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    Pretty much what endings did you choose for Fallout 2? There are plenty of different options, favouring one side or the other. Were you the bastard of the wastes or the hero? So in this creative writing project you can take the endings of your Fallout 2 character and expand, adding details to what you think would have happened next. Try to remain relatively realistic, no crazy half baked Modoc takes everything for no apparent reason. The 'alternate' endings have to be connected to real endings done by you. This is just a fun (hopefully) activity to those who like 'what ifs'. Hopefully you guys will respond with your own alternate endings. As a fan of alternate history, it's a real pleasure to add it to the Fallout Universe. If you find mistakes add them onto your entry. You can make it as simplified or complicated as you wish.

    The Mordino Empire

    Created by supporting the Mordino family in New Reno, expanding the Jet addiction and various other crimes. The Chosen One also joined the Slavers Guild which worked for the Mordino's, ensuring Metzger (influenced by Big Jesus) took over. This ensured the Den to be assimilated with New Reno. Redding became dominated by the Mornignstar Mine, who vouched for New Reno domination after the Chosen One gave them a control chip. New Reno, under the management of the Mordino's took over Redding. This created the Mordino Empire, which was passed to Lil' Jesus after the sad death of his father. Lil' Jesus was more interested in wine and women, leading to the return of the suppressed families which lead to a bloody civil war. The NCR was able to take it over with small casulties.

    The NCR weakened

    The NCR suffered a blow when they failed to intergrate the Vault 15 squatters, making the legendary President Tandi resign in failure. Roger Westin took control, however he could not keep the NCR from failing to take over Vault City and Redding. The NCR had a weak hold on the north, contesting with the Mordino Empire the only remaining big threat north (with Vault City falling, which comes later). The NCR however could survive in the long run and marched into the broken remants of the Mordino Empire. While they won in the long run, the NCR was plagued by their failure of taking over peacefully, earning them a bad reputation for weakness and militarism.

    Vault City falls

    Vault City while a spark of strength (and discrimination) did not survive as the water became increasingly irradiated, causing mutations and many deaths. The government fell apart with their last action lashing out at the Ghouls in Gecko, destroying the burgeoning community. Vault City would then fall into disrepair, a meagre ruin echoing the once powerful community. The remaining survivors, few in number flee to the NCR becoming second class citizens. Scavengers would brave the ruins searching for technology, still viable but left abandoned by the earlier survivors. The raiders hired to harry the city, without a goal turn on the Bishops, who lost their power in New Reno. The plague Modoc and Klamath but ultimately get beaten by the NCR forces marching north.

    San Fransisco, the Shi and the Hubologists

    The Shi, a powerful and technologically advanced force fall apart after the deprevations of the Chosen One. They leave San Fransisco to other lands in the hope to rebuild their community. China Town is built in the NCR, created by the Shi survivors. The tech there is left behind, becoming every scavengers dream. The Hubologists, using their cheap fuel attempt to reach for the stars. However their starship explodes on the launching platform killing many of the Hubologists. The Church in NCR learns of this and in grief they kill themselves, hoping that their spirits will reach the creators. San Fransisco is left relatively empty, with a small trickle of scavengers and settlers moving in.
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    That's a good idea of a thread.
    I will try to participate soon.