that, it should bring more realism and fun, I believe.

    About doors. Every door in the game might have one of the 4 states:
    1. Unlocked. You can open/close it without obstacles. You can also break the lock of the door to make it Broken or Sealed.
    2. Locked. You can't open/close locked door. You need to use your skill Lockpick to unlock it first if the lock is mechanical); or to use Science skill to hack the lock if is electronic. You can also try to open mechanical locks/doors by force (your Strength STAT affects the results). You can't open electronic locks by rough force. Beyond that, you can break the lock of the door to make it Broken or Sealed.
    3. Broken. You need to repair the broken lock before opening it (if the lock was unlocked before you broke it) or before picking/hacking it (if the lock was locked before you broke it).
    4. Sealed. There is nothing you can do with this lock. If it is the door sealed - proper explosives are your only chances to cope with this door.

    You can ask: why should break any unlocked door? why should I seal it? The answers are in the game-play context. E.g. you can break the door control panel to seal something (or someone) inside. Considering something (or someone) killed almost all personnel at the advanced military base, the brain and smarts of the gamer are the only chance to survive for your character.

    Guys, please, keep in mind: despite the skills are displayed correctly you can’t use them yet in this build. We are adding their activation in the future builds step by step with relevance to our in game tutorial pop ups.


    So, it has happened! The first week of being on Steam was as emotional as going up Mt. Calvary, but we are here! Honestly, guys, we couldn't have gotten to this point without your support.

    Right now, many are asking why we released the game on Steam without having finished the Prologue. The reasons behind this decision lay in the fact that we have already started using SEA for distribution management. No more '5 days to prepare, upload, update, fix' for each separate platform (Windows, Linux and Mac). Build synchronization in the folders of my computer happens practically automatically now. By the way, this factor allowed us to fix the problem with loading the game on 32-bit Windows in one day. This means that if you guys run into a serious bug, we will be able to fix it right away and you won't have to wait for half a month for the next patch to come in.

    Additionally, you shouldn't forget that we have a contract with Steam that entails specific conditions. Please remember that from the moment the contract was signed we have stopped accepting any donations on PayPal and began to ask our fans to wait for the SEA. Though we are extremely dedicated to our work, we are just an Indie studio and for us each penny counts, and all of it goes toward developing a great product. Thanks to your support, we don't have financial difficulties in completing the Prologue as we planned (though I think it’s going to be better than we planned), I need to consider how the game will be developed from start to finish. This includes the most pessimistic of scenarios. In any case, it would have not been logical to refuse those who wanted to support our work. We didn't mean to offend anyone. On the other hand, it would not have been correct (on our end) to sell user-keys outside of the Steam platform, abusing its trust and not sharing the profit with it.

    Anyway, now it is done. We're on SEA and with your reliable moral and financial support we continue our every day work on the Prologue with peace and dedication.


    Almost 4,000 people added us to their wish lists the first week that the game was on Steam. Fifty of them supported us financially by purchasing the SEA. Of course, some of them have probably been following the game and waiting for us to start accepting payments. But most of them are new members of our community and we would like to say: "Thank you, guys! And welcome aboard!"

    This is the first news for you. If you are just now joining us you may not know that we try hard to make our dedicated fans happy. We don't do this for marketing or PR reasons; we simply want to show our gratitude.

    I didn't announce this part in the news on purpose, but if you have purchased After Reset RPG on SEA before this news came out, you can receive a Co-Founder status for free! To tell you the truth, this feature is not for sale and is only given out on very special occasions. It gives you access to avatars and the closed parts of our forum with additional content. You can read more about the Co-Founder status here:

    In order to receive the Co-Founder status:
    - Make sure that you purchased After Reset RPG on SEA BEFORE the release of this article.
    - Send us a screenshot or any other document proving the date of purchase of After Reset RPG on SEA.
    - Send us the name of your forum account (not your Steam account) that you want us to set to Co-Founder status.

    Guys, thank you again for believing in us, supporting us, and writing all of your honest reviews on Steam.

    Btw, if you're our Co-Founder already, don't miss our exclusive 8xHD screenshots of the Commander Cell and Alan Bodrick collectible figure from the Fall of Gyes graphic novel add-on:

    "OST" ADD-ON:

    As you may have noticed, we have frozen access to support the After Reset OST add-on. Most likely, we will open access right before the official release date, when we are done working with the soundtrack. Nevertheless, our Kickstarter and Direct Pledge backers already have the closed version of the update (if it was included into the list of their rewards). They were able to notice the past update of this add-on.

    Guys, you can enjoy a new track "Game Over" :) Just to remind you: the folders with add-ons are located on your computers in the same folder where Steam installed After Reset RPG.

    For everybody else, I'm uploading a couple of looped ambiences that we have prepared for different rooms in the Gyes bunker, where all of the Prologue actions will take place: Kickstarter.


    Friends, our ranks are bolstered today by the first backer who has ordered a personal character model of himself! Of course, it will be available to every player, but to run around as YOU in the game is very cool! I always wanted to have that feature in Mass Effect and Dragon Age :).

    The name of this backer is Jacob Ganor and he really looks like Dominic Purcell from Prison Break. We've already sent his photos to our designers. Usually, it takes approximately three weeks to draw a head, but don't you worry, we've employed freelancers we work with on a regular basis to make sure that creating Jacob’s model will not take time away from the main game development.

