Fallout: A Post Nuclear Reboot

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    Feb 18, 2014
    Before we get to the crux of the matter, let me start by saying that I started off playing Fallout when the demo of the Scarpyard(what would later become Junktown first came out), and from that point I was hooked on something that seemed so outside anything that either the film industry or any other medium was doing at the time.

    Now with that being kept in mind, I believe that we need a reboot of the series, and why you ask, well we need only look at Bethesda's Fallout 3 for that explanation.

    For me, what always made Fallout a unique property was that it brought you this unique and alternate history world which though similar in some aspects to our own was also remarkably different in that while we watched the peaceful dismantling of communism and the victory of capitalism, the world of Fallout was more of an example of where detente and many other Cold War themes carried on until a natural breaking point occurred (a major and apocalyptic war over resources, which in itself is a common human theme).

    This of course, all leads into Fallout 1 where the player for all intensive purposes has a very simple goal, which is to save himself and the civilization which he holds dear(namely Vault 13) from extinction due something as simple as the lack of clean drinking water. Now initially the player goes out into the world with the assumption that he is to recover the Water Chip and save his "world" from destruction, however what made the game all the more powerful was the fact that instead of simply being a go from A to B title, and fight hoards of irradiated paupers and mutants instead it became a game of interaction and in a sense world altering where the player's actions had wider consequences than simply that of leaving the Vault to find water.

    And of course, finally when the Vault Dweller returns to the Vault triumphant in the fact that he not only saved the civilization that he holds dear but in itself also saved the known world so to speak, he's cast out because he has changed far too much for others to ever truly accept him(or at least that is what the Overseer wishes you to believe...the interpretation is up to you).

    This of course leads on to Fallout 2, where the world has moved on from the Vaults and we're faced with an emerging post war world where no longer does something as simple and stagnant as a Vault really matter, where the construction of regional powers(in the form of the NCR) are now occurring and where even we see the resurrection of the United States in the form of the Enclave Oil Rig(and no the Enclave is not the name of the organization, it is for all intensive purposes the United States Government).

    Again, the choices of one man or woman will dictate the fate of the known world and with few exceptions the player was given a wide variety of choices in how he wished to save or destroy the world.

    Now many waited with baited breath quite excitedly when Fallout 3(Van Buren) was to come out and we would all be able to finally experience new territories and lands far from California and the West Coast however unfortunately that project fell apart and the story of "The Prisoner" was never realized.

    So years later we see the introduction of Bethesda's Fallout 3, where the focus is no longer on telling a story with consequences but instead for all intensive purposes a post-nuclear war version of Doom, with the illusion of choice all leading to roughly the same ending regardless of what choices you have made, and often times your choices having absolutely no impact on the world at large.

    After all, if we look at something as simple as Little Lamplight, it's a forced part of the story which we have to engage in, but rather than having any sense of choice whatsoever(as a traditional Fallout game would have offered), you are forced into going through this whole mess by talking with a rather senseless youth who spits abuse at you the entire time(which a traditional Fallout game would have given you the option of being a homicidal maniac, a master of breaking and entering by being able to sneak into the settlement or simply by using your skills at speech to force the delinquents to leave....however none of these options are available and instead you are forced down a single path.

    Now New Vegas showed some promise, however it too also suffered from Fallout 3 syndrome in the fact that a majority of situations could simply be overcome by brute force, since image if you will if you had the possibility of raiding the Sierra Madre with the assistance of the "Ghost People", or if instead of being forced into some weird allegory to Dances with Wolves you could have instead built a new Mormon Empire in Zion. New Vegas for all it's value and promise was sometimes very hollow and tended to keep your choices either affecting one of the major powers vying for control of the region rather than truly representing free choice to change the Mojave as you saw fit.

    Now where is all of this leading you ask, well at the end of the day though it would be interesting to see new parts of the Fallout Universe and seeing more head nods and winks to older parts of the series(or in the case of Bethesda a total disregard for previous stories), at the end of the day the game in which we call Fallout is more now either a post nuclear shooter or a post nuclear policy simulator (Bethesda's Fallout 3, or Fallout: New Vegas).

    The player and the franchise need to start fresh again and give the player the awe and wonder of walking out of Vault 13 for the first time, and seeing that his choices do matter, no simply finding the biggest guns or blasting millions of super mutants and raiders just to arrive at towns which worship nuclear weapons, but really have no content to them whatsoever and regardless of whether you wipe them off the face of the map or leave them freestanding there is absolutely no consequences to your actions, other than you can recruit or not recruit certain NPC's who felt hollow to begin with and at the end of the day never really had any effect on the story itself.

    Also I think a reboot would put aside a lot of the grievances and arguments that occur in the Fallout community between those who enjoy the old series and those who are diehards on Bethesda's take on the series.

