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    <Insert the old War Never Changes intro>

    BackStory: It is the year 2295, The government has fallen into a nuclear war with the United States of American and China. The most targeted states are Flordia, NewYork, North Dakota, and California. The Sequoia National Park was heavily invaded by people 45 minutes before the Great War started. Sequoia National Park has one of the heavily guarded underground bunkers in the entire planer. The parks bunker is not a vault made by vault-tec nor a government-run bunker for high up people in the government, it is made by a man named Darius Douglass. He is an investor, He has invested over 1 Billion dollars into the most popular name brand companies such as "Nuka-Cola", "Sugar Bombs", And he has invested a portion into the U.S Military. He has made the bunker in the Sequoia National Park because the government has sold a HUGE portion to Darius for 3.3 Billion dollars. Darius was informed that the Great War was a highly likely scenario and he built a bunker at the Sequoia National Park, He has allowed no government officials and has an entry fee to enter for 1.3 Million dollars. After the bomb dropped nearby, and he has entered his bunker, no-one has heard of Darius again.

    Plot: A man/women named <Your Choice> has traveled from Flordia to Nevada and now Here California. When you arrive in California you are tackled by a faction named "Sequoian Army" after they tackle you they strip you down from your weapons and gear and thrown you into a room they interrogate you that when you entered California you accidentally entered one of there heavily guarded outposts. You continue to live in one of there outposts and have to work for them until they think you are worthy to leave. You eventually break out with your first companion, When you leave your affinity with the faction goes really low, After a while, you approach them and they say that if you help them with some quests they will forget that you broke out.

    Factions: The 5 main factions are the Sequoia Army, Mountain Rangers, Forest Scavengers, Black Knights, And the Resistance. The Mountain Rangers are a faction that uses sniper rifles from the mountains. The Forest Scavengers craft there armor and weapons from the resources of the forest. The Black Knights use medieval armor and weapons to their advantage. And the resistance is like the Minutemen but they aren't afraid to kill people who stand in their way and want to get rid of all raider and mercenary groups and want to unite as one faction and restore the world to the way it was years ago. And the final one is a strange idea, I know I said only 5 factions but this one is an idea I had, What if that you have an opportunity to make your own faction if you want to. If you do make a faction you make an HQ and the enemy factions you choose you to get to take over there outposts and take POW's. When you do take POW's there is a chance where they will kill themselves, Stay a prisoner, See your views and join you, Or create a 2-4 person gang while there POW's and attack you.

    Extras: I would add the settlement crafting into the game because I thought it was a great idea to a fallout game. If you make your own faction you can keep a settlement a settlement or make it a supply cache or outpost your faction. Now if I made this game and I was the leader of this game I would allow mods to the console version of this game and add very little DLC if I see an opportunity to add a DLC

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    Thx for reading!