    In addition to financial support, Jacob has also helped us as a military consultant, because he works in the defense industry as an engineer and inventor. "Tony Stark" helped me to determine the final technologies of the light armors for the Civilian Police Departments of the UG and UG's Army MP. No liquid armor, after all. Despite the fact that modern mass media popularize this technology, due to various reasons, it will not be suitable in the underground bunkers of the UG. By 132 AR, the United Governments has almost completely switched to high-energy weapons to protect Underearth. Thus, liquid armor lost popularity to light ceramic armor, which uses Be2B, Be4B and TiBe12 alloys for the kinetic plates and Ceramic Wool Fiber as the soft filling for energy protection. I will save you from technical specifications of patents and other documents, but I will say the following: true technical properties of the materials used for armor will greatly affect game design and characteristics of that armor.

    At this time, we are working on light armor for the United Governments Army Military Police Corps, which you will be able to wear in the Prologue.

    Thank you, Jacob!


    If you have been following our updates, you know that After Reset RPG may well become the first Hard Sci-Fi video game on Wikipedia :).

    If you have been following our updates even more carefully, you may have noticed I am very impressed by Peter Watts' short story The Things. After I found out that all of Peter's creative work is based on a hard sci-fi scientific approach, I couldn't stop reading. Suddenly, I discovered The Blindsight, Echopraxia and the Rifters trilogy. It’s incredible! I haven't read anything this amazing for over six years.

    Being so impressed with his work I decided to write to Peter and he answered! Just like that, like I answer each one of you, my friends! My complements, Mr. Watts!

    Between the books that I read and my talks with Peter, I feel that it's once again raised the bar for my critical approach to the hard sci-fi element that makes up a big part of After Reset RPG. In the past several weeks, together with a small Scientific Council, I have gone over physics-ecology-geography-biology-genetics of Biomasses and Red Zones. I would like to say a special 'thank you' to Andrew Leshuk and Alex Shirokolaev for constructive criticism and pointing out weak spots in the setting, from a scientific point of view. Finally, all of the dark spots in the setting for the Biomass and Red Zones have been lit, and I'm quite satisfied with it as the author. Finally, all of the scientific consultants are happy with the result and believe in the final version of all of the concepts. I think we can write a thesis on each of the mentioned topics :).

    What will this mean for the players in the near future? I have prepared quite impressive lore documents that you will be able to find in computers and various literatures laying around Gyes, as you are playing through the Prologue. I also post and update them on the Co-Founders section of our forum. Beware, some do contain spoilers! Nevertheless, there’s so much interesting information that now we can afford to share one of the correspondence fragments without giving out the plot. You will be also able to download this fragment into your Theseus in the game:


    ... The Scientific Corps has finished its expedition to the outskirts of the Rock Springs Red Zone. In the course of multiple diving sessions into the depths of a provisional Red Zone perimeter (Van Allen Radiation Outer Belt for this zone is approximately 12 miles) the scientists discovered, filmed and collected samples of incredible creatures that to this day remained unknown to science. One of the most noticeable distinctions of these astonishing organisms is their gigantic size.

    Among the most sensational of the found organisms there are huge worms, giant centipedes, spiders and dog-size scorpions. The scientists have also discovered a 6-yard-long amoeba in the area. As a result of this expedition, the list of Surface animals now includes specimens that were unknown to science before this day. Many specimen samples of various life forms were taken and will be passed on for identification, detailed analysis and DNA decoding to various scientific corporations in different cities of the Underearth.

    According to Robert Watts, the head of the Red Zones expeditions, gigantism is quite normal for such areas. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the gigantism phenomenon, which can be traced to the fact that animal forms reach such large sizes under extreme conditions, has still not been explained scientifically. In the abovementioned case, we can only presume that there is some type of a cause-and-effect connection between the gigantic creatures we are discovering today and those that lived deep under water and on some remote islands on the planet before the Reset.

    We should also point out that the Rock Springs Red Zone expedition was conducted not only to research biological variability, but also to determine the type of an effect Red Zones have on climate change and the possibility of a new biosphere formation on the surface after the Reset.

    "Many of the local organisms here live in the dark and feed on radiation that is abundant in Red Zones," said Watts. "Some of the species of the collected invertebrates use the energy of radioactive decay to develop and absorb radiation using the black melanin pigment, which is present in animals and humans. However, judging by the collected samples, the melanin that was 'activated' by radiation is 16 times more effective in the ATP biosynthesis process of these creatures than it is in the cells of all known organisms that populated Earth before the Reset. Some of the footage we saw is shocking! It's amazing to see all these creatures, which evolved right here on Earth, but look as if they came from some unknown planet. In some places, the ground is swarming with these gigantic Red Zone organisms."
    Meryl Shkondy,
    Eagle News.


    Finally, at the very end of today's update, I would like to hold a small Hard Sci-Fi Contest, which will help you all feel closer to the incredible post-apocalyptical world of planet Earth after the Reset. Your participation in the Contest will also inspire us and give us new ideas.

    The point of the contest:
    Having ran around Gyes for a bit, you have already encountered something that visually looks like energy fields instead of doors (in patch 030315 you could easily walk through these but that was a mistake. We fixed that and now you need to turn them off at the control console in order to walk through them). Your task is to try and explain how they appear and operate, or rather explain the phenomenon that you see and its properties. Explain it from the point of view of theoretical physics, and the principles of hard science fiction.

    Contest timeframe:
    The contest is active until our next news-update is posted, which will be approximately in 2-3 weeks.

    How to participate:
    Feel free to post your theories right in the comments section on Kickstarter (if you are a backer). Or on our official message board here:

    Participation restrictions:
    Anyone can post their thoughts and theories under our message-board, but we will only consider the answers of our Kickstarter backers and users with Co-Founder status as part of the Contest.

    Various digital add-ons that you don't yet have will be given out as rewards:
    - The Fall of Gyes graphic novel;
    - After Reset OST
    - Wastelander Package;
    - 5-4-1.

