[Fo1 & Fo2] HOW TO: Match "burnt" death animations and corpses to humanoid body size.

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    EDIT: Download links are dead at the moment. I will update them soon. Thanks :)

    First of all thank you to .Pixote. for making and uploading "120% Mutant Deaths". Without this my work wouldn't be possible.

    The purpose of this thread is to show that we can have death animations of: normal size for all humans in normal armors, larger size for Power Armor humans (this animation is what vanilla used for Super Mutants), and the 120%-sized ones for Super Mutants. Thus each type of humanoid critter has an appropriately-sized death animation for 'burnt' death types (from Fire and Energy Weapon deaths).

    Without doing this, Power Armor and Super Mutant would all share the same death animation size, which looks very silly.

    How To:

    First, the numbers in CRITTERS.LST (in DATA/ART/CRITTERS) after the commas need to be modified for this to work. When a critter has a unique death type the number is simply the line number in the list, however some of them share death types, such as normal-size humanoids (which is why they all use 11), Super Mutants and Power Armored humans (21), and children & midgets (27). Notice that because Power Armor uses 21, this means no matter if you add custom death animations into DATA/ART/CRITTERS for Power Armor, they'll still use the ones for Super Mutant (line 21). If you're familiar with programming, this is basically a pointer to that group, so if CRITTERS.LST has the pointer to 21, it won't even pay attention to any HAPOWR*.* or NAPOWR*.* or HANPWR*.* files, because it's only looking for MAMTNT*.* files.

    Remember that the first entry in CRITTERS.LST is considered line 0 by the game.

    Fallout 1:

    1) Download these and place into DATA/ART/CRITTERS folder:
    - Main link, try this first: http://www.gamefront.com/files/22784026/Proper-sized+death+anims+(Power+Armor,+Mutant).zip
    - Mirror, if the above doesn't work: http://www.mediafire.com/?4n784xl5afppu8h

    2) Set all Power Armor critters to point to line 1 (HAPOWR) and keep all Super Mutant critters pointing to line 21 (MAMTNT).

    These can either be done by renaming the included file (for the lazy, but BACK UP YOURS FIRST) or manually:


    Fallout 2:

    Pretty much the same, the edits just look a little different for Power Armor:

    hanpwr,1,1 (for Advanced Power Armor)

    Both games:

    There was an issue getting this to work that resulted in blank messages upon called shots and critical hits. This is fixed with the following:

    Entries must be added to COMBAT.MSG as follows, to match with "Entry 1" (Power Armor)

    {1010}{}{the head}
    {1011}{}{the left arm}
    {1012}{}{the right arm}
    {1013}{}{the torso}
    {1014}{}{the right leg}
    {1015}{}{the left leg}
    {1016}{}{the eyes}
    {1017}{}{the groin}
    Also, you'll need to add animation files to the DATA\ART\CRITTERS folder for the HA/NA variants as follows. You can copy these over from existing vanilla MAMTNT files and then rename them accordingly.

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    OP updated. Everything should work now. I'll have the download links updated soon.
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    Looks pretty crispy to me. Kentucky Fried Mutants. :silly: