Nicest Place to Live in the Wasteland?

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    The alien city under the Mojave. I would be able to live forever, since that city seems like it would be made by the same aliens who made the Cabot helmet thing. :lmao:

    I already said where I would live, in a similar thread to this one a while ago. I would find a vault that I could restore to functionality. I would scavenge and repair robots to help me and I would trade and repair junk to anyone who would pay me to.
    I would also disable the vault terminal outside of it, so no one could hack or use it to open the door and come in.
    I would use the robots to trade and get supplies for me if needed.

    I would spend my time messing around with tech stuff, using the recreation room in the vault, read books I would try to get my hands on, etc.

    Let the wasteland be the wasteland, I would have a vault just for me :drunk: .
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    In Fallout 1: Lost Hills and Vault 13

    In Fallout 2: if you were lucky enough to be so important that you survived the war on the Oil Rig, well, that's probably one of the nicest places, alongside the NCR and Vault City.

    In Fallout 3 (even though there's really no place to live because the fucking eco-system is fucked in that game due to Bethesda's lazy worldbuilding: ) Tenpenny Tower and Rivet City

    In New Vegas: The Strip (obviously,) Goodsprings, Jacobstown and possibly Freeside (if you're a member of the kings, that is.)

    In Fallout 4 (discounting player settlements: ) the Institute, Prydwen and Cabot House
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