    At the end I would like to add some clarifications and 'suitable' and 'unsuitable' examples. Let me remind you that hard science fiction is a category of science fiction characterized by an emphasis on scientific accuracy and technical detail. One requirement for hard sci-fi is procedural or intentional: a story should try to be accurate, logical, credible and rigorous in its use of current scientific and technical knowledge about which technology, phenomena, scenarios and situations are practically and/or theoretically possible. With that said, you don't have to give us formulas and specifics (though we do love that), because hard science fiction is still science fiction and its plot is usually built on one or several scientific assumptions or hypotheses. In sci-fi, the picture of the world as a whole is usually logical and not contradictory. In the world of After Reset, such an assumption is the possibility of the portable collectors and high-power energy sources for the United Government faction, whose level of technology is equal to 2150-2180 AD, according to the development of modern society under globalization.

    For example, let's take the classical light-saber from "Star Wars" (my favorite space opera, although it's not hard sci-fi). In the world of reality and hard science fiction, such a saber cannot exist due to physical properties of light and other constraints of our world. On the other hand, we could reproduce visual and some of the physical properties of such a saber. Theoretically, this is possible using today’s technologies and all we need is to:

    - Use plasma instead of light.
    - Make the blade of the saber ceramic (the type and structure of which will depend on the type of plasma used).
    - Install generators with strong electro-magnetic fields, which will keep the plasma in a form that flows around the blade, inside the blade and possibly inside the surrounding chamber.
    - Build a heat insulation and cooling system into the blade.
    - Build a hot plasma supply chamber into the guard.

    Of course, the result is going to be bulky and not at all graceful. Plus, there's going to be a long train of cords/cooling agents/plasma power supplies extending from it. But we can create a light-saber right now, if we wanted to! Imagine someone from the 80's seeing our plasma stick at work, cutting metal and making all kinds of noise! They would definitely think that it was the real light-saber from Star Wars.

    The hard science fiction technology concept approach (which I use when writing After Reset) takes into consideration all known factors, including: economy (how much will it cost to create such an object for a specific function considering current technologies and materials), socio-cultural (what is the role of this object in the culture of the given fraction), and the rational (how rational it is to have this object or technology compared to alternative options).

    When the contest is over and we have chosen the winners, we will share our explanation for these "obstacles" (I’m not giving their name on purpose, as to not curb your fantasy). We will also share the best answers to the riddle. Our scientific consultants and all of the game development staff will play the role of judges :).

    * * *

    Once again, thank you, my friends, for your support and participation!
    We can hardly wait for your theories and thoughts on the given task!

  8. SnapSlav

    SnapSlav NMA's local DotA fanatic

    Jul 1, 2012
    Hmmm, so explain how a "force field" which can be deactivated works using practical application of technology as available right now and modern understanding of possibilities? Sounds like a tough one...
  9. MrNixon

    MrNixon It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jan 24, 2011
    Indeed. That explanation is a part of the contest. But we have our own vision (worked on that with 2 PhD physicists) as well.
  10. MrNixon

    MrNixon It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jan 24, 2011
    Finally. A bird's eye view [1920x1080] on all 3 levels of Gyes Bunker, I've just done. With points of interest marked. Cross your fingers: you might walk around all of them in the coming patch already:

    Gyes Bunker:

    Ground Level:

    Level 1:

    Level 2:
  11. mobucks

    mobucks literally Orderite

    May 22, 2010
    If you put 1/4 of the time you spend on concept art and forum posts and asking for money on actually developing the game maybe people would take this project seriously.

    It's the first gottdamn level for like 2 years straight dude. You NEED people like me to piss and shit on this project to show you what you actually look like. Sorry. I have no problem being the asshole here.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 9, 2016
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  12. SnapSlav

    SnapSlav NMA's local DotA fanatic

    Jul 1, 2012
    You should. There's never an excuse.

    That doesn't mean I'm pardoning and forgiving anything and everything Black Cloud is doing. I'm gleefully anticipating the game to come, but I'm not being reckless about it. I'm recognizing that it's an indie project and that any manner of shenanigans can take place between now and the unforeseen future. But being skeptical doesn't mean one must indulge in being a prick.

    Jim Sterling's been hammering AR for a few weeks now, and that's because he's focusing on one aspect of it. He's not wrong, an early access game should be a GAME, but his focuses have just been on that one narrow subject.

    Ultimately "time will tell" is king, so long as fans remain diligent, not fanciful. But diligence doesn't require being a dick, either.

    EDIT: @MrNixon, might I suggest that in the coming patches to the early access game, you take some artistic liberties and just make it a bit of a "Frakenstein's monster" of patchwork assets? Like the name suggests, it won't be pretty. But, say for example, it begins with the cutscene and the exposition screen and then you start off in the bunker, and after a little bit of interaction you're able to get into the surface which has some rudimentary NPCs to interact with? The early access should not necessarily reflect the exact direction that the finished product will take, just represent the overall experience of the finished product. So while the actual game will have much more involved, and you won't simply have a fade-to-black screen leading you to an entirely separate area of the game, players of the early access will want to experience a larger view of what the game will ultimately offer.

    Just my suggestion for the time being.
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  13. mobucks

    mobucks literally Orderite

    May 22, 2010
    Lol even your avatar has rose-tinted sunglasses. How apt. :clap:
  14. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012
    My avatar has nothing to do with whatever you're implying (seriously, I dunno what you're suggesting)... I'm simply celebrating the badassetry that is Donquixote Doflamingo! =P
  15. AlphaPromethean

    AlphaPromethean Vault Senior Citizen

    Mar 16, 2013
    Seems like another Early Access game with plenty of concept art and promises, but very little in the way of actual content. Then several years of slowing development, until it all fades away and the devs have run away with everyone's money.

