Do you want to know anything about China?

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    Apr 12, 2004
    Hi every gentleman (I guess there is no lady here now, but if there is any, please point out my mistake and I will apologize sincerely and say "very nice to meet you" :smug:). I used to be the only native Chinese member of NMA in 2004, and I think I'm still the only one who is active (or alive). If I'm wrong, please tell me and I will give my country man a hug.

    Back to 2004, I was just graduated from university and still would like to defend everything about our country, and I was very easily to overreact when I heard something against China, I still remember I tried very hard to :postviper: my lame English and explain to some ppl that "No no China is not that bad" and tried to use all kinds of dictionaries to understand what other ppl say. That's not a very good memory and very childish, but I was so young so I decided to forgive myself:roffle:

    Now 12 years passed, for some reason I would like to play fallout and fallout2 again, and I find my ID is still available in the updated website, and almost everything is still here. I still want to make more friends here, even just view what you're talking about is funny to me. As a Chinese who never goes abroad, I would like to exchange points of view about any kind of topic. If you want to know anything about China, please feel free to ask me, I can't promise that I will give you a good and correct answer, because China is so huge and very hard to describe, but I will try.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    It is good to see someone from a different part of the world around here. We have a lot of Europeans and Americans, but you might be the first Chinese user I am aware of. Admittedly when I first saw this post I thought it was referring to what we would like to know about China in the Fallout series. :)

    I guess I have some questions. Forgive me if I am somewhat ignorant of your country in advance. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, so some of the questions might be no brainers. I could use the internet to search for some of these questions but I would like to hear from you.

    I suppose I would like to know the living situation in the part of China you are currently residing. I know your consumption of media must be different than ours. You have a larger reliance on pirated copies of movies and games correct?

    Have you traveled extensively to other parts of China or the world? I am interested in the differences between the coastal region, rural areas with low income, and the city life. From my understanding there is a big divide between those living on the coast as opposed to the interior.

    I am interested in how politics are viewed in your country. Do you have to deal with a lot of propaganda? We have a lot of problems over here between the Democrats and Republicans. Is there something comparable over there? Is police brutality a big issue there like it is here? You aren't allowed to own firearms there are you?

    I am not as familiar as I would like to be with your access to the media and the internet. Are you cut off from certain aspects of the internet? You have your own social networking sites don't you? How about gaming online? Are you mostly stuck with servers in that region?

    From my understanding Christianity isn't exactly tolerated there. Is that incorrect or blown out of proportion? I am very curious about how spirituality and religion is in China. We have a wide variety of religions here, so we take it for granted, but I am wondering how you feel about it? Is it common to see people doing religious acts such as praying at the table or something similar?

    Being an ex-military man myself, I am wondering about the armed forces in China. How long are your terms of service? 2 years is usually the minimum here. I am curious if the Chinese military is much more strict than the US.

    How about healthcare? Is it national or how does it work? How do your taxes work if you have them?

    Mostly I am interested in the CPC and your opinion of it. Do you feel your country leans towards Socialism? With Bernie Sanders running for president I have become interested in democratic socialism quite a bit.

    The reason I ask is due to this:

    "While the CPC claims that China is in the primary stage of socialism, party theorists argue that the current development stage "looks a lot like capitalism".

    What is your opinion on the territorial conflicts in the South China Sea? Do you think the US should stay out of the region?

    Thanks in advance. ;)

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  3. Illuminati Confirmed!

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    Dec 15, 2015
    What does China think of Europe's suicidal tendencies?

    How hard is it to start a business in China? Are there significant differences in the way mainland China's economy works compared to Hong Kong's?

    I heard a while ago that you can't own land in China, only rent it from the government. Is that really true?

    And of course, are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?
  4. Ragemage

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    Feb 20, 2016
    Gotta say, it's not the people of China who are bad, but the government. The same can be said for any Communist country.

    Here's one question I'll ask, do they still expect everyone to venerate Mao Zedong? I remember reading in high school about how, much like North Korea and Vietnam, a lot of households has a picture of Mao in it and he's seen as a wonderful leader despite all the horrible crimes he committed. I've also heard his Little Red Book is mandatory reading there.

    Second question, is the pollution as bad as everyone says? I mean, I've heard it's bad, seen pictures of the giant clouds of smog, but have you experienced it? Is it overexaggerated?

    Third question, are child workers still a problem in China? I remember there was a huge debacle over it when I was in high school, and documentaries ran rampant about it.

