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    Apr 2, 2003
    I noticed a thread started by MCA, where Red evidently had emailed him some information about the official Fallout 2 editors, lookie here:<blockquote>I wanted to thank Red_Nmmo for passing along the following information about the editor that should prove helpful:


    Here's a version that removes ambiguities and adds some details.

    When there's a slash ("/"), the left part is in edit mode, while the right is in the game mode (F8). Most of the normal game function still work in the editore - moreso in the game mode of course. The M key is especially useful for selecting critters as it doesn't have the issue of "clicking a bunch of time until you hit the critter" problem since you know exactly where you click.

    B: Fix map objects to PIDs (same as menu)
    C: Character/Copy
    F: Toggle some form of reporting on and off (fps? probably not)
    D: Switch light level look of map (Day, night et al)
    I: Inventory/List scripts (same as menu)
    K: Kill critter (and recucitate!)
    L: Give 500xp to OBJ_DUDE
    M: Mouse-Hex cursor toggle
    N: Advance 1 month
    O: Options
    P: Pipboy/Find tile under cursor in list
    Q: Make walls transparent (not invisible - neat!)
    R: Toggles roofs on/off
    S: Skilldex
    T: Advance 1 minute/Open edit mode menu
    S: Place location script
    W: Worldmap [Note: if PROs are read-only, it crashes]
    Z: Rest
    [/]: /One step change of daylight

    Alt-A: Save As
    Alt-B: Edit OBJ_DUDE (Note: as in the menu.
    when exiting this function it leaves the screen mostly black!
    Alt-F: File menu
    Alt-G: Shift map (?)
    Alt-H: Crashes app
    Alt-I: Load text map
    Alt-N: Erase map
    Alt-O: Open map
    Alt-S: Save
    Alt-T: Scripts menu
    Alt-V: Tools menu
    Alt-W: Set map script
    Alt-Y: Use pattern

    Ctrl-F: Disable sound effect cache
    Ctrl-I: Pipboy map
    Ctrl-J: Give object to OBJ_DUDE
    Ctrl-L: Load savegame
    Ctrl-N: Advance 1 month
    Ctrl-P: Pause
    Ctrl-T: Adance 1 day
    Ctrl-V: Version

    F1: Help/Items
    F2: Critters
    F3: Scenery
    F4: Walls
    F5: Tiles
    F6: Misc
    F7: Quick Load Savegame
    F8: Switch to game mode
    F9: Rebuild Weapons (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
    F10: Rebuild proto list (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
    F11: Rebuild all (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
    F12: Screenshot

    The librarian menu can be toggled on with override_librarian=1 in the cfg

    You can load games into the editor, note however that the game's files are used instead of the ones found in the directories and/or the DATs. Also note that if you extracted and modified PRO files in your "working" directory, chances are loading the savegame will delete them so you'd need to make them read-only - but see the W key above...

    Getting the PRO files to be editable: On the same drive you installed Fallout2 (well, I don't know, it might be the same you installed the mapper, or in which master.dat is found in mapper2.cfg, I haven't toyedwith it much since it works for me), create /fallout2/dev/proto, and in it place the directories critters, items, scenery, tiles, walls, misc. Once that's done you can edit the pro files.

    Here's a sample of how it looks on my drive for reference (in hopes it looks good in the email...) E:\ \---fallout2

    ====================</blockquote>Damn, guess Red's been busy.. Nice job!