    Even if it did go through, it looks like generic Indie Unity trash.

    Sorry, I just have little to no faith in Early-Access dependent games, and from flicking through this thread it seems that there's been little to no progress.
  16. Robb Stark

    Robb Stark Wasteland Survivor

    May 12, 2015
    I have backed and supported early access games before (Though I don't regularly do it) two of which are currently released and I had a lot of fun with and were great games (wasteland 2 and NEO scavenger). Also wasteland 2 is releasing a GOTY update that adds even more to the game which is a big bonus.

    Im currently backing 3 games in development: Interstellar Marines, Maia and Star Citizen. Out of those 3, interstellar marines I am the most impressed with at the moment and has the promise of being finished within 2-3 years and the game is progressively becoming better. Maia is deep into to development and will be released within 1-2 years most likely. However I cant recommend it at the moment but I am certain they will deliver on their promises and release the game soon-ish. Star citizen I have become more skeptical of (funny enough I put 200$ into it), I fear its too concerned with throwing in more promises than delivering and the current game is rather meh at the moment. Even with its MASSIVE budget for around 2-3 years it really has failed to deliver anything worth while. However the way things are going I KNOW its going to be released some day and it has a good chance of being a good game.

    I have kept an eye on this game for awhile (before I made a NMA account), It looked interesting enough however as time went on you kept promising and throwing in screenshots, more promises and concept art. I even saw you blatantly ignore criticism. I will be honest for a game about "hard science fiction" it looks a lot like that Tom Cruise movie oblivion, that as a lot of holograms with super unrealistic technology science mumbo jumbo and dull concepts (aliens? really?). The aesthetic looks really weird tbh not what I imagine a post nuclear world, More like if mass effects earth got really fucked up. :seriouslyno:

    Also within two years you failed to even produce a basic level with anything worthwhile, (I have seen indie devs with a smaller budgets do things 5x better than what you did). Did you ever see the indie game routine? No kickstarter and no early access and its coming together quite well. We might even see a release either within 2015 or early 2016.

    This really looks unappealing tbh, ill stick to fallout games and wasteland 2 for my post apocalyptic rpg fix.
  17. MrNixon

    MrNixon It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jan 24, 2011
    PATCH #091215 RELEASED

    Morning, guys!

    It's been rat-racing for months and we haven't a day off since our last update. There are dozens of challenges and emergencies that we faced, and they’ve all been sorted out. I’ll share them with you as I did in our closed (backers only) report for our successfully completed project "The Fall of Gyes." Yet, even now I can say that we faced the theme’s core challenges: the human factor, and of course money (in keeping the quality of our indie development on AAA level).

    Similarly to our TFoG project, I more than doubled our collected funds from personal investments so we can keep the RPG dream alive and at the high level of quality we want. Likewise, as it was for the first project, it‘s the fans who encouraged me to make such a dedicated decision. The support you’ve shown us on Steam Early Access even in our current stage of development made this an easy choice. We can’t believe in the project less than our fans, right?

    Right before the release of this patch I found our archives of various builds of the game showing how the game would look like without your support. We'll share them in the next update.

    AiCola asked the relevant question on our Steam forum: "How much % of the prologue work is done?"

    I bet, everybody is concerned about it too. Well, about 87% of the prologue is done. We’re at 95% completion for the programming side of things, and we have all models, dialogues, most of the voicing, audio, items, full gameplay, and full mechanics completed. We're back to assembling all that through programming right after posting this update.

    For now, here’s a detailed list of what we’ve accomplished.

    PATCH NOTES #033115


    • Footsteps for standard animation (for all types of floor) fixed.
    • Inner story movie volume normalized.

    • Animation bug in blending during the awakening cutscene fixed.
    • Video scaling for resolutions other than 16:9 fixed.
    • Interactive objects that are out of your character's Field-of-Vision cannot be heightened/used now.
    • Printscreen [F12] now makes screenshot of the whole display with the UI.

    • Skills panel reworked.
    • Monospaced font applied (like it was in original Fallout 1&2) for many text descriptions.
    • UI hide/unhide hotkey reset to ` (BackQuote).
    • H hotkey set to weapon holster/unholster function.
    • Monospaced font (like it was in original Fallout 1&2) now is used for all description texts.

    • The Caucasian skin color is now the only one available during the character creation.
    • Loading screens reworked.

    User Interface:
    • Log panel now keeps the text bottom-left aligned when scaling.
    • Cursor bug when picking up items fixed.
    • The bug when UI doesn't catch the cursor when mouse over fixed.


    • Volume of movies and voices bonded to the audio settings.
    • Various realistic audio environments effects recorded and embedded in the levels (fans, pcs, holograms, scratches, fields, etc).

    • Ivy's awakening dialogue added.
    • Special Facility level finalized.
    • Science Facility level finalized.
    • Ground Level draft added.
    • Cave Entrance level draft added.
    • Highlighting added to all interactive objects at Special Facility and Science facility levels.
    • Character Alignment affection on appearance/emotions added.
    • Character personal appearance of Jake Ganor added.

    • Major 130+ human animations added.
    • Graphics quality enhanced with SSAO Pro.
    • VFX shader applied to the character/creatures in active Stealth mode.

    • Hotkeys list panel added.
    • In-game menu added.
    • Hand-sets panel with weapon modes added.
    • Hotkey (ALT+P) for turn on/off edge camera turning added.
    • Inventory UI added.
    • Character apparel UI added.
    • Character list UI added.

