Fallout: Motor City or Fallout: Great Lakes War

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    Fallout: Motor City/Fallout: Great Lakes War

    *Cue obligatory War Never Changes speech followed by summary of the Great War.

    The year is 2355 and the location is the Great Lakes Wastes. Before the Great War, Detroit was one of the most pleasant and wealthiest cities in America. By 2030 the Motor City was producing most of America's automobiles. During the Sino-American War (Alaskan Occupation) Detroit produced most of the nation’s ammunition from 5.56mm to micro-fusion cells. When the bombs fell The Great Lakes Megalopolis was protected from 90 % of the nukes by an Advanced Naval Missile-Defense Network, but the anarchy that followed was just as devastating. Those dark years in the Great Lakes Wastes were known as the Burning Times. Many bombs did make it through the missile shield, fires ran rampant throughout the cities, the people that could not make it to the vaults were forced to scavenge for food, but there wasn't enough to go around. Many desperate souls turned to cannibalism. A disease known as the Jitterbug soon spread to those who ate contaminated meat. Those afflicted by the disease (Known as Buggies) suffered from tremors, violent outbursts, constant pain, and horrible dementia. Millions were slaughtered in those first few decades as the Jitterbug virus ran rampant and society crumbled, but there was hope on the horizon.

    From the ruins of a Naval Base near Chicago the Great Lake Confederation was formed. The founders were made up of the US Navy stationed in the area that had defended the Great Lakes from the incoming missiles. The GLC founded Great Lake City and began the process of rebuilding civilization in the surrounding areas. They quickly used their military expertise to set up supply routes along the Great Lakes, occupy nearby towns, and defend against enemy resistance. In the following years they were a beacon of hope for the survivors of the apocalypse.

    The GLC has now revitalized the Detroit area with new businesses, supplies, and protection. A uneasy truce is upheld inside Detroit between the competing factions. Any violence will be met with deadly force from the GLC Troops. They have established a network of communities with a thriving supply route known as the Iron Road. The Road runs from Chicago through GLC, Detroit, Cleveland, all the way to the Pitt. It is primarily a caravan route, but half of the road is a railroad running from Chicago, GLC, and finally to Detroit. From there the goods are unloaded from train, and transferred to the Brahmin Caravans.

    The GLC does possess a small Navy (About 25 boats) that run off of Electric motors (Developed by Tesla?). The pirates that raid the Detroit River use antiquated steam boats of some sort, and boats made out of the wood in the nearby forests with very small electric motors. Many wield flamethrowers and Rocket Launchers and are brazen in their attacks against the GLC and various trade boats. The area is still relatively safe for boats to pass through and they do quite frequently. Fishing is fairly common throughout the Great Lakes with various kinds of fish, crabs, and other critters swimming in the rad free waters.

    Various factions have begun to struggle for control of the Great Lakes Wasteland. One such group is known as the Reavers. They were deemed heretics by their original clan, so they were cast out into the Northern Deadlands. They struggled for many years until they stumbled across the Great Lake Wastes. It was there in Detroit that they settled, but conflicts have quickly escalated in recent years. The Reavers are coming into contact with the GLC and quickly turning hostile. The GLC is not tolerant of religious fanatics, and the Reavers are known for causing trouble in the city with their public preachings.

    The Iroquois Confederation have also begun to migrate into the area from nearby Cleveland. They are largely nomadic, and have taken over several of the smaller tribes in the area, thereby increasing their ranks tenfold. They have quickly established a stronghold near the Detroit area, but the GLC has stopped them from expanding any further. Tensions have slowly reached a flashpoint and sporadic firefights have been common. It seems that the different groups struggling to gain public support are having a hard time staying civil.

    The Devil's Brigade have violently defended the Windsor area from all travelers. The GLC has been forced to avoid the Windsor area largely due to the Brigades large arsenal of energy weaponry. It is simply too much risk to bother with.

    The GLC and Brigade mainly hate each other due to pre-war reasons. The Americans (GLC) were executing the Devil Brigades ancestors during the Annexation of Canada. The Freedom Fighters that lived taught their children about the American invaders. They were taught to violently defend their homes from any invaders from now on.

    The Brigade has recently started attacking the GLC on it's own turf, sometimes firing at their boats while they are crossing the Detroit River, as a result the GLC has increased security on their boats. Both sides seem to be preparing for an all out war. The Brigade has plans for the various technologically advanced factories in Detroit. GLC is basically concerned with the Brigades aggressiveness. No diplomatic methods have worked in any way. The GLC and Brigade conflict is mainly due to territory/pre-war disputes, whereas the Reaver's are more focused on obtaining the other factions technology, and protecting their own interests. The BoS has a part to play as well, but their role is unknown.

    The Reavers, GLC, Iroquois, and Devil's Brigade all have various motives in regards to the Detroit area. Soon the tensions will reach the breaking point and all hell will break lose.

    The Great Lakes War is about to begin.

    Gameplay related ideas and more specifics for this story are here.


    More to follow...
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    I can't see it happening at all. I live near Detroit, and I can say with all honest intent that fitting a large naval center on the waters shared between Windsor and Detroit is pointless. It's not a strategic location for placing a fleet, much less a dedicated naval facility, in. As for the chaos running rampant about the city, I'll point out a few more things. Detroit has a very basic layout. Suburbs, and Downtown/Renaissance Center. With the chaos you described, Detroit would be reduced to such a horrific layer of rubble it wouldn't even be funny. I remember using a tool online that marks the damage radius of a nuclear projectile, as well as the range of emitted radiation. Detroit would be swallowed, and the edges of the suburbs would be consumed with the precision of a surgical knife. Just one nuclear warhead is needed to flatten the city itself, much less to damage the suburbs.

    EDIT: My bad, I saw you meant Chicago. It's still not a good spot. A naval center for the Coast Guard and other federal emergency agencies could be plausible, but something that defends the city from 90% of the nukes? That's a huge undertaking, and it'd invalidate the whole usage of Vault's if one could simply build a large network of anti-ICBM sites. I suggest a little more development on that.

    A more plausible scenario can be introduced using the suburbs as the hub of human activity following the war. Places like Dearborn and Ferndale become independent factions, each with their own unique culture/ideology. Flint might become an industrial powerhouse *assuming the nukes don't reach the suburbs as densely as Detroit*, and seek to reclaim the city center. You could have Ronto, using Windsor as a staging point for salvage and raiding operations into Detroit. Then you can follow on from there.
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    Just a real quick response since I am pressed for time....

    Thanks for the post. Did you follow the link with the more detailed info? In real life, yes Detroit would be rubble, much like D.C would be, but for gameplay purposes, and due to the Naval Missile Shield, Detroit and the surrounding areas were relatively spared. I understand the realism concerns but no one wants to play in a giant crater formerly known as Detroit :smile:. The missile shield was based near Chicago, as you mentioned in your edit, and it would have been located there due to fear of Communist attacks in the area. In the divergent timeline, Detroit and Chicago would have been important areas, with Chicago being a key Naval research facility. I really appreciate the constructive criticism. I really like the salvage operation idea. I haven't worked on this project in awhile, but your post has sparked some ideas. Thanks. :ok:

    Also, I used that tool you are talking about before. It projects the damage nukes would have on whatever area you want. It's a pretty useful site.
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    No prob! I hope that any idea's and notes I give are of help. It'd definitely be interesting to see more effort being placed on the Midwest and Great Lakes region, especially with new concepts and factions.
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    Hey i was wondering if you would check out my idea for a game
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    Sure thing.