My Fallout 4 Setup and Plot Points

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  1. TomJ

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    Jul 12, 2015
    I've been thinking about Fallout 4 and what I would have liked to see over what was actually produced. The points are similar, but the setup and surrounding story I'd like are different. The main difference would be the game should have been set in 2177 rather than 2287.

    Vault 111: I would have made Vault 111 a Med Tech facility rather than a Vault. The Med Tech facility would contain the cryopods. Sanctuary Hills would have been built by Med Tech to get test subjects for the cryopod experiment. The people in Sanctuary Hills would have been veterans that were poor and getting a home for cheap thanks to some Med Tech CSR project. This would be found out after you're defrosted. When the bombs drop, the whole neighborhood would run to the facility and be frozen.

    The PC: You would choose one of the people in Sanctuary Hills to play as. You could pick a teenager who is about to come of age who is essentially a blank slate or whatever other person you want. The choice of which person you'd take would affect quest options and dialogue option through the game as well as potential stat bonuses early on. Ex a nurse having higher medical skills, a former Army officer being better at guns, or a teacher having better speech.

    Leaving the Cryopods: I would have the cryopods just fail at some point during 2177. Since this isn't a Vault, the equipment wouldn't be tampered with and critical system failure would lead to the pods shutting down and the inhabitants being released. You and your neighbors will then interact with each other and with some Med Tech employees that were frozen to be support staff after the people were released. Also subtly implying that they were going to be frozen for more than a few years. You'll then leave the facility and return to Sanctuary Hills.

    The Quest: After leaving, a search team will be selected and you'll be selected to go out for {insert reasons here}. You'll go out to search Concord for supplies. This is when you'd start interacting with the rest of the universe. At this point, I'd have the search party interact with wastelanders complaining about the Minutemen and praising the Gunners. The point being that you and your community are just trying to survive, not save someone. The story would be about prewar stuffiness contending with a post war world that lacks the large institutions. In this, the prewar world from a sociopolitical standpoint would be stuffy like in the 1950s. So no gender equality, no gay people, just white bread 50's America that hasn't evolved very much. This like Frost would be more about surviving and interacting with the world than it would have one over arching plot. Yes the main factions hate each other some extent and that will need to be resolved, but your motivation is surviving and rebuilding and dealing with your own demons.

    The Factions

    The Institute!: The Institute would still exist, but they would be growing humans rather than the 3D printed synths. They would have some cybernetic components grown into them just to make them semi different from humans, but these implants would just better enable a mind wipe, allow them to interface with VR, and be more durable due to their work in less than hospitable environments. They would be mysterious, but not as infamous as the Institute we know. They’d be fear inducing, but not as apparent as a problem. Their goal would be to rebuild civilization, but one based on science and be populated by grown humans.

    The Railroad: They’d only change enough to make sense within the plot.

    The Minutemen: They wouldn't be as down and out, they’d be mid collapse. They’d still control Quincy and a few areas around it. People would still be skeptical of them and you could side with them and help them rebuild or not. They would be attempting to organize the new world with old world structures.

    The Gunners/Vault 95: Vault 95 (the AA Vault if I misremembered the number) would be a religious organization that wants to rebuild the world around old world religious values. They want the idealized old world back, the one that people from the 50s in our timeline idealize.

    Army Remnants: Fort Hagen would have an underground section where the inhabitants rode out the aftermath of the war. They want to rebuild, but they don’t have eyes on the surface, they aren’t the Enclave.

    Minor Factions:

    “The Pack”: There would be a raider faction like the Pack from Nuka world floating around and would control a fiefdom. They would be socially liberated like unlike the prewar world. Meaning they are the opposite of the old world. This would force the player to challenge their old world views, embrace their desires or be stubborn.

    “The Operators”: A faction based on underworld businessmen would be floating around. They’d control some old hotels filled with things like gambling, prostitution, chems and alcohol, and other such things. Their motivation is money.

    Settlements: I would still put in settlement creation. Each settlement would be a minor faction in and of itself. As a settlement grow and attracts people more radiant quests would pop up. Not of the “ghouls 50 miles away mean us harm” but certain people need help and that unlocks more dialogue and other options.

    Raiders: Each raider gang would have it's own reason for being. Either desperation, some being former Minutemen, some just wanting to steal. Depending on their motivations you can interact with them peacefully and potentially recruit them.

    Merchant Houses: Various caravan and merchant groups will act like a guild. The quests would be similar to the Crimson Caravan quests from New Vegas. Would play on the politics between them.
  2. DarkLaplander

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    Mar 4, 2017
    I kinda feel like trying to fix Fallout 4's numerous problems is useless, because the whole story was so stupid (At least in my opinion) and I didn't like any of the factions in the game.

    The PC: Honestly, just give me the character editor and stats and allow me to build my character from zero instead of picking from pre-existing character types. If I wanted to be a former soldier or something, I just added skills in guns in FO:NV and sided with NCR.
  3. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    The cryopods wouldn't even need to fail, they could just be designed to thaw after 1xx years, just like the vaults were initially designed to open after a certain number of years.
  4. TomJ

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    Jul 12, 2015
    I was thinking having the pods fail due to negligence on the part of Med Tech instead of the auspices of the Enclave/Vault Tec. Other companies should be involved more in the series rather than their remnant facilities being just ghoul kill fests.
  5. TomJ

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    Jul 12, 2015
    My reasoning for leaving some semi preset characters was purely for speech checks in the world. I did mention that I would leave a blank slate option for those that would want it along with the characters with some background. And this would take out the entire "muh baby is gone, ooooo look a shiny!" out of the story. Frost is unforgiving at times, but the basic premise of just surviving is much better than Bethesda and its attempts at pulling at our heart strings and distracting us with shiny objects.
  6. YeeCop

