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    Originally posted by Arnust.

    The No Mutants Allowed Discord server is open!

    As the “NMA should start chatting in Steam” thread brought up, it’d be nice if our community had a live place where people can hang out and chat. A few more options popped up that weren’t the Steam chat, which, while perfectly functional, has an odd voice chat, some members don’t like it as a platform or just have issues running it, etc. So it came to my mind using the Discord voice and text chat program for this purpose.

    Discord is a quite new software and it has a bunch of functions, voice comm is clear, low latency, servers are very customizable, yadda yadda. It’s the best VoIP service available as of now. And it’s completely free.

    You only need to either paste it in your client or just click it to go there directly. The app is available in every platform, even in browser and mobile devices. Actually those of you using mobile might like it. Feel free to join! Only requirement is to be a member. And well, you can be a non-member but then don’t hog a room to play CS:GO with your other NMA buddies. Make your own server for that.

    Rules – WIP - Nothing is off-topic. It’s better to talk about what is convenient in the respective rooms to avoid overlapping and being more organized. - Same as NMA really. - The server is strictly in English. Go to a private group chat, or a designed room if it’s added if you want to talk with others in a different language.

    Roles - are assigned for colored names and giggles for most users, but these are the roles with actual functions:

    Owner/Admin: Me and whoever trustworthy that offers, all permissions on.
    Moderator: More people with the permissions that don’t involve management of the server itself.
    Deputy/Moderator: Simply permissions to kick and have some anti troll/bot measures All of them have access to all rooms.
    Pervert: Can enter the NSFW room
    Orderite: You are an Orderite Robot Servant: The different active bots. Don’t bother talking to them.

    #Welcome: The rules will be displayed here as they come.
    #general: Just about anything that you think of, if it’s more appropriate than for any other room.
    #media: Share videos, pictures, gifs, etcetera and commenting
    #Shitpost Room: Shitposting, keep it here
    #NSFW/The Order: Mostly honorary. To talk about… Orderite Stuff
    #suggestions: Please. To suggest and discuss improvements and additions to this post and the server. #Gladiatorial Arena: To debate and discuss more serious things, or plain unpopular opinions.
    #Radio Controller. To use the commands for the music Bot(s) in the Lone Wolf Radio voice channel. You can also share music.
    Voice Channels: Not much going on here. Will be added as they are needed.
    Rooms 1, 2 and 3: Free voice rooms. For talking. Yeah.
    Lone Wolf Radio: Here the bots will play music. Varies on how it works.
    AFK: Token afk channel

    Hot Tips: - WIP - You can add some profile links to your Discord profile. For example, Steam and Twitch. Put them if you want to interact with others in those other ways, or for visibility. This is still a WIP and has some things yet to come. More comprehensive rules, customizing it more, some other more admin/moderator to keep the peace, maybe more bots and especially; more members!

    So feel free to leave as much suggestions as you want! There’s a #suggestions room there too for this purpose. For real, they are kind of needed. About everything, even modifications or this post itself. it’s a community work, after all


    There’s also the DisOrder server, managed by @TorontRayne and the other God King's, but none of you are welcome.

    Toront: Thanks @Arnust. On that last part if you really want to join DisOrder come to The Order and find the link. My main concern is filling up the NMA server. Discord is pretty cool, so check it out if you are bored. It takes about 5 minutes to setup and is much better than Steam for chatting,
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    The format is crazy on mobile, heh. Anyway, you had a typo in "Arnust". You meant "wonderful and handsome Arnust".

    There's some mismatched data, still. Can more than one person be able to edit a post in NMA?

    And where is this sticky-ed to? It may be cool to have it in the "Useful Links" down there too.
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    Not without being mod or admin...well they gave me permission to edit when I was just on news. Anyway I'll see what I can do. Are you talking about the #channel info which is one line after another?
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    In both. I'll repost and sticky this there
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    You can always copy paste and message me any suggested edits for now.
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    I'm thinking, couldn't we use the Discord server for the Podcasts as well? There seems to be a voice chat option, does it work and can it record?
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