Driving through Commonwealth.

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    Apr 13, 2016
    While roleplaying, i have noticed, that you can actually travel across Commonwealth with a car and even navigate through the inner city.
    Before you say, "silly Polynoid, there are no driveable cars in Fallout 4" - i can tell that at least there is a lot of routes that can be passed via car or truck, even more with a bike. The maze of Boston allow to drive to every location stationed on ground level.
    The roads, passages and bridges are often blocked by cars, high-ways are screwed and there is a only bridge pass to the other shore of Charles, two, if you would use a motorbike.
    The offroad is also a challenge for trucks to pass, if you consider trees as immovable, water and possible muck is also considered as obstacle for heavy vehicles with low clearance - but so far, i have managed to reach The Castle with a truck, but failed to do so with vehicles with longer wheel base.

    I think i should consider document my travels.
    Let's go to the Minuteman castle with a van. I start early in the morning.

    Crossing the bridge, the van rolls the road past the Red Rocket Station. If it weren't for the road damage, i'd go even faster.

    I sure test the suspension. Reaching Concord, i turn to the right to drive past the eventual raiders and the road blocks. Also, the main road is horrible. Seeing the huge hole in the middle of the street, i slow down.
    The rest of the road is in surprisingly good condition and i get almost too fast to get in the turn. the old brakes are screeching and moaning miserably.
    Looking to the left, there is no raider welcoming party. Lucky me.
    At the fork, i'm tempted to take the straight route, but see the rail crossing being blocked. I take the route to the right. I remember there is a Gunner checkpoint leading to the highway, so i brace for a fight. Should i get faster to zoom past?
    There he is.
    I have gained speed, but these bumps in front are gonna hurt in my suspension. I just hope not to get stuck in the trees trunks lying around.
    The road becomes slightly better, as i approach the ArcJet Systems. I begin to feel the disadvantages of a low clearance, though, smaller obstacles on road are not a problem and can be passed with relative ease.
    Looks like my plans to use the railroad bridge were crossed by a carriage blocking the way to Oberland Station. On the map, there is another bridge leading to the Beantown Brewery, across the Charles River.
    It is decided, then.
    Driving leisurely past some raiders shooting in the back of my car, i drive towards Cambridge and the bridge in my sight. On my right, i glance at the wreck, that looks like a jeep. Were there jeeps in Fallout?
    I should better watch the road. This hole took me completely by surprise. I get out to inspect the damage.
    The suspension held. Unlike my expectations, because this fine bridge led me in a cul-de-sac in the back yard of the brewery. Or so i thought. I think i'll go offroad, i sure find some even terrain in this forest.
    The forest ground is really soft, almost too soft for the wheels. I am forced to make a stop and let some air out of the tires to get more surface.
    The surprises await me right behind the bend - the surface gets difficult to manage. Fortunately, the ground is relatively dry, so i can get some torque without plowing myself in the slope.
    Oh shi...
    ...Barely avoided a tree in a almost uncontrollable descent.
    Finally, i see a free road entering a suburb. Diamond City, here i come.
    After watching a small skirmish between Minigun Orcs and Brotherhood of Steel (with a 5:3 win for the latter and a destroyed Vertiburd), i enter safely the streets of Boston. I also see why the bridge to my left is not passable for cars. Well, maybe for the descendants of Evil Knievel.
    I head inside the city.
    The shadows are getting long. I hope to get to the Diamond City before the darkness falls - just passing the Hangman's Alley.
    Ambush! I'm getting shot at by the Megatards! Hope they won't hit the van...
    ...they didn't hit the reactor, but the lights and a wheel are gone. 9 PM. Time for repairs and some sleep.
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  2. Polynoid

