Lets Play New Vegas: Trump edition

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    War. War never changes.

    When atomic fire consumed the earth, those who survived did so in great, underground vaults When they opened, their inhabitants set out across ruins of the old world to build new societies, establish new villages, forming tribes, and among those tribes presidential candidates would often arise.

    As decades passed, what had been the American southwest united and voted for a party called the New Californian Republic, dedicated to old-world values of democracy and the rule of law. As the Republic grew, so did its needs. Scouts spread east, seeking territory and wealth, in the dry and merciless expanse of the Mojave Desert They returned with tales of a city untouched by the warheads that had scorched the rest of the world, and a great wall(Trump cums his pants at this point) spanning the Colorado river

    The NCR mobilized its army and sent it east to occupy the Hoover Dam, and restore it to working condition. But across the Colorado, another party had risen. A vast army of minimum wage workers, forged from the votes of 86 tribes: Caesar's Legion

    Four years have passed since the Republic held the Dam - just barely - against the Legion's onslaught. The Legion did not retreat. Across the river, it gathers strength. Campfires burned, training drums beat.

    Through it all, the New Vegas Strip has stayed open for business under the control of an entrepreneur known as Mr House, and his minimum wage tribals and security staff who are basically robots.

    You are a presidential candidate, leading a campaign of xenaphobia and hatred. This has led to your capture, by those who have more enlightened views than you

    "Truth is, despite what you may think, the election was never rigged from the start. Your just a sore loser"
    And so, our hero wakes up a few days later, in the office of a local doctor. He hears that he had been out for a few days.
    He gladly tells the doctor his name and asks for campaign funds. Might help having him as a potential voter. He is a redneck type folk and would surely be a potential voter.

    Here's our protagonist in a Robco Reflectron
    20160903190644_1.jpg These are his SPECIAL Stats.

    He's not weak, but his small hands don't exactly help when carrying large objects. He's also not very good on picking up when to stop, so perception is a no-go. Charisma is a 10, because he's actually able to convince people he'd be a good candidate.

    Intelligence is 1 for obvious reason. Agility 3, because he's got quite a lot of weight on him, and isn't exactly the subtlest of sorts. Luck is 10 because he happens to be born in to a rich family with a small loan of one million dollars.

    Had to put the rest in to Endurance because the game doesn't accept unspent SPECIAL points. If you want an explanation its because of all that winter weight he's got stored. Acts as a natural shield against bullets.
    Trump may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but he knows full well how to speak redneck. This guy was insulting his intelligence. He wouldn't stand for it.

    But he is a doctor, and is treating him, so Trump decided to be "Civil" for now.

    Trump sat on the coach and Doc Mitchell began asking him questions

    "All right. I'm going to say a word. I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind. Dog"

    "Good wigs"


    "Trump Towers"


    "Make the night-time great again"


    "I ain't going to stand for those bandits. I'm gonna build a wall, and make the bandits pay for it"


    "My campaign"


    "Well I don't know much about my mother, but my father gave me a small loan of one million caps"

    "Ok. I'm going to say a few statements, and you tell me whether they sound like you. Conflict just ain't in my nature"

    "Of course conflict ain't in my nature. There are some people who say it is, and some people who say Donald Trump isn't a nice person, but I'll have you know Donald Trump is a very nice person."

    "I ain't given to relyin' on others for support"

    "Of course not. I'm a self-made businessman. All I had was a small loan of one million dollars from my father."

    "I'm always fixin to be the center of attention"

    "There are people who say I have small hands, but do these look like small hands?, There regular sized hands right?"

    "I'm slow to embrace new ideas"

    "Fuck you!, I'm gonna make the Mojave Great Again!"

    "Almost done here. What do you say you have a look at this? Tell me what you see."

    "A Hand about the same size as mine"

    He put up a new card

    "A hand that's smaller than mine. I have perfectly normal sized hands compared to this."

    He put up a new card

    "That is one poorly drawn hand"

    So as his tag skills, I chose Barter, Guns and Speech. Barter because he does run Trump Towers after all, Speech because what else would come in handy for a presidential candidate?, Guns because lets face it, most of his voters probably know about that sort of stuff.
    As his traits I chose hot blooded, because his entire campaign is built on yelling and bitching about minority groups.

    I also chose Wild Wasteland because its a joke, like his entire campaign.
    Trump saw a small loan lying upon Doc Mitchell's shelf, and decided to use it as campaign funds.
    This doctor had been insulting Trump the entire time. Was trump going to kill him?

    Course not, he's not that petty.

    I mean he's petty enough to make fun of a disabled journalist for writing a bad article about him, and he got extremely bitter about the pope visiting mexico, and he even once subtley suggested his audience assasinate his opponent.

    But he's not petty to kill a guy over a couple of words is he.

    Trump ventured outside, and saw the town of Goodsprings before him. It was a quiet little town, and the perfect place to start his campaign to make the Mojave great again.

    First things first, he was going to need a few funds for his campaign. He went and found the local sherriff: Sunny Smiles for a bit of work.
    He picked up a few caps shooting down some Geckos
    As Trump returned to the local Prospector Saloon, he found the tavernkeeper arguing with a Raider. From what he could gather, the raider was from a gang named "The Powder Gangers", and was threatening to take over Goodsprings.

    As he arrived, Trudy told him about how she heard he was shot in the head, and offered all the information he needed on the culprits.
    Trump let out a big sigh.
    "When I become president of the Mojave, I'm going to make a full-ban on Great Khans entering the Mojave until we figure out what the hell is going on."

    Trump decided if he was going to win the upcoming election, he'd need some supporters. He decided to go see this Ringo, and see if he could get him on side.

    As he entered the gas station where Ringo was supposedly hiding out, a man held a gun at him.

    "Who the hell are you?"

    "See your using your right to the second ammendment. That's what I like to see kiddo."

    "Sorry 'bout the gun, Powder Gangers looking for me.", He put the gun away.

    Trump heard this man talking about caps. If there was one thing Trump loved more than himself, it was caps.

    He immediately signed up to help the people of Goodsprings, in hopes of fortunes. He might even get a few extra voters while he was at it.

    First he needed some voters to help him fight away the Powder Gangers. He started with Sunny Smiles.
    He still needed more help though. Sunny said she'd search doc-mitchell's house for extra medicines, as he'd been missing for a little while now. Trump knew nothing about his disappearance though. Trump decided to recruit the aid of the local barmaid Trudy, and the shopkeep Chet.
    Trump sighed and muttered his iconic words "Make the Mojave Great Again."
    Trump at this point leveled up. I chose the ladykiller perk, because he for some strange reason always ends up with supermodel wives.

    Trump tried to recruit one last person to his cause.

    Easy Pete sat at the table, eating Bighorner meat. Trump looked at him, and a grin rose on his face. This guy looks like the iconic redneck, Trump knew he'd turn to be a voter the moment a word fell out of his mouth.

    "I'm going to make the Mojave great again."

    "NCR or Legion?"

    "Neither, I'm Donald Trump"

    Easy Pete rolled his eyes

    "What do you want Mr Trump?"

    "I need some Dynamite, me and my voters are going to fend off the Powder Gangers."

    "Are you capable of usin' dynamite?

    "Yeah, definetely, I know how to use a stick of dynamite. My hands are the perfect size for it too."
    "What, I wont blow the whole town up. I'm not a muslim or anything. I'm a good christian, I love the bible, my favorite parts all of it"

    "Not what I meant kiddo", he went back to eating the Bighorner meat. Easy Pete wasn't at all xenaphobic, and didn't approve of what Trump was saying at all.

