How Fallout 3 made myself pregnant. [Secret love story gamez!!] Teh gamez fo the realzz!!

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    He already say he is a troll by nature before.:smugoticon:
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    I like Fallout 3 in FNV engine, because I still have fun playing it in TTW. I can't enjoy Fallout 3 by itself anymore.

    I enjoyed Fallout 3 when it came out, but I never considered it a real Fallout sequel. After FNV was released, playing Fallout 3 by itself lost it's fun for me. But playing it in FNV engine is still fun. Maybe because I am playing something me and other people invested a lot to make it possible? Or maybe because since Fallout 3 is more combat oriented, all the combat improvements from FNV make it more fun? I have no idea.

    EDIT: I will defend any Fallout game when people are attacking it unfairly, and I will trash any Fallout game when people are defending them unfairly too.
    So in a way, I can't choose which games I have fun playing. I will say that I had fun playing Fallout 3 in the past and I like it in FNV engine.
    Another note is that for me even Fallout New Vegas doesn't reach the same level of fun as the classic games. My favorite genre is turn-based, P&P-like RPGs. And that will never change.
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    I get that it sounds ridiculous to criticize somebody for trying to fit in, but OP's like this that toss in everything negative they can find seems like some guy sitting down uninvited to a table of friends and being like "Oh yeah, how about that ___ huh?"
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    Fallout 3 was my introduction as well. I didnt really know what Fallout was suppose to be so I chocked it up to Elder Scrolls but with a retro-futuristic setting. I quickly found this forum and learned all about the old games. While I didn’t like that gameplay at the time I highly respected the games because I loved their universe. My fatigue with Bethesda and their FPS has led me to embrace the older titles and start playing one. I’m currently in the Boneyard in Fallout numero uno.
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