How do you convert the .spr (sprites) to png or bmp?

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  1. Ghostwheel

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    Jun 23, 2019
    I can't seem to find a viewer / editor anywhere that will successfully view / convert whatever the sprites into some sort of image format. I want to view the actual power armor sprites then edit them and if I want put them back into spr or whatever. I've tried everything but Unity(I just get errors opening them), but Unity is a nightmare so I'm not using that. I swear I must be missing something here. How do I actually open the Fallout tactics sprite files???
  2. Ghostwheel

    Ghostwheel First time out of the vault

    Jun 23, 2019
    I did find this:

    But it next to useless for exporting to a sheet of animations because it only exports a single layer and frame at a time. There's like 2 layers that need to be merged (I'm not even sure why they split it up like that, or what the other 2 layers are for) and the series of images for each sequence as a sheet.

    Basically what I'm doing here is exporting this into my game of factorio to use to replace the power armor in that game.

    Here's a screenshot of Factorios player "Sprites"... you can see that they are just sheets of images. So I need to replace these with the Power Armor from Tactics.
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    So you want to import fallout's BOS armor into your game, by converting the spr to png?

    I did an experiment like this a year ago, exactly around this time, but in july. I even made a thread about it months later

    But I was resizing sprite instead.

    And yes, you must export them from redviewer or jarekfall's sprite creator one at a time. That's why I abandoned sprite resizing for that omega power armor since there was no other program to do it fast. It would have took me one whole month to resize and export from spriteviewer just that sprite and make the character look like a 12ft (360 cm) giant.

    Why do you all use unity anyways? It's a garbage engine or whatever it is, idk i didn't try it. Because it's some new thing that shouldn't exist, I heard about unity in 2014, I don't quite like it.

    An action(standing, crouching) from a sprite consist of multiple frames oriented in all the 16 directions, or 4 depending on what you are up to. It's very hard, and takes time, I would tell you to look upon some .bat program to do it for you. I used adobe photoshop to resize the sprites, but I had programmed a batch automatic resizing. It's possible to program a robot on windows (aka .bat file) to do it for you.

    You have to export the PNGs from the file manually, unless you come up with some .bat program.
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  4. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Oh WAIT! You CAN export .spr animations automatically using a .exe called spr2gif. You can download a more extensive custom version of it I made here : With my "autoconverter", you simply drop all the files (.til, .spr, .zar) you want to convert in the c:/BOX folder, and launch the autoconverter in c:/AutoConverter/ and it will create you .GIFs with layers for each animation.

    This done, you will probably have to work A LOT frame per frame or with photoshop action batch, but at least half the work will be done...

    You can download a rat sprite I did using this method. Of course, it still took me weeks to make it from the files. I used the AutoConverter to get my animations in .gif format with transparency, a Photoshop batch action to smooth the edges of the .gif, then some other Photoshop actions to save the frames as 32bit .BMP, then I used Sprite Creator to make my .spr sprite :
  5. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    With the right Photoshop batch actions, you could in theory automate the whole process of resizing armors, changing armour colors, etc. etc. This would be a pain to setup, but after that the options are limiteless. The only thing in my idea that can't be automated without the need of a new program is assigning the right .bmp animations to the .spr file using Sprite Creator. You can also use these Photoshop actions to help you in your quest :