    Regardless, Trump and his new voters stood outside the tavern, ready to take on the Powder Gangers.
    Soon, the bodies littered the outskirts of Goodsprings. Trump looked upon it and he smiled to himself "Means they'll no longer be a need for more policing in Powder Ganger territory" Trump joked.

    Trump then met the local Securitron; Victor. Victor seemed to be demanding Trump's support for Mr House.

    Trump never trusted Securitrons much. He was going to talk to House and get him to turn off all the Securitrons.

    Trump decided to follow his killer in to The New Vegas Strip, but first he needed directions. He spoke to Sunny Smiles and asked her advice

    He found out the safest road to the Strip was through Primm.
    And so he wandered off in to the Mojave Wasteland, with a group of new voters on his side. He was ready to make the Mojave great again.

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  2. Arnust

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    Feb 2, 2016
    Best fanfiction ever.
    If it doesn't get a second chapter, i have a script for "Hillary's adventure in the Commonwealth"

    Not really
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    Oct 13, 2010
    I was thinking of doing a Trump playthrough on New Vegas.

    But the special system doesn't allow for perfect 10's all around straight away.
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  4. Arnust

    Arnust Maybe you've seen it, maybe, in a dream...

    Feb 2, 2016
  5. Robbylet2

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    Aug 30, 2016
    This has to be one of the best things I've seen since my Mike Tyson run of FO:NV. Keep it up!
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    Oct 25, 2015
    (This episode is split in to two parts, because there are a maximum number of images you can put on one post)
    It was a long days walk, and he ended up being ambushed by Powder Gangers on the way, but finally our hero made it to Primm.

    An NCR Trooper informed him the area was off limits, though Trump could take care of himself.
    As Trump journeyed in to Primm, he found it was under siege by a group of escaped convicts.

    Trump didn't let that stop him though, he knew how to put up a fight. I mean, he wasn't as skilled a fighter as he would have been had he actually gone to Vietnam, but y'know he can fight nonetheless.
    Trump made quick work of the convicts
    Eventually he found out they were keeping a prisoner there. Going by the name of Deputy Beagle.
    Beagle informed him of two options for Sherriff. Either he found an ex-sherriff in the NCR Correctional Facility, or he allowed the NCR to establish Martial Law
    "Martial Law doesn't sound too fun though" Deputy Beagle remarked
    "I know that very well" Trump sighed "I've been to London and Paris. Terrorism got so out of hand there they had to establish martial law. Whole areas of the city were no-go zones" Trump lied

    He had no choice. He certainly didn't want Primm to turn out like his fictional versions of real-world cities. He had to visit the NCR Correctional Facility.
    As he arrived at the NCRCF, he was ambushed by Powder Gangers. He was able to survive by ducking behind a minecart, but only just.

    "NCR sure aren't harsh enough on there prisoners." Trump Remarked "Can't be using anything worse than pansy waterboarding that's for sure. Y'know, when I take this place over, I'm going to do way worse than waterboarding."
    An idea suddenly sprung to Trump's head. He was going to turn this shoddy prison complex in to Guantanamo bay 2.0. All he needed were some prisoners.

    If he were to re-establish this prison, he was going to need to take the convicts alive. He put away his gun, and drew a police baton, ready to knock these guys
    (Here I set up a little challenge for myself, to only use weapons that wouldn't immediately kill a person)
    He made short work of those Powder Gangers. A man in a sherriff hat stepped out "Hold your fire, I ain't one of them" he said.
    20160904102217_1.jpg 20160904102339_1.jpg
    "I have a proposal for you" Trump remarked
    "Yes'sir" Meyers replied
    "You want to stay on the good side of the NCR right?, well why don't you search the Powder Gangers, find those with beating hearts and lock 'em in cells. If they ever do come back to establish law and order, you'd want them to know you cleaned the place out. Might even get back for good behavior?"
    "What's your motive for all this?" Meyers asked
    "To make a second Guantanamo bay" Trump Replied.
    "All right, but I don't want any more Powder Gangers tryin' to take this place back. You want me on your side, you deal with Cooke first."
    Trump Agreed, but first he had to clear out guantanamo bay ermm...I mean NCRCF
    After he knocked out most of the courtyard, he noticed a few of the Powder Gangers were using more high-tec weaponry. Fearing he could no longer take a non-lethal approach, he decided it was time to fight fire with fire
    (After dying a couple times trying to fight a bunch of guy with Plasma Riffles using a Police Baton, this is the point I figured "Fuck it!")
    And he had knocked out the last of them. Order was restored to the NCRCF.

    After this adventure, Trump realised he had not yet found a Sherriff for Primm. He certainly wasn't willing to give up his chance to torture captives in his new dungeon, and he certainly wasn't going to let Primm turn in to fictional London and Paris 2.0
    Trump figured "They have guns?, Might as well start practicing the second ammendment if they ever want to defend themselves from Powder Gangers and Hillary Clinton supporters"

    Truth is, he was wounded and needed a doctors care. Which was hard to find supposing that he kill....I mean the nearest doctor for miles went mysteriously missing.

    He decided to head to the Mojave Outpost down south.

    A man stopped Trump in the wastes, and talked about some kind of treasure.

    "Treasure?" Trump thought "I sure hope it's a small loan of one million caps."

    Trump needed that treasure for campaign funds, so he sure as hell was going to find it.

    Trump leveled up at this point, and I'm about 57% sure Trump is not a cannibal, so I kinda had to take Intense Training.
    Added a point to Endurance, because I'm not adding it to anything else.

    If I have to take it again, maybe Perception, because it doesn't seem nescessary to keep that low.

    And so Trump arrived at the Mojave Outpost, with almost every single limb in his body broken.

    Trump laughed at this poor, confused NCR Trooper "Everyone knows that Nuclear Winter is a conspiracy made by the Chinese in order to make US caravan trade less competitive"

    He was kinda glad that he didn't choose the NCR to protect Primm after hearing how misinformed they were.

    Trump looked at disgust at the barkeep
    "This barkeep is disgusting, both inside and out. How did she get a job working for the NCR? If I run the Mojave Outpost, I'd fire this chick. I'd look her right in her ugly face of hers and say 'Barkeep, your fired!, we're all a little ugly, but this barkeep is the worst of us!" Trump yelled
    "Get the fuck out of this bar!" Lacey remarked.

    Trump left, but as soon as he took the Mojave she was as good as fired.
    Trump decided to continue on his journey, and found the town of Nipton. Legion Banners flew high, and the town appeared to be burning.
    (He's got crippled limbs, because its ridiculously hard to find a doctor in this game. Especially if you murder the first one you come across)

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    Oct 25, 2015
    As he visited the town, he saw the Powder Gangers were being crucified. He'd heard about crucifixion, tying them to crosses and leaving them to die.

    Trump was getting a hard-on from seeing all these convicts getting such harsh punishment. It was thrilling to see, as this was definetely worse than waterboarding. Trump wanted to find out who did this, and personally shake there hand.

    Trump had talked about running for President for a while, but he never found a party that would back his claim.

    But then he saw what Legion had done to Nipton, and a part of him felt complete. Trump felt he was truly in love with Caesar's Legion. He would do anything to make himself the presidential candidate of them.

    Vulpes Inculta mentioned an idea
    "Spread word of what has happened here wherever you can, especially to those dissolute NCR troopers."
    Trump obeyed.
    Trump spread the word.