    Fourth and final question, is Religion really censored so badly? I read an article around a year ago about how the Chinese government took down crosses from the roofs, outer walls, and interiors of churches because religion interceded with government supremacy. Let's not forget about what they did to the Dalai Llama and Buddhists in Tibet. Practically war crimes. It sounds like religion isn't condoned there in the slightest, and is only barely tolerated. As a Catholic, this sort of behavior from the Chinese government offended me greatly, and I want to know if religious Chinese are still oppressed?
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    Apr 12, 2004
    Wow, you've asked more questions than I expected, let me try to find my dictionary first :razz:

    Firstly, I'm living in Shenzhen, China, which is near to Hong Kong, so it's the coastal region. I almost go there once a week for business and purchase. My salary is around 8,000 RMB a month, it's around 1,230 USD currently. I'm not the most well paid guys in this city but my income can give me a decent life, unless I have a plan to buy a new apartment. A room in most place of Shenzhen is above 20,000 RMB for one square meter.

    About copy rights problem, yes, most of Chinese can still get free movies, books, music without any payment for copyrights. For example, I have a legal copy of Fallout2 which I bought in 2000, but it is the non-violent and no children edition, so I downloaded a copy of US version from internet soon after that. One thing I want to add is, nowadays, more and more people don't take it for granted that we should get free copies without payment, and Apple's itune store is becoming more and more popular in China, people are trying to buy the movies or musics, even when they know they can find free ones through internet.

    And I have traveled quite a lot to other parts of China. Last year I went to Yunnan province, which is near to Myanmar. In a city, a young people there are paid around 2,000 RMB a month, if they get 4,000 a month, they will feel well paid enough. And I do know in some villages, some people are still starving. Those places have been fewer, but they still exist.

    There are very, very few propaganda in China, it is almost illegal. According to the constitution, people do have the rights or freedom to parade, but the route, the place and the time must be granted by the government, and if it's not granted, the whole thing is not allowed. So obviously, you will seldom have the chance to see people going to the road and hold any kind of political slogan. And if you ask me, I have to say, most of Chinese don't seem to care much about politics. People care more about making money and getting a better live. And yes, Chinese are not allowed to have guns or any kind of firearms.

    Christianity is legal in China, and in many cities there are churches. However, publicly preaching is not allowed. Which means, you can go to a church and sing for the God, but you can't take a microphone in a park and say, the world is created by the God, we must believe in God to go to heaven or things like that. If you do, people can report it to the police and the policeman can stop you, but as far as I know, it will not be very violent. And I did receive a few handbill about "believing gods" on street, and I laughed, that's it.

    Buddhism and many other religions are also allowed in China, but "you can't do it publicly". Chinese government also have a blacklist for the evil religions which should be forbidden, the most famous one is Fa Lun Gong, I guess you have heard about it? And I would like to say, people who have religious belief are still very few in China, one important reason is every child will be taught "there is no God in the world" in primary school.

    People in China don't need to go to the army, but there is some kind of military training in many high schools and universities. I had been trained for one month in 1996 when I entered the university, learnt some basic things and did a shooting lesson, but we don't need to go the camp of an army, just training inside the university. People can attend the army if he want, by the way. When an army man retires (after 2 years, usually), the government will arrange a job for him / her. If one would like to be a professional soldier, he can try to be a so-called Non-Commissioned Officer, he should pass some exams and must have a beautiful record, I guess.

    There is no national-wide free healthy care system in China, every city have it's own healthy care system. Employee and his employer will both pay some fees monthly (and the employer should pay much more than the employee) so there will be money in the employee's "health account" , which can be used to see doctors and buy medicine. If one doesn't have enough money in his account, he must paid by himself. If one has a serious illness and stayed in the hospital, at least 60% of the medical cost happened during this time will be paid by the government, the rest 40% will be taken from the "health account" and need to be paid by oneself if he doesn't have enough money in his account. In some big cities, the government pays 85% of the cost. I don't know much about the healthy care system in villages, I can do some research work later.

    About CPC, it's a big topic. Of course CPC always claim that China is "in the primary stage of socialism", but honestly, very few people believe it, it's more like a joke and if one say it in a party, people will laugh loudly on it. I believe most of people, just like me, think China is capitalism, we can even say it publicly, as long as we are not a member of CPC or a official. If any official says that, I believe he will not have any chance to get promoted:rofl:

    Personally I think the territorial conflicts in the South China Sea is a problem between China and the countries who have different opinion or interests. But I don't see why US must do something about it, as it's so, so far away.

    I hope you can understand my lame English and this reply really cost me a lot of time:revolution: But I'm happy to talk about our country with you guys.