    • Stealth skill added.
    • Spot skill added.
    • First Aid skill added.
    • Science skill added.
    • Area transition mechanics added.
    • Dialogs mechanics added.
    • Inventory mechanics added.
    • Character apparel mechanics added.
    • Character list mechanics added.
    • Creatures Identification system added.
    • Active slot switching added to the bottom Hand-sets panel.
    • Weapon modes switch added to the bottom Hand-sets panel.

    • Various sets of crates for the UG's stock rooms created.
    • Service drones models created and added.
    • All 50+ animations for service drones created.
    • Servers for the Quanton room created and added.
    • Neuro shader for the Quanton room added.
    • All 21 Journal Records created.
    • All 16 Tutorial records created.
    • All quest records created.
    • All Ivy dialogues written.
    • All Keren dialogues written.
    • All Quanton dialogues written.
    • Radioisotope Emissive Generator created.
    • Vixin anti-sleep drugs created.
    • Fleshworms creatures created.
    • Weapons mechanics developed with the Weapon Modes system.
    • Level-up Mechanics embedded.

    • Code for all skills integration refactored.


    1. Guys, if you are letsplayer, youtuber or media and got our keys, please, wait for completion of the prologue for review. We’re working hard to complete the prologue this fall. This current build is primary for our backers and fans to track down our progress.

    2. In this build you can pick up First Aid items only. You can use them as well as, Spot, Stealth, First Aid, Science, Repair skills. You can put on/off Armor (frankly, you’ll need to do that to pass through decontamination chambers). We put necessary items in your character’s Inventory so that with some erudition you’ll be able to pass all obstacles to check all 4 levels (Special Facility, Science Facility, Ground Level under construction and Cave Entrance). Tip: activate Fire Alarms to unblock emergency passage.

    3. There is one important feature of the game that met decent debates in the team – about what can be allowed to the player and what can’t. We stayed on "the player should be allowed to do anything he/she wishes for his/her role-play within SACPIC mechanics". That leads to the plenty of situations not predicted by story leading initially. Though it keeps your freedom of actions.

    I mean: our game plan covers 6 successful endings for the prologue and 4 non combat deaths. However, with that freedom of actions you might come to some awkward situations like: you can got panic and lock your character in a WC and sealed (by critical unsuccessful attempt of locking the door) or ran into plasma cloud... but why would you ever decide to do that?) Anyway, my point is that After Reset RPG is not a modern linear-action game when you just click some buttons and story follows, when the game doesn’t allow you to do crazy things. In After Reset RPG you should think before using skills (the activations are limited), ponder on situation (if you’re unskilled with electronics it would be probably fatal to the electronics is you attempt to repair it), and on your targets (trying to heal someone you don’t know with your doctor skills if you’re not good in it you can inflict injures occasionally that will lead to conflict), and on your appearance (pointing your upholstered weapon on authorities might be bad decision to initiate dialog with them).


    In a previous update we announced a small, hard-sci-fi contest about "Force Field" technology:

    Well, only four guys participated, but we loved their work! They treated it really seriously, and we decided to reward each and every one of them. Yes, I announced that the rewards were intended for the Co-Founders participants only, but Reaver showed a great initiative and has been included in our rewards pool.

    I want to thank everyone for your participation and theories. Ginkson, Edd, Ole, Reaver, please send me a PM through the After Reset official forum with the chosen reward you’d like to receive via Steam, from the following list:
    - The Fall of Gyes graphic novel;
    - After Reset OST
    - Wastelander Package;
    - 5-4-1 add-on.

    The scientific background for the "Force Field" barriers at the Gyes bunker your character meets are related to nano-level (coming to the mass market soon) and pico-level (which should be available by the timeline in After Reset) materials. Such technology allowed the UG to manufacture self-organizing atomic materials much thinner and much more durable than modern ones like Graphene. The core of that barrier you see at Gyes is a pico-fiber of silicon/ferrum atoms combined into a spatially complex molecular framework. Such fiber operating sources are built into the barrier frame. The appearance and disappearance of such thin atomic fibers is a lot like the inverted actions of a gasoline blot on the surface of water.

    As ginkson noticed, the fundamental Electromagnetic force (with photons as the force carriers) is the pillar that barrier mechanics is built on. Yes, the idea of IMPASS technology is also a great abbreviation, and we’ve decided to go with a small twist as: Integrated Magnetized Pico Array Security System.

    Why not plasma? First off, it requires too much power to sustain an electromagnetic field for plasma. I mean, we can even do it now but it will be incompatible with a mere titanium based door/gate which doesn’t consume energy in a locked/unlocked state. The second, the plasma would really vaporize most organics on contact, and it would be really unsafe to set such dangerous technologies in state buildings. This is especially true for emergency exits.

    Though it is possible to supply current at the silicon/ferrum, pico-fiber level (its conduction is extremely high), in general terms no one does that for emergency gate barriers.

    Speaking of the transparency and safety, as Edd proposed, there are some emissions from the photons with a wavelength in the visible spectrum, which interacts with the fiber to emit some simmering effect of "merry dancers." This is just so that people do not nuzzle in those barriers. :)


    We've completed and integrated the system of identification for items and creatures. It will be presented with an in-game tutorial, but the full version is available here:


    In your adventures through the After Reset world you will constantly be coming across different creatures. Each of them has a description that will be very familiar to all fans of old school RPGs.

    In order to open such a description, right click on the creature. As a rule, that opens a detailed description of the highlighted creature or object.


    Note that most creatures in the game do not only have one written description, but also various advanced and hidden descriptions that you will be able to see depending on the results of your character's complexity check (DC) on the skill that corresponds to that additional description.

