Freezing when fighting Geckos alongside Sulik in Klamath

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    Jan 16, 2016
    I'm playing the GOG release of Fallout 2. I'm using the Fallout 2 Unofficial Patch, with the High Resolution Patch option installed. On top of that, I installed the 3.8.4 sfall, ddraw.dll only.

    My ddraw.ini Mode is =0. My f2_res.ini GRAPHICS_MODE is =2. I'm playing with the High Resolution Patch Enabled, Windowed (manually resized to 640x480), and Colours in 32 Bit, Graphics Mode DirectX 9. Windows 8.1 64 bit. Not sure why I mention this, but I thought I might as well.

    The problem in question: when I recruited Sulik I did this quest for Whiskey Bob to refuel his brewing station. When we approached the Geckos and started fighting them, I noticed the game would freeze for a handful of seconds and then resume. This happened whenever Sulik attacked the Geckos. Just now I returned to the game and noticed this happened too after a fresh reload in the same area, and there's only one Gecko after I killed plenty of others, so I doubt it is a case of "too many enemies in one spot".

    I have no idea why is this happening. Does anyone know of this problem? Thank you in advance.



    Found this on a GOG thread:

    Open -- f2_res.ini in the Fallout 2 folder.

    Under [INPUT]

    Change from 0 to 1 EXTRA_WIN_MSG_CHECKS=0 -> EXTRA_WIN_MSG_CHECKS=1

    This solved my issue.
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