    Edit: I just noticed that I forgot to answer the question about internet. Yes, as you may know, google, facebook, twitter, youtube and many websites are filtered by "the great firewall". There is a website called "weibo" in China, which is very like facebook. People plays online game a LOT, but our servers seem to be very stable, I'm not a big fans of any kind of online games so I am not sure. But I do know when WOW just released, I could hardly found any friends to chat with me on internet because they were all playing it!
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    Apr 12, 2004
    I don't know a lot about European's problem, I only know the economy is not good and they have a lot of refugees. Please tell me more.

    For a foreigner, it is not easy to start a business in China. You need to have quite a lot of money as "registered fund", to prove that you have the credit and ability to do business in China. But for a Chinese, it's very easy now to setup a small company to do business. The system in Hong Kong is quite different.

    It's true that the land belongs to "all the people" and in fact it is the government. You can only get the “right of usage" (normally 70 years) by purchase.

    I used to be a member of CPC when I was in university, at that time, it will do me some help when I look for a job, and that's the main reason I joined CPC. But I'm no longer a "party member" as I have not paid the member fees for many years. Nowadays, unless you would like to work for the government, there is not real benefit to be a member of CPC.
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    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I am aware of Fa Lun Gong and all the stuff that happened in the 90's. It is nice to actually speak to someone living there. Your English is fine too aside from a few minor things. Actually it is pretty damn good. Your grammar (especially comma usage and such) is probably better than most Americans. :)
  8. pennyliu123

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    Apr 12, 2004
    About Mao Zedong, now few people still venerate him, as far as I now, only some old people or people who have not received very good education still have special feelings for him. In my opinion, Mao is a guy who has some talent and I admit he has great abilities, but I don't like most of things he had done after 1949.

    Pollution is a serious problem in China, the photos you can found about giant clouds and smog are true. But the good news is that weather mostly only happen in the winter, when the northern area of China start to burn coals for heating. And the weather in south China is much better, I can still see blue sky in the city I live.

    About children workers, I think it's not very serious now in China. I have visited quite a few factories but I seldom see workers under 16 years old.

    About the religion situation, I answered in another reply already. But to be simple, people can believe Catholicism in China now and no churches will be removed anymore.

    But I believe things about Dalai is not a simple religious problem, please tell me more about what you know and maybe I can tell a different story.
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    Apr 12, 2004
    Welcome, I have passed the CET 6 test for English in my university and I think that's the main reason I can stand a chance to talk with you :)

    Feel free to ask me more questions as today is Sunday in China.
  10. DVL

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    Nov 19, 2015
    Actually I would. Just a brief outline of general history as well as ethnic divisions works fine.
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    Apr 12, 2004
    Aha, I'm sorry that I'm not very good at history, and there are at least 56 nations in China, I'm of the biggest Nation "Han", if you want to know.
  12. pennyliu123

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    Apr 12, 2004
    Hi guys,

    I noticed NMA now allows members to create albums and upload photos, is it fine that I upload some photos I took during my journey to Yunnan province last winter? Will the photos be deleted as they have nothing to do with Fallout?
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    Apr 1, 2005
    @Korin is the one we bug about stuff like that. He should see this and respond.
  14. pennyliu123

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    Apr 12, 2004
    Thanks, I hope that will be allowed to do, even just for some while.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    I like China. I also like almost every country there is, I'm a bit of a completist in that sense.

    Question - how common are those morning gymnastic routines? They make me giggle, but they also seem like kindov a good idea, since it does put a bunch of co-workers within view of each others, with a simultaneous and common activity, before everyone goes back to their own work-desk again.

    Question - I'm a dinosaur nerd, and in every country in the world, fossils are considered national heritage, and are protected, but most countries do not/can not really enforce this, and if they do, they merely issue a fine or something. I heard penalties in China for faking or smuggling fossils are extremely harsh, life in prison and such - are these just exaggerations?
    By the way, if you can, tell Dong Zhiming to finish formally describing Kunmingosaurus allready, it's been 25 years!!!

    Question - According to anecdotal information from Wikileaks, China is unlikely to really defend North Korea any more, in case of military conflict. There was also - again anecdotal - suggestions that the nuclear arsenal of China is "primarily meant for" Taiwan (ROC), is this something that is "public knowledge" in China, or are these more like "conspiracy theories"?

