Assorted Fallout News Incoming!

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    We have a bunch of Fallout related goodness to share with you this week since I know many of you dislike how sparse the news is around here. First up we have a thorough look at the intro to the original game at Art of the Title.

    It has some pretty interesting interviews from some of the developers which are always nice.

    They are also interviewed again here on this podcast where some guys played through Fallout and talked about their experiences:

    Polygon has also brought to our attention a new Fallout: New Vegas mod that takes place in Portland. These ambitious projects often lose steam, but we will keep our fingers crossed that it might one day be completed.

    Bethesda are also allowing Zen Studios to release a Fallout pinball table along with Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, and Doom. I've played and enjoyed quite a few of their tables, so they should be pretty fun for pinball fans.

    To further drive the point home about how mainstream Fallout is - they have Fallout t-shirts at Walmart now. I threw caps at the cashier to pay for one of them, but they just called security and had me removed from the premises. Of course this too is Bethesda's fault.

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    For anyone who's interested, I listened to all the episodes of that Dev Game Club and it's pretty fun beyond just the interview with Tim and Leonard.
    A bit of it is sort of frustrating to listen to because they clearly don't have a good idea of what they're doing (I think they only just find out about the hold-LMB menu in the very last episode or something), but it's also fun because from what I remember one of them does something like the all-powerful diplosniper with Barter tagged and economy broken, while the other has a really hard time with a melee build. Interesting contrasting experiences.
    Can recommend if you need something to listen to for a few hours while playing something that doesn't require sound/voices.
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    Is that mod set in Portland FO:The Frontier?
    A new trailer and some news went live like 4 days ago, I'll edit those in when I get home
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