    He was one step further towards becoming president of the Mojave, as he had now got friends in high places, who would truly make the Mojave great again.

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    Aug 31, 2016
    You're a better writer than Emil.
    Thank you for this.
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    Oct 25, 2015
    Ok, so I had a lot of time to continue my playthrough, since its the weekend and shit, so I've got far more adventures of Donald Trump.
    Trump was wounded, and needed medical care immediatly. Unfortunately for him, this game is set in the USA, so healthcare is scare and expensive as fuck. He found out the nearest doctor was in Novac, far to the east. It was going to be a long walk.
    But eventually he came across Novac.
    And was able to get access to the medical care he needed.

    He got a shoddy service for a ridiculous amount of caps. My country tis of thee.
    In the town, he found an old familiar friend.

    Trump didn't trust Securitrons, and this one following him made him even more suspicious.
    Victor however, was able to suggest he ask around the town to find Benny and the Khans.
    The first person he asked was local giftshop owner Cliff Briscoe, but he wasn't of much help. Cliff did however, suggest he go speak to Manny Vargas up in the dino mouth. 20160904133528_1.jpg
    It was then he saw him.

    A hispanic man looked him straight in the eye.

    Trump went pale, an expression of fear could be seen visibly on his face. What if this man is mexican? Trump thought to himself.

    Trump was terrified at this point, he didn't want to be robbed or raped

    His hand shaking, he drew his gun. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" He shrieked in terror, his finger stuttered, then finally he pulled the trigger, and again, and again. 3 bullets landed in this mans heart, as he fell backwards, half his body swinging out of the dino.
    Suddenly, he realised. This man could have been Manny Vargas. He quickly searched his belongings, and ran off the Dino as soon as he could.
    The Holotape stated that the Khans were headed to Boulder City. That's where Trump would go to intercept them. That way he could have his vengence on the man who shot him.

    He waited a little while, and saw another sniper, with a similar beret on it go to the top of the dino. He would use his silver tongue to claim innocence.

    He followed the man, and saw him kneeling by the body of Manny Vargas, weeping.
    "What do you want?" he asked turning to Trump
    "I'm looking for Manny Vargas" Trump Replied
    "Well he's dead. Alright. This whole town is fucked up, somethings up."
    "Right...I better be going."
    "Find out who killed Carla. Take my beret and bring them in front of the dino. If your wearing the beret I'll know to shoot them" Boone instructed.
    Trump returned to Cliff. He knew he was guilty, he could see it in him. Something about Cliff meant that Trump couldn't trust him.

    He didn't know what it was, but Cliff looked like the kinda guy Trump wouldn't trust to deal cards in a casino. The kinda guy who Trump would demand to get off the dance floor in Trump Towers.

    Trump told him to wait outside the Dinosaur, so he could show him something.

    Cliff went outside the dinosaur, and trump followed, wearing the beret he was given by Boone.

    Business was good for Cliff at the moment, prospectors had sold him tons of new rocket souviniers, Dinky the Dinosaur was more popular than ever, Cliff was genuinely excited for the future. He felt sorry for Boone's loss though, he was hoping that Boone would finally find out what happened to his wife, so the whole thing could be put behind him. He cared for Boone like that.
    Boone got Cliff in his sights, and pulled the trigger. Cliff heard the sound of gunshot, and suddenly the world was going slowly. He couldn't do anything, but let the bullet fly towards him. "Is this the end of my life?" he thought to himself. "Why?, Why would anyone want me dead?, I treated people right, I never hurt nobody" he screamed to himself. He realized how slowly time was passing. They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die, but Cliff was experiencing something different. He had been given time to contemplate, almost as if he was being repaid for all the years he was going to lose. Suddenly, there was nothing, his life had come to an end. Any hopes and dreams he had for his life died with him.

    As trump climbed back up the dino, he was greeted by Boone. Boone had a look of thrill on his face, as if vengeance was finally his.
    "Great!, What was the evidence" Boone inquired enthusiastically.
    "Well firstly, did you see the color of his skin?" asked Trump
    "Leave me alone, and never come back here Trump" Boone remarked "I could have killed an innnocent man tonight, so you better not ever fucking speak to me again."

    Trump was disheartened. God only knows he wanted to help, he genuinely did. A tear rolled down his eye. Why, when he was only looking out for Novac, was he scorned and turned away like this.

    He wandered out in to the wastes, leaving Novac behind. He was scorned by the widower he had tried to help. Trump questioned for a moment whether his efforts were for nothing, whether good intentions mean nothing to anyone.

    Out in the wastes, he stopped and thought to himself "I can't give up just like this. I'm on a quest.; to make the Mojave great again.

    On his journey, he came across Helios one, where he was greeted by a local Lieutenant.
    "Erm...I'm a new recruit. Just got pulled in from California" Trump lied. He had no idea why, but he just kind of panicked.
    (I would just like to take a minute here to say how hilarious I found what the description of this quest objective in your pip-boy is)
    (I found this kind of amusing)

    Trump agreed to help this man. Might be some good pay in it too.
    Trump went in to the tower to redirect the power, and found himself surrounded by turrets. After several stimpaks, all the Assault Riffle Rounds he could shoot, a vial of Psycho, and a good nights sleeep in a nearby motel, Trump finally destroyed those fucking turrets.

    Eventually, he found himself at the top of the tower, the terminal asked him where he wished to redirect the power. An idea sprung in to his mind.

    If Caesar's Legion were going to win the election, he was going to need to deal with any voters who supported the New Californian Republic.

    He redirected the power to the Archimedes.
    (I chose Ferocious Loyalty as his level 6 perk, because he has an almost cult-like following)

    "Just three more days till I get to go home to California" Osborne thought to himself as he staggered along on his wounded leg.

    Osborne had heard news of the birth of his grandchildren. While he felt remorse that he missed the birth, it kept him happy knowing that soon enough he'd be back home to see them.

    "Moring Osborne" said Jimmy "We're planning a leaving party for you on the day you leave. Be sure to be there."

    "I wouldn't want to miss it for the world" said Osborne "I'm going to miss all of you, but I'm glad to finally be able to get out of the Mojave."

    Suddenly an alarm sounded. The Troopers looked around, only to see a somewhat overweight blonde haired man on the tower, pulling some kind of lever.

    Suddenly, fire reigned from the sky, Jimmy was burning. "Oh God the pain" he screamed, the lower side of his chin was melting by this point. His boiling skin fell off, and cut a hole in his arm. Jimmy's screams could be heard for miles.

    Osborne fell to the ground. It was too much. He had lost many close friends in this war, but to lose one in such a violent way was new even to him. Osborne found himself feeling new types of grief, that he could not possibly explain to anyone who had not been there.

    He looked, and he saw Loki, one of the local guard dogs who he had grown fond of during the assignment. Well, he saw what was left of his charred corpse.

    He looked up to the man on the tower, and yelled "Why are you doing this to us?"

    A grin arose on Trump's face, he was hoping someone would ask that.

    He answered the question, the words felt natural to him, he had spoken them so many times. "So I can make the Mojave great again."

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  10. SarcasticGoodGuy

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    Aug 31, 2016
    You need to do the DLCs after this.
    Trump needs campaign funds and must infiltrate a Mexican casino.
    Win the Mormon vote in Zion valley.
    Robo-scorpion incursions are threatening the Mojave! If Trump is the one to drive him back that's even more votes.
    A Hillary supporter has took refuge in Canada, travel the border and make an example of him.
    Gun Runner's Arsenal. That one needs no explanation.
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  11. Jogre

    Jogre It's all JO'Ger now

    Oct 25, 2015
    I might do the DLCs, however I'm probably going to complete the main game first, and go back to an earlier save for DLCs.

