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    For those of you who want to see the archives, go here for an overview of our news over the years. For articles, go here.

    Any broken links like
    can be fixed by replacing www with archive like so:
    This should work any time you get redirected to a www link while browsing the archive as well.

    If pictures in an article are broken and a concern for you, you may have to use the Wayback Machine at and browse for snapshots with working pictures. As an example, compare and
    If this does not work, try searching on instead.

    Most pictures should be available somewhere in the gallery.
    The archived gallery might not work, but all images are mirrored here in the same categories, so you should be able to find what you are looking for.
    E.g. is filed under Concept Art/Images and the same picture with the Leonard Boyarsky story underneath it can be found in the current gallery under Fallout 1 -> Concept Art/Images, specifically at

    The old forum can be accessed via
    All threads in the archived forum are also available on the current forum, so it is sort of redundant.

    On the forum, you can also find the old and very out of date downloads. Use the old downloads at your own risk.
    If you ever get redirected back to a www url like this:
    just switch it for archive (just like with the articles) and the download should work, like this:
    Do the same thing if you get an error when you are directed to the file download itself.

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Thread Status:
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