    Question - I once had a long argument with a Chinese person, who insisted China has 12 billion inhabitants. I insisted it was 1,2 billion, he insisted it was 12 billion. I tried to illustrate that the entire world has 6 billion, so China can't have 12. He agreed, but insisted that China DOES have 12 - untill I found out that this is all just a misunderstanding of how the Chinese use numbers. How DO the Chinese use numbers, for this misunderstanding to come into play?
    Even in the West the word "billion" causes problems:
    In the US a billion is: 1 000 000 000
    In Norway, a billion is: 1 000 000 000 000

    I can't think of any other questions, I'm usually inquisitive, meaning I will research a lot on my own.
    I once had an oportunity to see China, with a school trip, but the ticket price was too high, and me - and 3 other people (out of 100) could not afford it.
    This is a good statistic of Norwegian economics: 4% could not afford flying to China... :I
  16. pennyliu123

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    Apr 12, 2004
    I guess you have seen some videos that Chinese mid-age women dancing in any kind of square they found. yes, that's a kind of dance, not gym, although they may dance as their gym. I have to say it's more than the word "common" can describe, in every city, every village, they dance. Even at downstairs of my apartment, the mid-age women (named as "Da Ma") will dance almost every night, they don't make too much noise so I've nothing against it. But in some places, Da Ma made a lot of troubles to resident nearby and they even fight with other people for their rights of dancing, oh well.

    Edit: If we talk about the real morning gym routine, I know many insurance company still have it, the main purpose it to cheer up the staff to sell insurance. Some restaurant or barber shop will also do that, and it looks funny even in China. Every time I see guys doing that, I laugh on the street. @zegh8578

    It's true that smuggling fossils is a serious crime in China, the criminal must stay in prison for at least 3 years and if his crime is very serious, he might have to stay there forever. But another truth is those guys are not always caught and thrown to prison, as fossils are usually not easy to be found and often buried in unknown places, I guess. But faking fossil is not a serious crime unless the guy made a lot for money by doing so and that should become some kind of "crime of fraud", I think.

    I'm sorry that I don't know who is Dong Zhiming but if you can give me his contacts, I don't mind sending him an email about "hey, some foreigners want you to improve your job"

    It's true that China is not likely to defend North Korea any more, and most Chinese feel people in North Korea lives a very tragic life, and we feel their life is very alike Chinese daily life in 1960s and we will say, oh, thanks god we are no longer like them now.

    Personally I don't believe the government will really start a war against Taiwan, and it's almost impossible for them to use nuclear powers, and I think many Chinese will agree with me. And there is a common sense the nuclear powers were developed to "facing the threat of USA" in about 1960s.

    We used to have 12 hundred million people, there are 8 "0" and that's it. I guess that Chinese guy doesn't understand there are how many "0" in one billion. I think he made that mistake because there's not a word "billion" in Chinese, but there is a simple word for "one hundred million" in Chinese, which is "YI". So we have 12 "YI" people, or 1.2 billion.

    If you have interests, I can explain more.

    There is a Chinese word for "ten" (SHI), "hundred"(BAI) and "thousand"(QIAN), but then there are difference, we have a word for "ten thousand", which is "WAN", but we don't have a word "million", so we have to say "BAI WAN" when we want to say "a million". and then "QIAN WAN" for 10 million and then 'YI" for one hundred million.

    I hope you will see China one day, and I know Norway is a nice place, I hope I will visit your country some day.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    Thanks for good answers!

    A joke! I was making the assumption that surely you know him, because you are both Chinese! :V People are probably much more likely to make this assumption with small countries, I've been asked on a few occasions if I know certain black metal artists. I don't... :D
    And Dong Zhiming is one of the foremost paleontologists in China, he is responsible for naming over 20 dinosaurs! Now you know :]
  18. pennyliu123

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    Apr 12, 2004
    Yes, I understand that's a joke, but still I can email him if you want me to do so.:deal:
  19. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Nono, I was also joking about being dissapointed in his efforts :D China is a huge territory - with huge stretches of farmland, which in turn equals HUGE ammount of fossils (they are often uncovered when farmers clear more land). There are apparently countless warehouses, filled to the ceiling with undescribed fossils, just awaiting an identification process - there is simply too much, an exponential growth, and too few researchers to go around. Very bitter-sweet in fact - SO much amazing material, but too few to actually study it. On top of that there's the black market, and countless fossils - usually the finest, most complete and most unique - disappearing into private collections. Dong and his collegues got their hands full!
    In fact, if you DO run into him, buy him a beer from me!
  20. pennyliu123

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    Apr 12, 2004
    OK, I finally understand it. Can you show me a link of his articles? I would like to tell him about your comments and I guess that will make him happy.