    Problem is, most of the DLCs are either very isolated, or very linear, and while great for an ordinary playthrough, this one kinda needs situations where Trump can make ridiculous decisions.
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  12. Jogre

    Jogre It's all JO'Ger now

    Oct 25, 2015
    (Ok, last one and I'm done for today.)

    First thing Trump woke up to that morning was the sound of
    "This is Mr New Vegas, and I'm here with an emergency broadcast. Reports have just come in of a malfunction at Helios One. An Archimedes weapon owned by Poseidon Energy seems to have fired at the solar power plant.

    Some NCR Officials have began to wonder if this is the result of a Legion-related terrorist attack. The head of the NCR Rangers, Chief Hanlon has called for anyone who knows anything about the events to report immediatly to the nearest NCR Outpost"

    Trump turned off the radio, grabbed a cup of coffee, and put on his best suit of leather armor. It was time for yet another day of making the Mojave great again.
    Trump rolled his eyes. He couldn't deal with this first thing in the morning.

    So Trump decided to deal with retards the only way he knew how.

    He began pretending to have a spasm and responded "We got a chupacabra. Wow ghosts. I'm no-bark Noonan"

    "No I'm No-Bark Noonan" No-Bark responded. "Wait, unless. Your a younger version of me. I recognise me when I see him." You came here from the past t'help us out didn'tya?"

    Just like every broken clock is right twice a day, some of what No-Bark said turned out to be helpful.

    Trump had learnt from No-Bark that the town was having trouble with Ghouls, over by a "Rocket-Factory"

    If he was to win the votes of this quaint little town in the upcoming election, he'd need to help them with there troubles.
    He travelled to the west, and found the corpse of a Glowing one, he knew he was on the right track.
    Trump has a little fight with the Feral Ghouls.
    More Clues as to what has happened here.
    Trump heard the voice of what sounded like a sentient Ghoul over the intercom. The mystery had just got more interesting.
    It turned out the voice over the intercom wasn't a ghoul at all, but rather a delusional human, who believed he was a ghoul.
    20160904153229_1.jpg 20160904153301_1.jpg
    Trump tried to find out all he could about these Ghouls in the REPCONN facility. As he talked to them more and more, his face lit up. He immediatly agreed to help them vanquish the "Demons" in the basement.

    "Yes!" Trump exclaimed on his way down "Fundamentalist Christians!, There sure to prefer me to Hillary!"

    Ever since Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, most Fundamentalists had turned there attention to Trump. If Trump hits the bullseye on the nightkin, and the fanatics claimed that Donald Trump had been able to excersize demons, the rest of them would fall for Trump like dominoes falling off of a House of Cards, and then it would be Checkmate against Hillary.
    This day was just getting better and better for Trump.

    Trump had met with the leader of the Nightkin; Davison.

    Davison informed Trump that the Nightkin were searching the building for an invoice for dozens of crates filled with Stealth Boys.

    You see, Trump was good friends with the mutants. There are some who claim Trump is not good friends with the Mutants, but he's going to sue them when he becomes president of the Mojave.

    This publicity stunt would prove once and for all to Nightkin communities across the Mojave that trump was the right candidate for the job.
    Trump met with the Ghoul trapped in the basement, going by the name of Harland. Harland was a lot more skeptical about all of Jason Bright's teachings, and so wouldn't exactly be the prime target for votes.
    "Look, kid, I need to come up there and look for an invoice for the nightkin." Trump stated
    "You crazy or something?, I ain't givin' up my position so you can have a tea party with those fuckers!" Harland responded.
    "Ashame. To be honest, I don't like mutants much, and since your neither a fundementalist nor a Nightkin, you are expendable in my campaign"

    Harland had seen this in the wastelands before. Just another cocky wastelander trying to scare him off. He put Trump in the scope of his riffle, and was amazed, as he vanished before his very eyes.
    "Enough of the magic tricks" Harland exclaimed, "I will find you!"

    Harland had fought with many Wastelanders before, he knew he couldn't live forever, but he also knew he wouldn't die by the hand of this crazy asshole. He began searching.

    Suddenly, he heard a voice. The room echoed so much he couldn't pinpoint exaclty where it was coming from
    "Your just one of many I'm going to kill in my campaign. Truth is, you can't stump the trump, because he knows his way around all too well. You are just a bloodstain on my suit. Don't think your death will mean anything, it will just be another triumph on my journey..."

    A red beam flew towards Harland, he reached out his hand to stop it, but it did nothing, as his whole body turned to ash.
    Trump stepped out of the shadows and grinned, "...To make the Mojave great again!"
    Trump found an email stating that the Stealth Boys were being sent back to the factory they were made in.
    He went back and reported to Davison, who distrusted him at first, but "Antler" informed him that Trump was telling the truth.
    "Very well then" sighed Davison "Me and my troops will continue search for the Stealth Boys."
    "Be sure to vote Trump in the upcoming election" Trump remarked
    "Antler says we will" Davison responded.
    Trump was slowly beginning to realise: These Ghouls weren't just fundementalist christians, they were also trying to set up a privately funded space program.

    Trumps raging erection was starting to grow even bigger. He had always been a sponsor of privatising space travel, and the success of these Ghouls would be just the sign the world needed to support him in that.

    Trump could imagine how much helping Bright and his followers would make him go up in the polls. He would be an unstoppable war machine.

    And so trump began looking around for the components nescessary to get the rockets working. He was able to get a cheeky deal at Old Lady Gibsons using his silver tongue, and even managed to convince her to give him the Control Modules for free.

    He was also able to get the fuel from Cliff Briscoe's store(Since Cliff wouldn't need it anymore for obvious reasons).
    Chris Haversem was coming to the realisation that he was not a Ghoul.
    "Y'Know, there's a town nearby called Novac, I'm sure they'd appreciate a technician around there" Trump Suggested
    "What?, For real?, Live among humans again?"
    "Sure, and remember to convince your human friends to vote for me in the upcoming election"
    And so, the Ghouls flew off in to space 'n shit, and Trump watched in awe. This was surely, one of the highlights of his campaign to presidency.
    (Hats off to Obsidian for such an awesome quest here. The whole dungeon felt very much like something out of classic Fallout, and there are an insane amount of choices, plus whose doesn't love hearing Ride of the Valkyries while rocketships fly in to outer-space. I feel this whole questline doesn't get enough love)

    And so Trump ventured out in to the wastes once again, on his way to Boulder City, in hopes of finding the man who shot him. However his journey was interrupted.
    A squadron of NCR Rangers had stopped him in the road
    "There are suspicions that you were responsible for the recent attack on Helios One. Over the next 3 days we'll be performing a full investigation so we know exactly what happened. If it turns out that you have anything to do with the attacks, your as good as dead. You understand that Mr Trump?"
    "I could sue you for this y'know" Trump responded
    The Ranger Captain scoffed, and ordered her squadron to follow her.
    Trump hadn't been to Boulder City for a while.

    The last time he visited was during 7-11

    He was there when the firetrucks and the NCR armored carriers drove in, he saw it all, and on that day, he swore he would never let something like 7-11 happen again.
    Trump heard that the Khans were holding this place under siege. With his silver tongue, he would defuse this situation.