    The result of the description unlocking attempt is calculated as a d20 roll + char skill value against DC complexity of the description. The check is made once automatically upon discovery of the full creature description when pressing RMB.

    Also, if your attempt is a failure or critical failure (when a d20 roll = 1), only the basic creature description will be shown. In the event of a successful attempt or critical success (when a d20 roll = 20) the basic description + the advanced and hidden descriptions unlocked by the checks will be shown.


    For example, beyond the typical description of drones you come across in the prologue, your character can also uncover an additional detailed scientific description of these creatures by going through the necessary Science skill check. A successful Outdoorsman skill check, though it may not give you additional scientific evidence, can often uncover the weak points of the wild animals you will be sure to come across in the expanses of the Great Desert.

    You can check it on real examples of the creatures with their SACPIC stats I've completed recently:

    Lab Drones:
    Engine Drones:

    Remember: there are no "useless" skills in the After Reset RPG role system. All skills are equally important and can be used for unique gameplay and a unique character that you will create.


    Speaking of the creatures, I’d like to present one of the hostiles you’ll meet playing with in the prologue. While programmers work their magic on the GUI, we don't just wander around the office. We continue to populate the Gyes Bunker with its new dwellers. This little one is 15-20 inches in length, and it is the most harmless thing on the base.

    Flesh Worm's stats are also now on our wiki:

    Following previous heading subject here are three descriptions (general, Science skill successful check, Outdoorsman skill successful check).

    * * *

    This creepy meat-colored worm with a whole bunch of teeth on one end is very flexible. You note a few smaller specimens writhing around in this amalgam of worms, leeches and snakes, but it looks like 20 inches is as long as these nasty buggers get.

    You don't notice anything like an eye on the surface of this "worm," but it appears that this creature is quite skilled at spatial navigation. It is great at finding its victims (living or dead) and will happily crawl into them (or eat them?).

    Basically, no matter what it does, it's disgusting.

    DC Science 18:

    This creature, definitely belongs to the taxon Protostomia. In its embryonic development phase, a mouth forms where there was once a blastopore, or if there is a slot-like crease, a mouth and an anal cavity form.

    The smallest specimens (or embryos), that you've seen were nearly microscopic. In their turn, fully grown specimens can grow up to 20 inches long.

    This Flesh Worm has well developed musculature. It's muscles lie under the external layer of covering tissue, the cells of which do a great job of protecting them from the harmful effects of the environment. Musculature, which makes up around 70% of this creature's total body volume is not always the same from individual to individual. It is composed of several layers of specialized muscle groups.

    Right under the skin is where the circular muscles are located. When they are contracted via nervous impulses, the Flesh Worm's body becomes longer: it stretches out. Under the circular layer, it looks like there are groups of lengthwise muscles that are better developed in certain specimen. When these muscles are flexed, there is a reduction in the body length of the creature, causing it to compress. Judging by its motility, this specimen also has well-developed dorsoventral muscles.

    You almost never find these creatures far from dead or living creatures – victims (or carriers) which are vertebrates or humans. However, it is not known with certainty where these creatures come from or whether they feed exclusively on blood or also eat the flesh of their victims. For that very reason you cannot make a snap judgment on whether this specimen is truly hematophagous.

    It is very likely that the Flesh Worm's digestive tract opens at the front end of the body by a mouth opening. In the depths of the mouth cavity, immediately before the throat, there are two side jaws and a bit deeper there are two spinal jaws. Each jaw has between 50 and 100 small teeth. And it should be noted that the teeth off this creature are very sharp, which allows it to easily bite through the thick skin and tissue of warm-blooded animals.

    This creature is very flexible, however you have never seen one crawling far from its nests which is filled with its victims. It seems as well that they are great at spatial navigation. You do not notice signs of even rudimentary sight organs – it is entirely possible that these specimens' senses of smell, taste and touch are unusually developed.

    It is certain that this is either a predator or a parasite... or both.

    DC Outdoorsman 15:

    Damn, this shit is covered in slime and reminds me of a huge worm the size of an elbow with razor-sharp teeth on one end. It...yep, that's right, it's eating a body. You really hope the body is already dead.

    The beast is very flexible, and due to its slime it can slide on surfaces like a hockey player on ice. No matter what it is, you do not have the desire to approach it.

    And yes: though its made of flesh and blood, it looks like it'd burn like a torch. If you decided to destroy the colony of these Flesh Worms, a flamethrower or a fuel canister would be very useful to you.


    While our programmer works on the interface and mechanics, I've completed the lore writing for the Journal Records. These 21 records (which take up 21 real A4 pages) will be discoverable in game (at least some of them). According to our tradition, Co-Founders get a sneak peak on them in this exclusive preview (warning: SPOILERS inside):

    Anyway, here is a small spoilers-free but quite atmospheric record from Underearth's TV-show:



    Linda James: Tell me, professor. In your opinion, why haven't we been able to detect the aliens yet? Why did they abandon their Artifacts? Where did they disappear to?

    Professor Frank Metzinger: Good questions, Linda. Unfortunately, we still don't really have enough information to properly judge the Incorporeals' actions. One of the more popular ideas (at the present) is the Invasion for Resources theory. Adherents of this theory suppose that the aliens were interested in resources, specifically the Earth's biomass, which is something unique in the Universe. According to this theory, about two years before the Reset they collected information, studied us and the possible consequences of invasion, and after becoming convinced that we would be unable to resist, they hit us in the same manner as we might smoke the bees out of a beehive to make it easier to access the honey inside.

    Linda James: Yes, but if we are a part of that biomass, then why would they want to destroy us?

