Mods that would make Fallout 4 fun

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    Devil's Advocate: The shelf life of the Fusion cores for the PAs started before the war, and would have ended before the events of Fallout 2. Silly as it sounds... presumably the cores used in FO4 could be retro-fit parts that are not truly up to the task.

    Having never played FO4... I've no idea of their fiction about it. I can say that aside from giving the armor early, and allowing the PC to personally tinker with it (both bad mistakes)... The PA's are about the best done thing in all of FO4, from what I've seen. IMO they finally got something (at least mostly) right.

    Of course I like to think that my many posts on their forums suggesting they do the FO4 PA armors almost exactly the way they ended up doing them... was no coincidence; and the same goes for the many times I suggested (for the FO3 collector's edition), that Jones Soda be contracted to do a Nuka~Cola.

    I apparently predicted Point Lookout—months before FO3 shipped... as a parody of how bad it could be, and what kind of game Fallout 1 (or 2) would have to have been, to get FO3 as a proper sequel:
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    Firearms have parts that break or malfunction because they are not properly manufactured in the factory or because of whatever other reasons.

    My AR-15's plastic polymer butt stock just recently chipped and cracked at the end that you put into your shoulder.

    My Desert Eagles feeder didn't work properly it was a defect from the factory so I had to purchase a brand new feeder for my Desert Eagle.

    My 1940's Mosin Nagant bolt action cracked for no reason a few years ago.

    My Remington 870's wooden butt stock cracked for no reason.

    My USP that I purchased brand new in 2015 it's hammer the tip of it broke just this May 2017 for no reason.

    My 1911, which I purchased used from someone who had it from 1985 had it's feeder and magazine worn out that they didn't fit properly anymore as of February 2017.

    Wooden parts of weapons if they are not kept in a sealed environment and left in the mud or in the water for two hundred years should start rotting.

    Metal like iron and steel should rust if not oiled.

    The pipe firearms in Fallout 4 seem to just be made of junk parts put together so those should jam and malfunction faster than shooting 1,000+ bullets.

    Leather armor like the chest piece getting two bullet holes from a .50 cal sniper rifle or a .50 cal machine gun, should be going from 100% health to like 5% health and should be thrown away or scrapped into usable materials.

    Other better manufactured firearms might not malfunction after 1,000+ rounds fired, but should still jam for bad cartridges.

    Fallout 4 is set two hundred years after the nuclear bombs were dropped, the planets natural elements should of destroyed most things from corrosion, to decay from the Earth's natural elements if left out not properly oiled and sealed.

    Bethesda Game Studios could of made the degradation fro both the armor and the weapons be a little bit slower than in Fallout 3 instead of just completely removing the armor and weapons degradation system.
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    A freeplay mode a la S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    I hate the radiant quests in Fallout 4, but I don't hate the idea of them. So a mod that both removed the stories and added more variety to the radiant quests would be quite interesting. Have each radiant quest giver have, say ten different types of quests they could give you, plus one hand crafted quest that you do after you've done some of their radiant quests to gain their trust. Pair that with a return of a reputation system from New Vegas, and a mod that would eliminate each and every mention of Shaun, and there might be an interesting game there.

    Seriously, get rid of the infant son storyline altogether. It makes no sense, especially after the "twist." Just make a freeplay with alternative starts, and let me form my own connections, if possible.