    Trump was able to learn from Jessup, that the man who shot him in the head was known as Benny, and was a powerful figure on the New Vegas Strip.

    "I don't like to use the word screw, but I'm going to screw up Benny real bad." Trump stated. "You want me to take vengance on him on your behalf, let the hostages go, and the NCR will let you walk free" Trump announced.
    And so Donald Trump(Who'd have thought) had succesfully defused a hostage situation.
    And an old friend was there to see it
    "I don't appreciate you following me Victor" Trump remarked
    "Well, you can't blame the Tin Man for followin' the same Yellow Brick Road as Dorothy."
    "Listen, either you don't get it, or you get it better than anyone else understands, either way is unnaceptable"
    "You have a big ego, if you dont mind me pointin' out"
    "Show me a man without a big ego, and I'll show you a loser" Trump snarkily responded.
    Victor ignored him and wheeled himself onwards towards New Vegas.
    (By the way, Trump leveled up a while ago. I took Sneering Imperialist as a perk, for obvious reasons.

    And so, Trump continued on his journey to the New Vegas Strip. His quest for petty vengeance was nearly at an end.
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  13. Atomkilla

    Atomkilla Hazel Hegemon oTO Orderite

    Dec 26, 2010
    Great stuff, mate, keep up the good work. If you ask me, you can go with less screenshots and more text. What you write is far more amusing than what you printscreen.

    I do kinda hope you don't side Trump with Legion. He independently funded his campaign, after all.
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  14. Jogre

    Jogre It's all JO'Ger now

    Oct 25, 2015

    Just so you know, I read your Hass playthrough back when I first started using this forum, and Cliff and Harland's death were somewhat inspired by your style of writing.
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  15. Atomkilla

    Atomkilla Hazel Hegemon oTO Orderite

    Dec 26, 2010

    Aww, man, that's such a nice thing to hear. Thanks for reading and I'm really glad you liked it enough to use it as an inspiration for such gruesome and awesome deaths.

    I wager @Hassknecht and Trump would probably get along just fine...for about 5 seconds.

    Anyway, give MOAR
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    Oct 25, 2015
    On his way to the New Vegas Strip, our hero came across Trading Post 118. There he decided to stop at a diner to eat, and trade for a few extra stimpaks for his journey.
    Trump began to think, did he recognise the name "Brotherhood of Steel"?, he thought he knew it from somewhere.
    "I had an ex-wife from the Brotherhood of Steel I think"
    "Really?" Vernoica said surprised
    "Or she might have been from the Czech Republic. She was from one of those backwards tribal societies nobody gives a shit about."
    "Great. Yeah. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Say, where you travelling to?"
    "New Vegas Strip, got business with one of the casino bosses."
    "Mind if I travel along, I've always wanted to see more of the Mojave."
    "Sure, anything you want" Trump said suggestively.
    Trump knew Veronica was flirting with him, whether she knew it or not. Trump had bedded women who seemed like they were happily married, so getting Veronica would be no trouble for him.
    "Before we go, you ought to know, I didn't run in to trouble with the Brotherhood. I'm actually a scribe for the Brotherhood. We have a lot of enemies, I had to see if I could trust you."
    On his way to the Strip, Trump came across Camp McCaran an NCR encampment. He heard from the soldiers that they were having trouble with Fiends, and were beggining to hire mercenaries. Trump knew this was the ideal place to look for work.
    "Damned Fiends!" Trump excalimed.

    "I'd be fine if they were taking there best to fight the NCR, but they ain't sending there best. They are sending Rapists, and Thieves!" Trump scoffed "When I'm president of the Mojave, I'm going to build a wall, and make the fiends pay for it"

    Then suddenly he realised, why wait. He could deal with the Fiends now, and get the funds to build his wall.
    "How much you willing to pay me?" Trump asked
    "You kill there leader Motor Runner, he's got a bounty of a hundred caps on his head. I'll also personally get the troops to pool together all there money to give you a bonus as well."
    And just like that, Trump agreed.

    On his way out of the base, he ended up accidentally tripping up an NCR Ranger figure, wearing a Beret and a bandana covering his face.
    "Sorry sir" Trump said
    "Don't-t-t-t-t w-w-w-w-orry about-t-t-t it-t" the man replied.

    This man seemed to have some kind of speech difficulties. Trump decided to deal with him the only way he knew how to deal with disabled people.
    "Oh i'm g-g-g-glad you aren't up-up-up-set-t-t-t by it" Trump responded.

    Trump found his way to the New Vegas ruins. Him and Veronica were unstoppable. War parties of fiends fell by there hands. Until eventually, they reached Vault 3.
    Trump and Vernoica fought through the legions of Fiends defending the Vault.

    Trump felt a sense of how much his actions were making the Mojave great again. These Fiends he were killing, were idiots. They didn't write good, they didn't know how to write good. Plus, they didn't know how to use the Energy Weapons they were stockpiling.

    It would take an hour and a half at most to learn how to use Plasma Riffles, and Trump already knew half of it.
    Trump saw the captives that the Fiends had locked in the jail cells. They were being held for Ransom.

    Trump was about to see them, when he saw in the back, they had a Ghoul.

    Now Trump didn't like those that looked different to him, at all, especially not mutants. Usually he would just let the Ghoul be, but this one was in a cage, so the opportunity was too good to miss.

    Trump Got a Lead Pipe out of his bag, and threw it. The pipe got lodged right in the Ghouls head. He screamed in pain. The other two prisoners panicked "What the fuck are you doing!" Rick Lancer yelled.

    "Hush now" Trump responded "Don't want the fiends to hear you"
    He grabbed the two remaining prisoners and snapped there necks.
    (My Level 10 perk was Fortune Finder, because Trump is an entrepreneur after all)
    Trump continued on his journey through Vault 3.

    In the passageway, he heard a loud beeping. Landmines!, Luckily he was able to disable them all.

    He eventually found out that there was an NCR Ranger hiding in a spare room.
    "I'm here to kill Motor Runner" Trump responded
    "Why the fuck did you think I'm in this shithole? I tried the same but they overwhelmed me" Anders responded. "Can't reach him though. I'm wounded."
    "Come with us. The three of us toghether will be stronger against Motor Runner."
    And so Trump, Veronica and Ranger Anders continued there quest in Vault 3, blablabla, big battles occured, blablabla.

    Suddenly, there were too many of them, the Fiends were coming from both directions.
    "We Can't hold them off for much longer."

    Suddenly Bryce Anders made a corageous move, as he charged in to one of the parties of Fiends, a landmine in his hands
    "Noooooooooooooooooooo!" yelled Trump as the group of Fiends blew up.

    He ran up to the ranger, now bleeding out.
    "I can't make it" said Bryce "You must go on without me."
    "I can't leave you behind. I've known you for like 5 minutes, which was practically enough time to get to know you as a character by Hollywood logic"
    "GO!" yelled Ranger Bryce. "You have to kill Motor Runner" he said coughing up blood "Put an end to The Fiends terror over the Mojave"

    And so for the sake of speeding up the plot, Trump shrugged and continued on his merry way.
    There he was. Motor-Runner, the leader of the Fiends. If Trump killed this guy, the bounty was all his.

    Trump ran up to Motor Runner before he could react, and snapped his neck, as Veronica held back the two dogs.
    James Hsu handed Trump a bag of 300 Caps. This would be more to build his wall.

    But all this reminded Trump of his visits to the NCRCF. He knew he had unfinished business somewhere.

