Architecture. The important thing that is forgotten.

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    The buildings, the interiors, are part of a design style that also defines the atmosphere.
    Fallout 3 tried to capture the original vision of Interplay but didn't quite hit the spot. (You can see they tried because there was the mohawk head).
    Fallout 4 failed miserably and did a 180 degree turn in the other direction.

    Look. This is what Fallout 4's architecture looks like. The art department at Bethesda just thought that being close to 1940 was being fallouty.*

    And they mixed it up with some retro futuristic smooth corners*

    They not only made up some sort of style, mixing those two, and everyone who has played the original fallout would know that this is not the way to go. This art style is not the original intention of buildings.

    When in reality the original fallout architecture design is not retro futuristic or close to 1940, neither is a made up art style. It is inspired in the movie Brazil and it is an art style that actually exists, it is called ART DECO. Now, art deco is old as the french revolution, but it was only used on the insides of buildings and some details on the outside.
    Some time along the way it got mixed up with modern art, and it looks like this*&imgrc=_

    I scrolled down a bit and found something close to a mohawk head as well.

    My idea is that the next fallout does this right and uses art deco. In exteriors and interiors.
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    Thank you for pointing out the Art Deco which many modern fans miss. Too bad they won't do it. Today a friend of mine told me he tried to get another friend's nephew to play Fallout 1 and 2 and he hated it. Made us sad.
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    Oh man, I almost spam-busted this post instantly because of the vague title and all the links...
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    Me too. Instant reflex.