New Quests, Encounters, and Changes To Quests

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    Oct 12, 2016
    One thing I didn't like about Fallout 3 is that the quests aren't as well written as in New Vegas. I've already discussed how Trouble On The Homefront could have been much better. Now I'd like to do the same for some of the other quests and come up with a few of my own. I welcome everyone else's ideas as well as that's the point of this thread.

    "Quick Intervention"

    You can help Paulie stop being an addict, you'll need the help of Cindy and the doctor for this. You can also ask Mister Lopez to help if you convinced him that life is worth living. Having a medicine skill of at least 60 is needed for a special dialogue option with the doctor to start this quest. Or you can have an addiction of your own cured. Pass a speech check with Cindy to make this quest even easier. Your reward for curing Paulie will be good karma and a permanent discount at A Quick Fix as long as Paulie and Cindy remain alive.

    "Uncle Leo: A Fourth Encounter"

    You can encounter uncle Leo a fourth time where you'll find him being confronted by wastelanders harrassing and threatening him for the water he carries. You can talk to one of the settlers or to Leo. If Fawkes is your companion, you won't get a chance to open up dialogue. Having Fawkes as your companion or defending Leo through dialogue with either him or the wastelanders will result in the settlers screaming that you are mutant sympathizer and turn hostile. If this happens, Leo will fight alongside with you. You will not lose karma for killing the wastelanders. Afterwards, Leo will talk to you saying that he wishes there were more humans like you.

    "Head of State"

    If you killed the slavers at Paradise Falls, Simone will have a completely different greeting when you first approach the Temple of the Union. Regardless of how you answer, she will let you into the building and will not even lock the door behind you. Everyone will be much more welcoming towards you.

    If Clover is your companion, Hannibal will comment on your friend asking if she is a slave. You can tell him that you bought her off Eulogy and he will remark that you probably treat her better than you do. You can also tell him that she has been brainwashed by her previous master and he will sadly say that he doesn't believe she will never know freedom.

    "Election Day"

    Instead of convincing the others to vote in the election or run against Dave, you can convince them through a speech check to rebel against Dave's presidency, ultimately forcing him out of office and turning the republic into a democracy. You will get good karma, but Dave won't talk to you anymore and head off for Old Olney as if he had lost the election.