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    Dec 13, 2015
    I am going to try to make Fallout 4's intro more interesting, and more open ended than Bethesda did. If I need to explain something from a technical standpoint, I will put it in brackets []. If I introduce a choice, I will put it in these squiggly marks {}. I, however, am not trying to change the overall story of Fallout 4 and will generally be sticking to Bethesda's black and white morality since I don't have the patience to rewrite the whole game. The quest of finding Shaun will be treated as if he isn't your child, and can be completely skipped over. Shaun is still the leader of the Institute, but you don't find out that he was the baby you were looking fo unless you actually partake in the quest. I want to make it clear that I'm not a good writer in any way, so bare with me on this journey.

    The game starts off with just a character creation screen, where you are free to design your characters look however you want, followed by a screen allowing you to choose your characters stats. This is then followed by the famous slideshow letting you know about the struggle for resources, the unevitable dropping of the bombs, and what life in the post-apocalyptic wasteland is like (all narrated by Ron Perlman).
    Suddenly, you wake up to the sound of sirens; a voice is heard echoing throughout your surroundings saying, "Danger! Meltdown! Please evacuate the premises!". It takes you a second, but you realise your trapped in a small pod, frosted over by a steady flow of liquid nitrogen. You need to get out or else you will freeze to death. [Something went wrong with the freezing process, and it is no longer keeping you alive, but just freezing you to death] You start pounding on your pod door, and out the window you can see the silhouettes of other people in similar pods panicing and trying to escape as well. Finally, you hit some sort of fail-safe and the pod door opens. You fall to the ground, legs numb from not being used. [Here's where a choice could come in: either try to save the others, or leave everyone to die.]
    {Choice 1: Try to rescue the others}
    You crawl to another pod, and desperately try to hit the latch that opens the door. After trying unsuccessfully a few times, you finally manage to pull the lever, and the door opens. A cloud of steam comes out, and inside is a lady. She falls into your arms, and desperately tries to tell you that someone took her baby, and that you need to find him. You try to ask her if she knows who took him, but she ends up dying of shock. You open other pods, but it's too late, everyone else has perished from the cold. [No matter what pod is opened, it will always be the same lady, with every other pod being filled with a random person. To make this work, windows could be frosted over so you only see a silhouette of a person inside, and the steam coming out could be used to let the game load the model of someone inside.]
    {Choice 2: Leave everyone to die}
    If you leave everyone to die, they die. It wouldn't have too much of an effect on you as a character other than haing the knowledge that you left everyone to freeze to death.
    You are finally able to stand up, and make your way throughout the Vault. You find the skeletons of what look to be staff members laying about, but they look like they were all killed in one way or another. You can choose to read through terminals, and if you do, you will start to understand what went down.
    It turns out that a group of Vault-Tech staff members working in Vault 111 held the idea that the world outside needed to be purified, and that only people from before the war would be allowed to exist in their ideal world. They decided to leave everyone but the baby to die in the cryo-pods due to fear that they wouldn't comply. They killed the other staff members who wouldn't go along with their plan, took the baby, and left to go to another bunker of sorts built by Vault-Tech, but was never used. The location of this bunker is unknown, but you can gether clues as you progress through the story.
    Finally, with whatever supplies you gather, you set out into the wasteland with no memory your life before being frozen.
    Again, I'm not a good writer, but I hope I was able to convey my idea well enough, and would love any feedback. This is just something I thought up in about the span of 30 minutes while just laying about one day, and thought I'd share it with you guys.
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    Jan 3, 2016
    I like the idea that you're anyone you want to be instead of "you are a soldier /lawyer who is married and has a son".

    The bit with the baby lady means you can justifiably (plot wise) not give a shit and prat around in the wasteland instead.
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    Aug 8, 2017
    I always looked back on FO4 and thought that the memory den in goodneighbour would be a far better start. You get the conflict with the various factions between Hancock, original residents, and the triggermen, as well as being able to introduce the synth plot line without the need of killing our RP
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    Aug 3, 2017
    Maybe your character wakes up in there, and due to a malfunction, he doesn't remember anything about his past. I know the amnesia thing is quite overdone, but it's better than getting your whole fucking backstory in the first hour. The story could have you learn a bit about your past, maybe, and have you chose you path with the several factions in the area.
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    If I could redo the entire opening of 4 it would still involve a pre-war portion, but you'd choose between one of the residents of Sanctuary Hills. Everyone in Sanctuary Hills gets into the Vault (later finding out that the development was built by Med Tech to get test subjects for the cryopods) and yes I would make Vault 111 into a Med Tech facility instead of a Vault, it would be a "special" Vault. You go in when the bombs go off and the whole neighborhood gets frozen and times goes on. At some point, there is a system failure and the test subjects are released from the pods. After figuring out that 100 years have passed, they leave the "Vault".

    After leaving the Cyro Facility, they go out into Sanctuary Hills and try to figure out what to do. You get selected to be a part of a salvage team to Concord and Lexington. At this point, you'd start to see the rest of the world and what is going on. You wouldn't have lost a child, but you'd be pushed into defending your community and figuring out where it will fit into the Commonwealth.
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    Pre-war seg should start in the city of Boston which is a criminal shithole and mess like every other city in the USA. Overcrowded, overbuilt, disease ridden and crime ridden but downtown still has all the corporations so off you go, maybe to an interview with vault-tec, which serves to set down your traits, S.P.E.C.I.A.L and skills. This allows the player to familiarize themselves with the locale a bit.

    Then the player scurries through shitty suburbs to their gated community guarded by the USM (if we *have* to be a veteran this also paints the US in a subtle way where the military gets the best just to keep the military in line) and then off to the vault due to the sirens. Have the screen fade to black when you get home with white text reading 'several months later' - then cue the sirens, the running, the military shooting at poor people beyond the gates of the community, other vets running to smaller bunkers in their basements/backyards, the like.

    And no looking at the damn bomb either; but the player should enter the vault with one last look at the skyline so that when they re-emerge (10? 50?) years later they can compare how much damage was caused. Which should be total - no skyscrapers, just rubble and ruins and communities in the rubble and ruins. (Seriously, why is it that EVERY DAMN CITY SURVIVES? We're lucky Bethesda didn't make F1 or F2 or else we would had been shooting mutants in the Hollywood sign!)

    No kid or other emotional attachment either. No wife/husband. At most, we were a veteran of the Alaskan front.
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