Fallout Tactics Basic Character Builds

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    Ok, the game offers a limited possibilities, but some variations can be done. Here I give my 2 cents on the topic, feel free to expand, re-adjust and overanalise.

    #1 Captain Charisma

    description: this build has use ofall option Charisma has to offer. Mainly centers arond perks.
    SPECIAL: 5/10/1/10/6/5/5 = 42 -> race: ghoul (or add even more points by gifted)
    trait: optional
    perks: leader (+1 AG gives each member of the party +1AP under theright cicrumstances), bluff master (no need to worry about stealing causing game over anymore), divine favour (will incrise PE to 11).
    tag: energy weapons and/or small guns, 1-2 extra. Given 1 EN you really willavoid getting hurt.

    #2 Reigning Steel (pronounce: raining steel)

    description: this build shoots big guns like none else. Built around the Steady Arms racial perk -> race: supermutant. I came up with this build planning my firstsolo playthrough, hance it has somany tags.
    SPECIAL: 6/7/6/1/6/8/6
    trait: fast shot, ham fisted (thislast is because big guns come very late. If you have other idea, feelfree to change this)
    perks: steady arm, bonus rate of fire, weapon handling (or heavily rely on drugs, but that has its own problems)
    tag: unarmed, big guns, 2 support skill

    #3 Unarmed Champion

    description: if you always wanted to just beat stuff, here is your chance
    SPECIAL: 10/6/9/2/4/10/6
    trait: gifet, kamikaze
    perks: bonus HtH attacks, 3*bonus HtH damage, hit the deck, 2*lifegiver, slayer
    equipment: tesla armor, psycho and fast character running speed (if we can call that attirbute an equipment) -> race: human

    #4 Five Point Palm Exploding Technic
    description: this character focusing on disabling the opponent. Only works in turn based mode. The idea is to cause as many criticals to as many bodyparts in one turn as possible, crippling everything on the critter.
    SPECIAL: 5/7/5/4/6/10/10 - note: this is a ranged character, thus you might want to rise PE on the costof other stats. Keep in mind that 5 ST is needed for the weapons, and AG + LK is inherent to the build. The stats' sum is 47, so race probably human.
    trait: finess, gifted
    perks: 3*more critical, better criticals, 2*action boy, bonus rate of fire, flexible

    #5 More Critical
    description: Sniper does not work, so this is the closest you might get. Only offers 20-25% criticals though. FPPET offers 35%, which is ca. 1:3 chance, in contrats to this one's 1:4-1:5 chance, but this one deals substantially more raw damage.
    SPECIAL: 5 or 6/8 or 7/6/4/8/8/10 = 49 -> race: ghoul. Tweek as you like fit though. And although this is the theoretical best I think, might not be entirely realistic on all difficulty (on higher ones might need a tweek, meaning more endurance to start with).
    The ST + PE variations depend on wether you want to use energy weapons (and/or small guns) or big guns.
    trait: gifted
    perks: 3*more critical is inherit, not sure about the rest yet

    #6 Insane
    description: this might be the easiest approach to the Insane Difficulty. Easy beginning turns acceptable lategame by the high resistance and many skillpoints by the robot. Well, it's true that "robots are combat machines" - they might not gain perks, but they have plenty of skillpoint, insane punches, and high damage tolerance.Healing might be a problemlater, thus develops outstanding sniping ability.
    SPECIAL: 5/9/6/1/6/8/5
    trait: targeting computer, fast shot
    tag: repair, unarmed, energy weapons
    equipment: brahmin armor, laser rifle