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    Oct 12, 2016
    I have only beaten this game three times in the past. The first two used pistols only, the first one used guns, the second used energy weapons, and the third used heavy weapons.

    I have the following builds planned:

    Cowboy: Uses weapons affected by Cowboy, including ranged, melee, and explosives.

    Grunt: Uses weapons affected by Grunt, including ranged, some melee, and explosives.

    Guns: specializes in guns.

    Energy Weapons: Uses either laser or plasma energy weapons.

    Pyromaniac: Uses weapons affected by pyromaniac, including ranged and melee.

    Brawler: Uses unarmed weapons.

    Melee: Uses melee weapons that have good critical damage.

    Heavy Handed: Uses melee and unarmed with high damage, but low critical damage. Uses heavy handed.

    Heavyweight: Uses explosives and other weapons that deal no critical damage including the Shoulder Mounted SMG.

    Wild Wastelander: Takes wild wasteland for a unique gameplay experience.

    I have the same problems as I do with fallout 3 as I frequently find myself in situations where I am overwhelmed by an impossible situation such as going up against enemies too powerful for me to take down.

    During one playthrough, I was in Honest Hearts, but couldn't deal good damage against giant radscorpions. In another, I could barely penetrate the armor of the robots in the sacrificial chamber. And in another, I couldn't take down the hostile rogue BoS paladins in the followers base at the conclusion of Veronica's quest I Could Make You Care.

    I also frequently found myself having to drink to eat something just so I would no longer be overencumbered.

    I have yet to play on hardcore mode.

    I have questions I need answered to help make gameplay difficulties easier. How should I set my stats? What traits are recommended and which are best avoided? Is it worth maxing certain traits endgame? What is the best way to use your companions and manage their equipment? How can I avoid running into situations that are too difficult to handle? When should I start making enemies of either the Legion or NCR?
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    With the Legion, you can obtain a ceasefire from them (if your rep with them is in the negative) after dealing with Benny. Upon leaving the Tops, Vulpes (or some other Legion Frumentarii IIRC) will give you the Mark of Caesar that grants you safe passage to Caesar's territories in-game.

    Just don't bring Boone with you since he is always hostile to Legion NPCs and will trigger combat.

    Also, do your best to keep your questions on NV in this thread. You are doing well now based on your Fallout 1 & 2 general thread (though I'd recommend figuring out all these builds by testing them out personally).

    EDIT: IIRC NCR gets a similar ceasefire as well though I may be wrong.
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    After leaving the Tops for the first time an NCR rep and a Legion rep will come to you and both will forgive and forget all the shit you done to them.
    Just be careful later on. I did some Legion missions once, planning to just see where this goes but finishing with NCR, but then I did one mission too much by accident (I was told that Legion spies are everywhere, but I just wanted to talk to Caesar which finished one last quest that got me branded as terrorist witht he NCR).