FAllout2: Science?

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  1. Anniealbertpage

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    Mar 25, 2012
    is my undying faith in the science skill justified in any sense outside of quests? i've just started early fAllout series after adoring the concept introduced to me through the third, and i couldn't wait to devote myself to a life of science, based off of experience with FaLlout three. Soon found that when using the skill with scenery or dead critters or monitors and things in shops after half an hour into the game, i realized that even with my 100% + science skill, my efforts were futile; dialogue in text box just gave me a notification that i failed to learn anything. It would be quite the ironic tragedy to find that 'science', the indiscriminate foundation for all that is, has no applications in the fAllout scenario where science has presumed a defining role in society, concluding the reality with nuclear absolution just as it has preserved it with progressive medicine and technological advance.

    tl;dr does science skill have gameplay value outside quests? repair? 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
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    A lot of the uses are passive checks rather than active uses, but I don't know if I'd exactly call them quest-based. The active uses aren't nearly as ubiquitous as in Fallout 3, but they're far more varied and interesting, and the skill really does come in handy. Of course, telling you exactly where and when would be a bit spoileriffic, but you can find the info in Per's ultimate guide if you're eager. Otherwise, try to stay sensitive to your surroundings. The way they decided to implement it was a bit spotty, but there are more than a few places where, while using computers or interacting with technology, Science can make things far, far easier and/or get you information that would be unavailable to a less proficient character. It even allows access to an area or two (and even a party member!) that you would never otherwise see.

    When in doubt, the "examine" function is your friend. During my first few playthroughs, my criteria for using Science on a computer (generator, Robot, etc) was "is this unusual?" or "is the descriptive text when I examine this in any way out-of-the-ordinary?", and that served me fairly well.
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    Mar 25, 2012
    well this is great! I appreciate this, I couldn't find any sort of page reviewing the skill briefly without any sort of spoilers, and the others I did find gave only an empty synopsis telling me not to tag the skill without any reason as to why I shouldn't. you've restored my excitement, and now I can translate my love for the logical and the tangible within this post-apocalyptic masterpiece, thanks! time to smother my science skill with points!
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    Mar 11, 2012
    i havent plaid fallout(1) enough times to get to fully know it in and out, but i do know that there are moments where it pays off to have "saved up" a lot of science skill.

    in fallout 2 this is true for most of these less-active skills, for example getting the best out of a high techy bunker visit would require a science skill of at least 120% iirc.
    but untill then you wont run into too many science-needs.

    i find the same with repair, for me repair isnt really needed untill much later in the game, where it kinda pays off to have paid some attention to it in the past.

    same goes for the speech skill imo
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    Nov 7, 2003
    There are a few "secrets" that can only be obtained via using Science (a couple of Perks, a companion etc. ; Although there is a place where high Science gives you nothing and a high Speech gives you a unique waepon), and it can be used to complete a couple of quests in a certain way. It's nowhere near pervasive, but it helps at times. Rather build it up using Big Science Books and only supplement with points if you need to.

    Also, from Per's guide