    An old friend had told him that the Powder Gangers had traveled northwards. By asking around Camp Mccaran, he was able to pinpoint where abouts the Powder Ganger attacks were coming from.
    That's odd, Trump Could have sworn the Powder Gangers were attacking from here.

    This must be where they had set up base.

    As Trump entered Vault 19, he met a man named Samuel Cooke.

    "We need to take on these escaped inmates" Trump whispered to Veronica. Veronica nodded, and punched Samuel in the face with a power fist. His neck snapped in two

    "Not like that" Trump remarked, "Trust me, we need to leave as many alive as possible."

    The noise had been heard from other parts of the Vault, and several dozen Powder Gangers came, armed with Assault Riffles and Plasma Pistols. Trump and Veronica fought through there legions, leaving few survivors. Those few who survived the battle were tied up, and taken to a spare room in the Vault.
    Most of the surviving convicts were passed out and close to death.

    "Wakey, Wakey!" Trump yelled "Guard the door Veronica, you won't want to see this"

    "What are you going to do to us?" One of the prisoners asked

    "All I can tell you, is that it will be far worse than Waterboarding." Trump responded.

    The Shrieks of the prisoners echoed all across the vault, several of the prisoners begged for him to end there live, which did nothing but fuel Donald Trump's insanity.

    "Why are you doing this?" asked one of the prisoners.

    Trump was happy the question had finally been asked.
    He responded the only way he knew how

    "So I can make the Mojave great again!"

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  17. Jogre

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    Oct 25, 2015
    Trump was sound asleep in his tent, and Veronica was still out by the campfire.

    The scars of what she had overheard still bore there mark. Question after question raced through her mind

    Who was this man she was travelling with?, Had she partnered up with some sort of sociopath?

    This man had violently tortured a group of captives, what could she do?

    Should she continue helping this man in his travels?, Be an accomplice to his crimes?

    Should she leave?, would he even let her?, She certainly didn't want to anger Trump. She could only guess what he'd do to her.

    Should she just run off in the night?, He'd probably find her

    She could just kill him in his sleep, be done with him. Only problem is, this man had a reputation for being a hero around the Mojave after killing Motor Runner. A guy like him goes missing, they'll probably be Bounty Hunters crawling up and down the Mojave.

    What should she do?, Such a big question that she had such little time to answer.
    Trump had arrived at the Northern Side of New Vegas. Before he ventured in to the city itself, he first decided to pay a visit to the Crimson Caravan.

    An old friend back in Goodsprings had promised him a handsome reward if he ever visited the headquarters over in Vegas. Plus, Trump had heard great things about the Caravan. Of there success over in The Hub due to taking routes that nobody else dare took, how up until the rise of Caesar, they were the only Californian Caravan Company that dared trade in New Mexico.

    Trump was a businessman. Having the second most successful caravan company this side of The Colorado River in his pocket would surely work well for his own personal gain.
    (So Trump got the payment n' shit)

    An idea had just occured to Veronica.
    "Hey, Trump, can I speak to you for a second?" she asked
    "Sure, anything you need"
    "Its been great travelling, but I'll need to head back to see my family over in the Brotherhood pretty soon."
    "Well now's not the best time, I got tons of business here in Vegas."
    "Oh sorry, it's only the continued existence of the Brotherhood that's relying on me, nothing more important than some revenge plot." She said sarcastically
    "Oh, if your such a smartass, why don't you just make your own way there?"

    Veronicas face suddenly lit up.

    Trump let out a sigh. He had gotten used to having someone watch over his back as he slept, and he genuinely appreciated all that Veronica had done to help him.
    "Fine, I'll help you get back to see the Brotherhood"

    At which point Veronica's face dropped again.

    Before heading to Freeside, Trump decided to pick up a few jobs from the local head of Crimson Caravan, Alice McLafferty. If the Crimson Caravan started depending on him, he was one step closer to taking them for himself.
    The only way through to the New Vegas Strip was through Freeside.

    Trump had never seen a bigger hive of villainy in his life, the place sickened him.

    Poor people and junkies littered the streets of Freeside, and Trump isn't too big on poor people or junkies.

    This place reminded Trump of Mexico. It was like Mexico times 10. Or Mexic000 as Trump called it.

    "They should build a wall" Trump remarked "And make Freeside pay for it."
    Trump couldn't quite believe what he saw.

    A huge ass wall, manned by Armed Security, seperating Freeside from the New Vegas strip.

    Trump stared at the gate in awe. An orgasmic feeling of pure ecstasy came over him, almost like he was participating in some kind of Dionsyian ritual. This couldn't be real, this had to be his imagination. Hell, even his wildest dreams couldn't imagine something so perfect, so pure.
    "Fuck!" Trump thought to himself. It was at this point he realized what side of the wall he was actually on.

    "Listen to me you piece of shit!" Trump exclaimed "You better let me past that gate or there will be trouble"

    "Do not attempt to tresspass!" The Securitron responded
    "Don't you know who I am?" Trump exclaimed "I am Donald J Trump, owner of Trump Towers!, I could buy you out a hundred times over, so let me pass!"
    "If you are who you say you are, you should be able to pass the credit check. 2,000 Caps."

    2,000 Caps?, was this guy insane?, Where was Trump supposed to get that kind of money?, he doesn't just travel around with small loans of one million caps on him.

    He decided there was only one solution to this problem. When in Rome...
    Trump started by trying his hand at the Roulette wheel over in the Atomic Wrangler. Sadly, he wasn't quite intelligent enough to understand Roulette, he just chucked his chips on the table and figured, if he was lucky, he'd take home all the winnings.

    Sadly, those aren't the rules of Roulette, and he found himself losing a small loan of 165 caps.

    He decided to instead, try a game he was more familiar with, a game even simpletons could play:Blackjack.

    You see, in Trump Logic, the best way to earn back the 165 caps you lost in roulette, is to bet that exact amount and hope it breaks even, and so he did. He looked at his hand: A Queen and an Ace. He had got a Blackjack the very first round. He couldn't believe his luck.

    Within a good hour, he swore that he nearly bankrupted the Garrets. He started with a little more than a thousand caps, and somehow tripled that in so little time.

    He decided, if he was going to take the winnings from this joint, he might as well take as much as he could get. Since he had already hit the jackpot, he decided to top it off through working for the Garrets.
    James Garret suggested hiring Trump as a pimp.

    Trump had no issues with prostitution, hell one of his ex-wives spent a little while working as an escort(I'm sorry Trump, please don't sue me). He didn't see why doing this job wouldn't work out well for him, he gets money, supports there business. Why not?, he figured.
    After a long days work(If you class finding whores for a local casino work, then again its probably work for Trump), Trump had finally got all the prostitutes that the Garrets were looking for. He knew a handy sum of caps would come from this.

    On his way back to the Atomic Wrangler however, he was stopped by a man in the street.
    Trump could feel his blood boiling. His face widened, and turned red with rage. The Muses themselves sung of the great anger Donald Trump felt upon that day.

    This man spoke with a Mexican accent, and was trying to sell him drugs. Everything Trump had been saying had been true. His anger for the Mexicans grew as this man tried to speak to him. He should burn the whole of Freeside down, just for letting this man in.

