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    2016 has exploded like a blood sausage as we make our way into 2017. NMA will be continuing work on revamping certain aspects of the site whether it be increasing our news feed, overhauling the forum, or finishing that Fallout pnp ruleset that some people have been working on.

    A scattershot of New Years news here. Nothing too exciting but after a year like 2016 I want to be bored.

    Fallout 4 got a little attention recently when CNN used footage from the game in a news broadcast, so Bethesda gets a little free marketing on behalf of stupid reporters or maybe an overworked intern.

    We will be getting Minecraft: Fallout Edition pretty soon on top of the Fallout 4 Minecraft we already got, along with Fallout Pinball courtesy of Zen Studios, but those of you that want old school Fallout can always look at Wasteland 3 or Underrail, with the latter recently getting a shiny new expansion in Underrail: Expedition. PS4 Pro will be getting a Fallout 4 update soon so there is that, so expect lower FPS along with your decline folks.

    Torment: Tides of Numenera will be coming out February 28th too for something slightly less Fallout, but still good all the same. Lets see if they have managed to capture what made Planescape so great.

    Mad Shelia, a Mad Max inspired Chinese ripoff, is an example of the kind of content we will be covering in the future with post apocalyptic movie reviews, so stay tuned for that folks. Thankfully with recent Hollywood trends, we have plenty of post apocalyptic films to go through, even more if we do TV shows.

    For those of you who just didn't get enough Fallout 4, Bethesda will be bringing the series to VR at some point, so you can be immersed while your companions glitch through the walls.

    I admire their enthusiasm, but Gamebro is one engine that is just not meant for VR. The crashes alone would be killer.
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    It's most likely Bethesda will just throw this mess to id software then ask they to fix it, like what they do in Fallout 4.
    They never understand there are somethings in this world are simply unaccomplishable with the resources and time limit they willing to give their subsidiary companies.
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    This year is also the 20th anniversary of Fallout
    One more year and it would legally be allowed to drink in some states.
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    Those pinball games look pretty decent... but the auto-zoom is too fast and too frequent; can make a person sick just watching the video.

    ** Is it just me, or does the Fallout pinball game seem closer to a proper Fallout game than FO3&4 do?
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    I'm just waiting excitedly for Fallout : The Frontier hopefully being released somewhere this new year.

    Oh, and I also await for the next installment of Project Brazil coming in a couple of months or so.
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    You can adjust the camera in Zen Pinball. You can set it so you can see the whole table and there's no camera zoom at all.
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    They'll never switch to a modern engine, that would require actual work and effort.
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    Hey now, that's my Fallout Pinball video! I was wondering where those views came from! I thank you for picking my video. As a Fallout fan, I was sorely disappointed with 4 and found the pinball version to be vastly more enjoyable. Kinda unfortunate, really.

    Idk, seems like Bethesda is starting to show signs of the Molyneux Syndrome...
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