    Professor Frank Metzinger: That argument is partially espoused by conspiracy theorists and ‘greens,’ who claim that humankind acted as the aggressor. Nevertheless, as a counterargument I can say, and I'm sure my biologist colleague will confirm this, that before the Reset the Earth had around 2475 billion tons of biomass. Meanwhile, people made up just 920 million tons of biomass in live weight, or around 275 million tons of pure biomass, which is essentially a negligible amount in comparison to the Earth's total biomass.

    Linda James: So, you mean to say that we could be ignored and simply cut off the face of the planet, like the skin off an apple? To get to the tastiest part of the fruit?

    Professor Frank Metzinger: That isn't my opinion, Linda. These arguments are part of the theory for the Invasion for Resources. Judge for yourself. Before the creation of the United Governments, humanity had been a destructive influence on the Earth's biosphere for centuries. The aliens could just think of our species, for example, as some kind of parasite that they have to get rid of, such as a worm that hides beneath the skin of the apple, if we were to use your analogy.

    Even my colleague, Dr. Bates, who tends to adhere to different theories, recognizes that recent studies of the new biosphere on the surface provides significant evidence in favor of the Invasion for Resources theory. The data collected from recently established surface outposts, as well as the invaluable data collected by the Science Corps - and I’m referring to Robert Watts' expedition to the Rock Springs Red Zone - all provide evidence in favor of the idea that our planet has undergone (and may still be undergoing at this very moment) a terramorphing procedure. This isn't just about geologic and geomagnetic transformation. This procedure has influenced all biological niches and life forms on a planetary scale.

    Dr. Michel Bates: With all due respect to my colleague, as a biologist I have to disagree. We have not found any confirmation of direct extraterrestrial interference in the genome of intelligent life. These select abnormalities, such as the rebirth of the Bison, or some species of Felidae, considered extinct before the Reset are not direct evidence of ‘outside interference.’ They are merely evidence of our planet's highly efficient ability to regenerate once it has been rid of the ‘destructive influence of humanity,’ as professor Metzinger puts it.

    Professor Frank Metzinger: My dear colleague, you cannot possibly deny the very existence of Red Zones, Artifacts, and the high frequency of documented abnormalities in everything around them. Can you?

    Dr. Michelle Bates: Of course. I just want to say that we are accustomed to placing blame on external factors: weather, space, God, nature, or aliens. Isn't it time that we finally accept the possibility that we are personally responsible? How can we expect to have a future on the surface if we still haven't dealt with with our past? History is cyclical and tends to repeat itself...

    Linda James, Hard Talk (GNN).​



    Linda James: Doctor Bates, insofar as I understand, you don't consider the Incorporeals to be some kind of energy-based life form, with the Artifacts as their vehicles, is that right?

    Dr. Michel Bates: More like universal home ships. I myself, as you know, am not an expert of field physics, much less technicolor field theory. I am a biologist. But yes, I personally tend to believe that the simplified understanding of the Incorporeals and their Artifacts as a dualistic unified whole. In such a whole, the Incorporeals, in the form that we have data on, appeared as a boson part of that whole. They don’t have mass, but still exert force. In this picture, the Artifacts are fermion components of this whole, having mass and material form in our dimension.

    Linda James: I'm being told here that similar theories on the existence of energy-based life forms were disproved before the Reset while researching plasma-magnetic formations on the Sun.

    Dr. Michel Bates: Not disproved, just not proven. Astrophysicists before the Reset, when we still had access to outer space, actually researched plasma formations in the Sun's cortex. Continuing the work of Mircea Sanduloviciu, who carried out research on earth, gas spheres were located arising from argon plasma, which grew, bred and even communicated using electromagnetic energy. In other words, they acted like living beings. During the experiments on the surface of the Sun, it was determined that some formations behaved similarly, reminiscent of living creatures: birth, breeding, communication, death, etc. Nevertheless, as you remember, construction was begun on the Daedalus station, which simply wasn't able to be completed...

    The only data we have about the possible existence of ‘energy-based life forms’ are stored archives of the events of the Reset and data from drones that remained on the surface for several years after. They were able to transmit partial data before their eventual deactivation.

    Since then, as far as I know, we haven't come across any Incorporeals on the surface, even in the Red Zones, or even after the Dallas Incident.

    Linda James: But our anthropologists have established that in the Survivors’ cultural environment, there exists a huge number of myths and beliefs about contact their ancestors had with the Incorporeals in the first years after the Reset. These beliefs are characteristic of practically all of the large social groups, regardless of their geographic location or level of development. In most of these beliefs, the Incorporeals play the part of the ‘Good Guys,’ or at the very least a neutral party. Where there's smoke there's fire, and based on this anthropological data, can it be supposed that contact may have actually taken place?

    Dr. Michel Bates: No, at least nowhere near in the form you are suggesting. Don't forget that the Incorporeals in some way or another remain for us such an alien life form, and that it is fully possible that we will never be able to understand them. Though, I wonder: are you aware of the concept of the Chinese Room?

    Linda James: I'm sure our viewers wouldn't mind a refresher.

    Dr. Michel Bates: Okay, it's all fairly simple. You lock a man in a room and he receives sheets of paper covered in strange squiggles through a hole in the wall. He has a huge database with these same squiggles in it and a set of rules showing the order that they should be combined in.

    Linda James: Meaning grammar and syntax rules?

    Dr. Michel Bates: Exactly! What it comes down to is that our subject has no idea what the squiggles mean or the information they may contain. He only knows for example, that upon receiving squiggle "III" he should take the fifth and sixth squiggles from folder B and put them together with another squiggle "VI." He lines up a chain of symbols, writes them onto a sheet of paper, and sends it back through the crack and waits for the next one to come. This procedure is repeated over and over, and it starts to seem to us that the subject of our experiment is beginning to carry on a meaningful conversation, that we are communicating and understanding one another.