    In a fit of rage, he pushed Dixon to the floor, and started punching in his face. He then got up and kicked him in the nose. Dixon's nose was bleeding, and he was coughing up blood. He put his hands in the air in a desperate attempt to try and push back the assailant, but that didn't stop Trump. Trump jumped on the mans neck, snapping it backwards. Dixon struggled to breath, he violently clambered around, until finally he stopped.
    Trump's bloodlust was sated. For now.
    For his Level 12 perk I chose "Here and Now". He definetely doesn't have Fast Metabolism, and he doesn't seem like a "Fight the Power" type of guy, so it was either that, one of the Guardian Angel Perks(Mysterious Stranger and Miss Fortune), Night Person or Life Giver. Seemed the most appropriate, as an extra level never hurt nobody.

    Trump was able to get past the New Vegas Strip gate, and there he was greeted by someone he was convinced had been following him since Goodsprings.

    So, Mr House was looking for him.

    Trump was a Businessman before all else, and Mr House was one of the wealthiest men in the world. Having Mr House as a business associate would only work in Trump's favor.
    "I know why I'm important" Trump responded

    "Oh?, and why is that?" asked Mr. House, curiosity

    "You see Rob, can I call you Rob?, The Beauty of me, is that I'm very, very rich."

    House raised his left eyebrow in confusion.

    "No seriously Rob, when your as rich as I am, people don't care what your policies are. Hell, I could kill a man and my fans won't give a shit, they'll just be like 'Oh but he is a good bussinessman'"

    House sighed, and went back to what he was saying.
    "What is this item?" Trump asked
    "It's called the Platinum Chip. It looks like a Casino Chip, when in fact it's oh so much more. You know the man who stole it, he shot you in the head."
    "Say I recover this, Platinum Chip?" Inquired Trump "What's in it for me."
    "Work with me, and you will never be short of funds nor power. You will be richer and more powerful then you are even now. But for the chip, I will pay a thousand caps."
    "Sounds like its worth a little more to you than that"
    "I appreciate someone who can haggle. You'll make a fine employee. 1250 caps"

    Trump was a little thrown off by the compliment. Usually he'd bargain for higher, but he agreed.

    As he left the Lucky 38 Casino, talk of the town was about him. He'd apparently been the first man to enter that building for a good two hundred years. He had caught the eye of more than just gamblers however.

    An NCR Courier came by and handed him a note.
    He read the note. Ambassador Crocker had arranged a meeting over by the NCR Embassy. If Trump attended, he was promised that all investigations in to him due to the Helios One incident would be called off.

    To be honest, Trump would be glad to have the investigations called off. He had been part of some less than admirable business practices over the years, and the NCR finding out about that would definitely not work well in his favor. He would accept the invitation, but first he had more pressing issues to attend to.
    Trump was a man of business. He agreed to meet this man in private, to discuss matters. After all, he didn't want to make a scene while surrounded by Benny's bodyguards. Plus, the Presidential Suite in a resort in Vegas didn't sound too bad.

    He took the elevator to the penthouse.

    As he stepped in to his new room Veronica Remarked "You know this is probably a trap right?"

    Shit, why hadn't he thought of that.
    Four armed hitmen came through the elevator, silenced pistols loaded. Trump hid behind a table, and waited for them to search for him, and snapped three of there necks, Veronica smashed the other two's heads open with a Pool Cue. They made quick work of them, and would be able to track down and kill Benny in no time.
    Trump did find something more interesting in Benny's room though.
    He was able to learn that Benny had reprogrammed a Securitron to hack in to Mr House's systems. Benny had run off to Fortification Hill according to this "Yes Man". He left the building to begin his search immediately.
    It seemed that everything was fitting in to place. Benny was running to Fortification Hill, which was under the control of Legion. Soon his paths would cross with Caesar at last, and he would get his revenge.

    It seemed like lots of people were trying to befriend Trump now. With major political parties, and entrepreneurs all wanting him on there side, Trump truly had the power to make the Mojave great again.
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  18. Atomkilla

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    Dec 26, 2010
  19. Jogre

    Jogre It's all JO'Ger now

    Oct 25, 2015
    Cass pushed her glass forwards
    "Another!" she demanded
    "Usual?" asked the barkeep
    "When I order something other than whiskey I'll let you fucking know"
    Cass had been at the bar for several days now. Roads were still closed, and the traffic was still stuck. She couldn't stand another day here, she wanted to be on the road again, and get out of this hellhole.
    A man with quirky blonde hair, and a red baseball cap with the words "Make the Mojave great again" etched on it sat next to her.
    "You Rose Sharon Cassidy?" asked the stranger.
    "What's it worth to you?"
    "Crimson Caravan is interested in buying out"
    "Your name still brings in a lot of business. I'm sure Crimson Caravan would make an excellent addition to Tru....I mean Crimson Caravans."
    "Yeah, well I ain't selling my name for a piece of paper."
    "Ashame, Last I heard your caravan was one of the main reasons your stuck here."
    "Although, if I am to sell Cassidy Caravans, I do have one request."
    "You name it" Trump replied.
    Trump and Cass headed to the next caravan. There the assailant's corpses seemed to have been left behind. From looking around, Cass was able to find out the source of there energy weapons, and there contracts.
    "You know, we get evidence for this, we could bring a case against them back in NCR, make Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs pay for what they did to Cassidy Caravans. You up for it."
    "Sure" lied trump.

    Shit, she was about to make a case in to some of the biggest business's the NCR had to offer. That would lead to investigations in to corporations all across the republic. Hell, that could even lead in to investigations in to Trump Towers.

    This couldn't end well, once the investigations in to Trump started, first they would find out how much less he pays his black workers, then they would find the same about female workers, then his mexican workers. He had already been fined by the Justice Department multiple times, he couldn't pay any more. He had to put an end to this.

    "Hey look, something really distracting" Trump yelled as he grabbed Cass, and started smashing her head on a nearby rock.
    "Now there are no witnesses" Trump smirked.

    "The Van Graffs" he said to himself "Sounds like I'd get along just fine with them."
    Trump leveled up, and I chose Purifier as his level 14 perk, because in this playthrough Trump is very anti-mutant, and I'm sure he'll probably end up murdering a bunch of innocent Supermutants at some point or another.
    20160906173808_1.jpg ]
    "Damn" Trump said to himself "These guys killed someone just to prove a business point". He saw potential here, something he could utilize for his own business.

    I mean, moving card dealers from ethnic minorities in order to please high end businessmen was one thing, but perhaps if he worked with the Van Graffs he could go much, much further.

    Trump decided it was his duty to do everything in his power to help these people.
    The one thing Trump didn't like about this job is that he'd have to do a lot of work for the blacks.

    Trump didn't have any particular issue with black people, hell he even visited a Pentecostal church in a desperate attempt to prove he wasn't racist once, he just preferred that he was the boss of them, and that they stayed as far away from his money, and casinos that he's visiting as physically possible.

    However, Trump decided that in order to utilize there business strategies, he had to stay working for the Van Graff's.

    Eventually, after doing a few jobs for them here and there, he was given the job of guarding a package going to a nearby warehouse.
    "When I say now, I wan't you to start shooting, no question's asked. Do You understand Trump?" Gloria Van Graff asked.
    "Wait, what."
    "I said no question's asked."

    Suddenly a smoke grenade landed near the legionaries, and a battle broke out. NCR Soldiers ran out from behind several crates. The Legionaries were disposed of in minutes.
    Trump was satisfied. He had some new business partners by his side, who he would surely learn a lot from.

    Trump at that point remembered, a promise he had made to Veronica. A promise to take her back to see the Brotherhood of Steel.
    "Goddamned Hippies" Trump thought as soon as he saw the bunker.
    Trump and Veronica were granted permission in to the bunker.