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    Apr 13, 2016
    Time for a difficult part of the travel. We'll navigate the ruins of Boston city. Wea head north, as the gates to the East are too narrow to pass.
    Driving along the Wall eastwards seems to be a good idea...
    This boulevard is infested with Raiders. Well, at least, they aren't Supermutants. Trying to head east.
    Closing on Swan's Pond. Raiders and BoS skirmishes around. Van seems to handle shallow water.
    Driving away from Swan's Pond, as the road over there seem to be blocked by cars.
    Library. Supermutants are busy with BoS, swerving towards Trinity Tower.
    Could have turned earlier, ran into a skirmish. What are you doing here, Deacon?
    Okay, i don't want no trouble. Heading North again.
    Did i mentioned, the van can handle some rubble? I hope the piles won't get higher.
    Road is blocked by a bus. I take the alley to the East and the ghoul chem trader. I hope there is no stairs. Stairs would be bad.
    What am i doing? Sun is setting down quickly in these narrow streets...
    Heading North again, as the road near Technical Highschool is blocked by school buses. I hope i get out here.
    Turning right, to the East again. I don't think there is a free road over here.
    Okay, the High-way can i forget. Turning right, heading south.
    Looking good, free road. I think, i could turn right, in the East, towards the castle, soon.
    Let's turn left, to East. If i get past the Supermutants, i could head straight to the Castle. Best idea ever.
    Road is blocked! And the bleeping come closer! To the right!
    I might fit right through... A bigger truck probably won't do it. Or it shoves it aside.
    Why didn't i repaired the headlights? Rubble everywhere and soon, there will be floods.
    The road near Raiders is blocked by a car wreck... I have to go back...
    Past Supermutants...
    And more Supermutants...
    I lost few hours of my precious time... And the van is damaged, too. Needs a new Fusion Core, too.
    The moon is up and i'm passing a military checkpoint on my route to South. NOW it's appropriate time to turn.
    Heading East on southern side of the peninsula. Lights tell me there's Raiders in Andrews Station.
    Better shift backwards and go right. The way was blocked, anyway.
    Finally, i see...the sea. On the road. I shouldn't get my engine wet, but i might also get stuck in the sand...
    Looks like i'm taking both options - sand seems to be better option, but it's not good for my speed, if i want to cross that big puddle. Good that i checked it - it has asphalt on the floor and is shallow enough.
    Ugh, roadkill.
    Too fast for mirelurks. Looks darn good. Should take care of this wreck later, though.
    Lo and behold!

    We have arrived!
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  3. xXxKillaHDxXx

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    May 3, 2016
    Driving would be awesome, esecially in the new survival mode update where it would be a great element to replace fast travel :D
  4. Einhanderc7

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    Apr 22, 2016
    And now that there is a good idea on how to improve the game play Bethesda will go in the opposite direction with it.

    Man I wish the highwayman with full analog systems would come back, it was just so beautiful. Plus I could drive around the west coast looking at all the poor walking peasants.
  5. xXxKillaHDxXx

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    May 3, 2016
    even if driving wasnt added, there will be a mod for it :)
  6. Polynoid

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    Apr 13, 2016
    I sure hope so. :)

    Hope for a Vehicular DLC, too. I don't care if the vehicle is slightly faster than the running, imagine the trunk inventory for all your loot!
    I have imagined heavier vehicles would use Fusion Cores with a faster rate, but it would sure be worth, maybe if we get a perk for extracting old, halfway charged fusion cores from car wrecks in a minigame akin to a Lockpicking. If you break the "pin", the car starts to burn and you might want to step away.
    Would be only a graphic and a script needed.

    What do you think about cars in this game?
  7. whirlingdervish

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    Jul 3, 2007
    I think cars would be a bit of a stretch for this engine.

    Maybe they could handle brahmin mounts using code from Skyrim.
    Then they could sell us a Brahmin Armor DLC and the circle would be complete.
  8. Polynoid

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    Apr 13, 2016
  9. FlashBash64

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    Mar 20, 2016
    There's a car mod for New Vegas. It's actually pretty good although quirky.
  10. Polynoid

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    Apr 13, 2016
    In enjoyed XRE a lot - and even to think about it, the map wasn't even built for vehicles.
    When one clear the streets from wrecks in Commonwealth, i imagine the pleasure of navigating on streets.