    Linda James: Well, isn't that the case?

    Dr. Michel Bates: Exactly! What it comes down to is that communication can be done using nothing more than simple comparative analysis algorithms without having the faintest idea about what you are saying. Our modern Virtual Intellects, in fact, are built according to the same principle as the Chinese Room, which is why they can pass the Turing test without much effort.

    All of this points to the idea that even if encounters of the fifth kind were to have happened, neither we, nor the Survivors, nor any type of carbon-based life form known to us could have consciously communicated with an energy-based life form. At best it would have been nothing more than the illusion of communication...

    Linda James, Hard Talk (GNN).​


    We set up separate sub-forums with the core rules and mechanics that goes with the Advanced Player's Guide:

    We’ve also elaborated on the SACPIC weapon/combat mechanics:

    And also the experience system:

    The image tables you see there were shrunk for the forum, but you can open them in a new tab as full sized images.


    In previous updates I introduced our first "Personal Appearance Feature" to backer Jake Ganor. I'm glad to present his model embedded in this playable game build. Much obliged for your support and trust, man.

    Naturally, it’s not an accident that I’m presenting his appearance in this update. The reason is that the new Alignment system affects character appearance, which you choose at character creation. Your character will now have more personality and unique, emotional facial appearances based on the alignment, achievements, and mood at the time. This required a hell of a lot of work, and we’re super excited to unveil it.

    The reason we decided to embed this complex but cool feature is so that you can establish a deep bond with your character, and give them (and the NPCs we create) a lot of character personality. Beyond that, there will be quite many dialogues (100+ pages are done for the prologue only) and staring at the static face of the character and NPCs would get old fast. That’s not the AAA standard we’re going for, and we think the time was well spent.

    Full list of alignments screens as well as in-game items renders full-HD (1920x1080) you might find on our Deviant Art page:


    I’ve completed the dialogue writing for the full prologue. It is about 100+ pages of A4. I must say that although I worked out variants for the language filter, we’re embedding only realistic, rough language by default in the current build, and the filtered version will be available at a later date.

    Why so many texts? Well, it’s not only because I frequently DM in role-play. :) It’s also because of one cool feature we’re been secretly working on: NPC AI personality. We don’t know what personal features will be chosen by a NPC in a given play through. Thus, the dialogues are not lined by sequences, but by personality types taken by the NPC at random. This is to say that their response to a prompt might differ in a specific play through based on factors outside your control. Anyway, we’ll talk about this more during our campaign to complete Chapter 1.

    For now I’d just like to say that we wrote, recorded, and post-processed all dialogues for Ivy. You can check a couple of her lines made by Trina here:

    I auditioned a lot of voices but when I heard Trina I made up my mind instantly. Much obliged to you, Trina. It is very fun and pleasant to work with you :)

    And right before the release I got all records from Chris who is the official voice of the Quanton Hub at Gyes bunker:

    Thanks, Chris, for your diligence and understanding!


    If you have been following our updates you know that After Reset RPG might be the first Hard Sci-Fi video game on Wikipedia. Following our tradition, I included some new hard sci-fi lore through the item’s descriptions in this update for your enjoyment:

    Vixin 'RFP'

    Base Item: chemical.
    Addiction chance: 0%.
    Addiction time: none.
    Effect chance: 100%.
    Effect duration: 6h.
    Weight: 0.2 lb.

    Special Properties:
    • On Use (reset all skills' Activation-per-Day counters if character does not already have the Vixin effect; otherwise, Death = Fortitude DC5 then reset all skills' Activation-per-Day counters).

    * * *

    Vixin® is a medication for reducing fatigue, and need for sleep as well as increasing effectiveness at work. The active ingredient is a compound of Orexin-С, also known as hypocretin-3 and synthetic peptides.

    For the last few decades, this stimultant has been produced by one of the largest and oldest pharmaceutical corporations of the United Governments, RFP (Reinhardt Franz Pharmaceuticals). In the history of sleep inhibitors, Vixin® replaced Modafinil on the international pharmaceutical market, which failed to fully supersede Amphetamine as had been intended.

    RFP’s many years of experience in producing drugs, together with significant evolutionary jumps in the development of synthetic biology in the 70's A.R. in Underearth have allowed RFP to fully eliminate even the few side effects Vixin® did have such as stimulating the development of Alzheimer's Syndrome. As of 132 A.R. Vixin® has been officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). It is also used off-label to combat general fatigue not brought about by lack of sleep. For example, it is used for treating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and as a complement to antidepressants (most frequently for individuals with significant fatigue not relived by antidepressants).

    It is available in the form of inhalable capsules. Administration via inhalation reduces drug absorption time, which leads to the effects being felt almost immediately.

    By acting on the monoamine neurons, Vixin® agitates the thalamus and cortex of the brain, thus creating a wakeful state in the patient. However, it also has an effect on the glymphatic system, preventing the deoxidation of brain cells that takes place during natural sleep. Herein lies the main danger of prolonged usage: though the user may not experience the desire for sleep and remain in an active, effective, wakeful state, the brain will begin to suffer from the buildup of toxins, as it has lost its ability to metabolize them.

    The full list of items from the prologue (updated):

    And if you feel like to enjoy our in-game items in full-HD (1920x1080) you might find them on our Deviant Art page:

    * * *

    Once again, thank you for your support and participation!
    Your support is the ground that After Reset is built on! I mean it!

    Back to work, and see you soon!

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