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    Jan 26, 2017
    You managed to make a better Fallout 4 premise than any of the nimrods at Bethesda could ever do. I like the setting.
    Do you have a story in mind?
  7. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    But why do they have to fail at all? I mean, they have to be set to thaw at some point, right? 100 years seems like a good time for such a facility. It doesn't always have to be failure.
  8. Plzstandbuy

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    Dec 7, 2015
    I'm liking it so far. My main criticism is from what you've wrote, I don't see the main differences between the factions. They all want to "rebuild", but that's not enough to go on. I think you're going to have to make the goals and plot a little more than just rebuilding. That's my two cents. Wish one of these total conversion teams would do something like this for the vanilla game though.
  9. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Heh my own idea for Fallout 4 if I would go with androids and the Institute would have involved a campaign in which the player wakes up in a hospital run by robots and discovering that part of his or her memories are gone.

    Traveling through the wasteland the player finds out about androids that have been appearing in the wasteland that originate from a mysterious place called the Institute and that these androids are kidnapping people.

    These androids that are under the leadership of a prototype pre war android seek to transfer human memory patterns to android bodies under the assumption that this will transfer the personality or human "soul", giving these people immortality.

    The player also underwent that process but for some reason only part of his/her personality was transferred.
    The character that woke up in the hospital is either the original human or the android believing itself to be the human original.

    (this would work into the gameplay in the following ways. Some people would recognize the player as having met him or her before despite the player meeting them for the first time. Depending on how the player has been playing the game, either as a good or an evil character, he or she would either be welcomed or ostracized or even being shot at the moment the player arrives at a location)

    It would eventually be revealed that the androids were created by pre war scientists and technicians who discovered that they were dying from the effects from the war and wanted to survive by creating android bodies and transferring their "minds" into these.
    The first successes were rather flawed and after the original human researchers had passed away their android creations continued the project with the goal of perfecting it.

    The androids "believe" or are programmed to help humanity by transforming the survivors into more androids even if the process is flawed and may not work at all.
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  10. TomJ

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    Jul 12, 2015
    After thinking about it, I was thinking of having the facility be a Med Tech that acts as a lifeboat. Meaning people get frozen so Med Tech or whom ever could survive and do what every they want. Whether or not they'd make an appearance in the story would be something else.
  11. Black Angel

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    Mar 21, 2016
    Goddammit, I vaguely remember it was you who made those post elaborating a version of Fallout 4 where the Institute's HQ isn't hidden, and they're an overlord of Boston Commonwealth Wasteland. But then I also vaguely remembering you actually denied it when I asked you!

    Come out, come out, whoever you are!
  12. Prone Squanderer

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    Jan 3, 2016
    I remember suggesting something like that. Was it me?
  13. Black Angel

    Black Angel Grand Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus

    Mar 21, 2016
  14. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hello Black Angel,

    It has been a while since I wrote that and my memory hasn't been very good these last couple of years so that is why I probably denied having written that, it was honestly not on my mind any more just like I have been trying to forget the rest of Fallout 4.

    Reading it all over again I can't say I that I am very happy or impressed about it, at best some elements of it like Washington DC and Boston being mostly wiped out.
    It lacks what I feel Black Isle did well in the Van Buren design documents and how Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas turned out.
    I feel more like I have been trying to fix Bethesda's stuff or imitating it just like I have been imitating other sources.

    A Fallout set on the East Coast made by Black Isle or Obsidian when Avellone was still part of it would probably have been a lot better and interesting.
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  15. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    One of the questions I am pondering about a lot sometimes is what the theme of the next Fallout game should be?
    The previous three games in the main series all had a theme or several themes that could be felt throughout the campaign.

    Fallout 1's was about Super Mutants taking over the place of humanity as the dominant species on Earth, its second theme being what kind of civilization would arise from the ashes of a world wide conflict that wiped out the old civilization.

    Fallout 2 was about the "original" humanity, the "genetically pure" seeking to reclaim its position from what they perceived to be the "new" or mutated humanity. The second theme probably being about the new societies that arose in the wasteland now maturing and starting to spread out.

    Fallout New Vegas's theme was about what kind of government should shape the future of the re emerging civilizations, the NCR's which is based on Pre War American ideals of democracy and free enterprise but which also caused the destruction of the old world civilization, Caesar's even older ideals of Empire with less reliance on the leftovers of the old world, or House's technocratic based autocracy, promising to rebuild the world in less than a century but under the absolute rule of one immortal individual, in which the weaker members of society and outsiders need to make room for progress.
    The second theme would probably be to stop idealizing the past and learn to let go.

    That us also one of the reasons why I am not always happy about my own ideas, I don't seem to have any kind of general theme that is prevalent throughout them and unifying them.
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  16. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    The theme of my own Fallout campaign idea would have been about enslavement and perhaps liberation.

    The player himself/herself would be an escaped slave but the theme would go further regarding being willing to be enslaved or rather "chained" for riches and power, or being enslaved or controlled by revenge. (the player's main nemesis would have been a former tribal who wanted revenge on the people who destroyed his tribe and who got turned into a genius by accident by machine intelligences or may now be "possessed" by a machine intelligence that "thinks" its the tribal. I rather dislike how some of it sounded to much like Ulysses background story)

    During the campaign the player would become the master of his or her own destiny (liberation) and eventually get to decide the destiny of the Texas Wasteland (either enslaving it with the tools of the past or perhaps liberating it from these)
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