    I'll conclude by saying that though I would personally like to see Van Buren published it's unfortunately for all intensive purposes a dead proposition and though I did enjoy Fallout Tactics, and New Vegas I found them more to be alternate interpretations on the Fallout rather than a cohesive carrying on the old story which we experienced in both Fallout 1 & 2. A reboot would for all intensive purposes wipe the slate and bring about a property which if approached properly could give both old and new fans something which is enjoyable but not either a post nuclear shooter, or policy simulator.
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    A really big pile of text to wade through, but I am already saying a strong "No!" because of suggesting a reboot alone.

    I absolutely HATE reboots! I have seen several of them over the years that were suppose to bring back the vigor of the original creation while making it 'open' for new people.
    Basically it comes down to raping the original, taking what producers think is the most iconic, and then pandering to the new audience.

    I can tell you now where this would be heading to; Super Mutants, FEV, and Enclave all of the United States, BOS outposts in each state, fighting 'the good fight' and all that crap, loosing the moral greyness and exploration of a post nuclear society Fallout 1 started with.

    Fallout did not need to be 'resurrected', but if you want to continue with it, stick to what has been established, and don't start over whenever you feel like 'resetting the setting' because you want to do different things with the fun toys (factions).

    Edit; and before I forget, ingraining it even more with the 50s
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    Mar 16, 2013
    I really don't think a reboot is necessary.

    At all.

    Hardly any of them are.
  4. Gaspard

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    May 7, 2009
    Franchise reboots are a rather masturbatory activity....

    Fallout came to be at all because the developers had lost the right to make another Wasteland game. I think that all the energy that would go into rebooting Fallout should be put into making a game that would strive to be as revolutionary as Fallout was back then.
  5. Jack C. Dan

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    Dec 8, 2008
    I must say, I'd like to see a reboot (or rather remake) of Fo1 under certain circumstances:

    1. It stays mostly true to the original (in terms of gameplay, look and especially feel),
    2. ...but still improves those things with modern technology.
    3. It gives us new things (quests, npcs, companions, locations, storyarcs, endings, mechanics like maybe crafting or a survival-mode)
    4. It's modding-friendly and incorporates the community during development

    That said, I think it should be done by Obsidian/InXile. Those two companies already proved that there is a niche-market for "old-school"-rpgs (also the new XCom showed there is a market for turnbased combat). If they are able to deliver good games Bethesda may see about suppling that market.
    The game could be done relativly cheap considering that the story etc. is already there and you could reuse the old voice-acting. Considering the writing-talent of those two Studios, the extra-contend would sound promising. Their experince with the Unitiy-Engine helps aswell, keeping the project low budget.
    Modding Fo1 and 2 and adding new content (especially animated content) is a pain in the ass. That would be solved, too. Plus enlarge the interest and community.

    It could be the starting point of a new fork of the franchise, where Obsidian is (more or less) in charge of the new hardcore/retro/niche-rpg fork which would'nt be directly connected to the Bethesda 200years-later-eastcoast fork. From there, they could explore the world before the master/v13 a few decades after the big war, or between Fo1 and Fo2.
    Making new innovative games may be more fruitful, but since the Fallout-franchise does'nt seem to go away in the near future, i'd rather have a company involved, which seems to fit my preferences. And a franchise-title doesn't fully exclude the possibility of being innovative.
  6. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    IMO, reboot shouldn't exist.
    The reboot does, in essense, disregard the original, do as it didn't existed.

    They could consider Fo3 as not canon, like they did with FoBos, as they are a shame to the franchise's name.
    But i don't see how considering Fo1-Fo2 as non canon would help anything.
  7. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    No, thanks.
  8. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    No. Really. Either make the sequels better or let it die.
  9. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
    What would be really interesting for me is a fresh adventure placed on a parallel timeline with the first Fallout. Sealed Vaults opening for the first time, Vault Dwellers exploring the world burned to the ashes and so on. With proper turn-based combat system of course, otherwise I don't care much about it. :cool:
  10. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Sounds more like you want a sidequel or prequel to Fallout 1 valcik, which is understandable.
    I would love to see some talented fans make a mod in which the player is a survivor (Wastelander/Vault Dweller) on the East Coast that is closer to what we would expect it to be like than what Fallout 3 depicted.

    Washington DC is a blasted radioactive ruin, New York is a half flooded ruined maze of crumbling buildings, exotic new mutants (though I would not mind if Ghouls return, I don't think they should only be from Necropolis as long as there are no 'runner zombies'). I am not sure how far I would like the region to span but I would love to see a ruined Kennedy space center (the death of the space age), new factions.
  11. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Yup, sidequel is probably the right word for describing what I had on my mind, thank you.
  12. SMBComix

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    Apr 22, 2014
    I wouldn't mind an official "HD re-release" of the original Fallout, but as some people would scorn that idea for whatever reason, probably mistaking it for a "reboot" or "remake" when all it is is the game being suitably updated to run on newer systems with better graphics... yeah. Not happening.

  13. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    You should try Restoration Project. It include a Highj red re-release, without betraying the style of the original.