    At long last Trump would finally be able to meet the brotherhood of....HOLY FUCKING WHAT DID THAT GUY JUST SAY!
    "What kind of distorted reality am I living in" Trump thought to himself.

    A look of sheer horror arrived on his face, a Mexican was trying to keep Trump out.

    He knew the end was coming, such a perversion on the order of things.

    Alas however, this Mexican had a suit of Power Armor. And even though Trump knew that it was probably stolen or bought through drug money, he still didn't want to mess with a guy in Power Armor.

    "Well, I think I'm going to have to stay here" Veronica said to Trump

    Trump felt a moment of sadness for a minute, to lose such a close and trusted friend.

    "Oh well" he figured and headed on down to meet the Elder.
    The Brotherhood would make a great ally for Trump. Having a group of Power Armored soldiers on his side would surely help his presidential campaign.

    "Hold up a minute. Before you go any further, I can tell you want my help. I honestly don't give a shit about a bunch of guys in Power Armor from a third world country or whateverthefuck your backstory is, so you better tell me what's in this for me." Trump interrupted.
    "Well, when I'm in power, the Brotherhood will be a force to be reckoned with, and you'll be thankful to have us as an ally."
    Trump shrugegd "I don't want you guys getting too good at military. Nobody is better at the military than Donald Trump"

    He continued on his merry quest. The first Brotherhood Patrol was sent to Black Mountain.
    Trump could tell this Supermutant was dissilussioned with Tabitha, which gave him an idea.

    Trump had a very good relationship with the Supermutants, and by siding with this Neil, he could basically just slaughter a bunch of Mutants, and still keep that reputation. He decided to offer to help Neil overthrow Tabitha.

    Trump made his way up Black Mountain, fighting through the hordes of Supermutants, enjoying each and every moment of the slaughter he was commiting, until finally he reached the village near the peak.

    "I'll talk the snipers on the posts down, and let you get to Tabitha. Before you do, I have to ask that you free a friend of mine. There is a ghoul trapped within The Prison, goes by the name of Raul."
    (This didn't actually happen, as this part of the game is incredibly broken, and whenever I tried to get Neil to help, he said something among the lines of "Do what you have to do, and come to me when your ready")

    Trump entered the prison where Raul was being held.
    (I just have to say, how bad this quest makes me feel whenever I choose any option other than repairing Rhonda. Hearing Tabitha say over the radio "I miss you Rhonda, even after all these years" just really makes me feel bad for her.)
    The moment Trump saw Raul, a small amount of puke swelled up in his mouth. He swore he had seen one of the most disgusting things physically possible.

    Not only was this man a Mexican, but he was also a Ghoul. A sense of nihlism and desperation fell in to Trump's heart as he began to curse the heavens. "What kind of cruel God would allow such an abomination to walk upon the earth? A rapist, thief, and mutant all in one hideously deformed body. NO!" Trump screamed internally "God is dead, and this foul creature killed him! How can I get the blood of such a holy being off of the hands of this monstrosity!"

    Suddenly, a sense of Clarity came over Trump. Some foul rumors had been circulating that Trump hated Mexicans. He realized that he calls them rapists and thieves all the time, but he was amazed that people hadn't forgiven him after he ate a taco on Cinco de Mayo that one time. He sighed, how much would he need to do to make people forgive a couple hundred derogatory speeches he gave?

    Trump decided this man may be his chance of redemption. If he got a photo of himself shaking hands with some mexican guy he helped out, that would make everyone forgive him right?

    "I'll tell you what. I'll help you get your freedom, if you shake my hand, and I take a picture of it" Trump offered
    "That's an odd request, but strangely enough I prefer it to being abused in a dungeon by a crazy nightkin." Raul replied.

    As Trump and Raul left the prison, Tabitha jumped out from behind some barrells, a Super-Sledge in her hands "I WON'T LET YOU TAKE MY RAUL!" she screamed.

    Trump desperately scrambled for his Plasma Pistol, but was knocked to the ground by the swing of the sledge, luckily Raul held her back, while Trump began firing. Tabitha fell to the ground, and slumped in to a pile of Goo as the bolt of Plasma hit her.

    As Trump and Raul reached the bottom of the mountain, Trump decided it was time to take the photo. He hated having to shake his hands with one of...those, however if he was to prove to his potential voters once and for all that he wasn't at all racist, he had no other choice. Luckily, the size of his hands made them easy to clean.

    Once Trump had took the photo, he decided it was time to put an end to this freak of nature once and for all.
    Raul looked up at Trump, and saw he was holding Tabitha's Super Sledge in his hands, running towards him.

    Trump stood there, in a state of shock. Was this stranger going to kill him?

    Being freed from Black Mountain had filled Raul with hope, he had wanted to go back to the life of adventuring, become the great hero he always wanted to be. Maybe the kind of hero that could have saved sweet Rafaela.

    A moment of sorrow had came, Raul knew how much suffering there was in the world. His sister meant far more to him then anyone else, and he lost her. Worse, her life was taken from her, her body mutilated. Maybe Raul would end up like that too.

    Raul felt this was almost ironic for a second. He had always felt that he had never been able to avenge his sister's life, and in his last moments, it seemed that nobody was going to come to avenge him.

    Trump whacked Raul in the stomach with the Super Sledge, and he fell to the ground. Raul wouldn't give up like this. He was a great warrior, he had fought for many years. Though he was old, arthiritic and ghoulified, he still had a fighter within him. Raul clambered to his feet.

    Trump then made another swing at Raul, this time in the legs. One of them broke, and Raul immediately fell back to the floor.

    It was his fighting spirit which kept him standing the last time, however this time he thought of his sister, how he wished he could save her again and again, maybe he could save others from his grief, if he just kept going. He clambered upon one leg, and tried to get up.

    Trump hit again, this time in the other leg. Raul fell to his knees. Light was pouring in from all directions, Raul tried to resist the sweet release death would provide him. Why?, Not for his heroic past, nor for his sister, but this time for himself. He realised now that he never wanted to be a hero, he was simply trying to save his sister over and over again. It had almost become a ritual for him, in every life he had saved, he simply saw what he could have done.

    This man was a killer, the kind that mutilated his sister. Raul in his last few breaths, decided he would try and stand up to this man, and make sure he never hurt anybody ever again. Trump prepared one final swing.

    the light was starting to envelop Raul. Soon, all he could see was an array of almost liquid-like light. It enveloped him. His desire for vengeance was gone, and he no longer felt any of his anger, sorrow or fear.

    His sister, Rafaela was there to greet him. Raul wanted to burst out in to tears, but he couldn't. Instead he apologized "I'm sorry I couldn't save you"

    "You have nothing to apologize for" his sister replied warmly "There's nothing you could have done. You shouldn't hate yourself Raul, you are a good man, and many owe there lives to you."

    The light seemed to slow down, and Raul realized he had to make a choice. If he stepped forwards now he would be rejoined with his sister, if he stepped back he could defend himself, kill this villain who tried to put an end to his life. "Fuck it" Raul said, any anger or grief he had was gone. He had no reason to go back to that life that always hated him. He stepped forwards.

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    Feb 4, 2016
    I will say this, great stuff. And I love your perspective on it.

    That said I will be brutally honest, I really, really, really want to see Trump die as a way to make Mojave great again.

    He has done so much evil he deserves a bullet to the head.

    Still I love this playthrough, but I wouldn't do one myself.
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