Nicest Place to Live in the Wasteland?

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  1. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    The alien city under the Mojave. I would be able to live forever, since that city seems like it would be made by the same aliens who made the Cabot helmet thing. :lmao:

    I already said where I would live, in a similar thread to this one a while ago. I would find a vault that I could restore to functionality. I would scavenge and repair robots to help me and I would trade and repair junk to anyone who would pay me to.
    I would also disable the vault terminal outside of it, so no one could hack or use it to open the door and come in.
    I would use the robots to trade and get supplies for me if needed.

    I would spend my time messing around with tech stuff, using the recreation room in the vault, read books I would try to get my hands on, etc.

    Let the wasteland be the wasteland, I would have a vault just for me :drunk: .
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  2. SquiglyContiello

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    Jan 3, 2018
  3. The notorious OVB

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    Dec 28, 2016
    In Fallout 1: Lost Hills and Vault 13

    In Fallout 2: if you were lucky enough to be so important that you survived the war on the Oil Rig, well, that's probably one of the nicest places, alongside the NCR and Vault City.

    In Fallout 3 (even though there's really no place to live because the fucking eco-system is fucked in that game due to Bethesda's lazy worldbuilding: ) Tenpenny Tower and Rivet City

    In New Vegas: The Strip (obviously,) Goodsprings, Jacobstown and possibly Freeside (if you're a member of the kings, that is.)

    In Fallout 4 (discounting player settlements: ) the Institute, Prydwen and Cabot House
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  4. KillTheLivingDead

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    Mar 11, 2018
    I'd have to say that the lucky 38 would be a great place to live. A personal suite with a bar and multiple bedrooms as well as the cocktail bar would be the most luxury you can really get in the wasteland. Plus if you could restore the place to a functioning casio you'd own the best casio in the mojave. Not to mention the giant computer upstairs which controls a small army.

    But since the chances of me being the sole occupant and owner of the lucky 38 (alongside house or yes man also living there). I think a much more likely location to live in would be an area like litterally any part of NCR (especially under President Tandi) due to the pure amount of different lifestyle choices and its the area where I would be least likely to be shot in the head by a raider or have my legs pulled off my a radscorpion.
  5. The Man From Nowhere

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    Oct 28, 2017
    A doctor, a bar, a general store, a humble woman and her dog, an old man and his explosives in an independent frontier town. What more does one need in life?

    I wouldn't wanna live in super busy areas like Vegas, or places with tons of rules and regulations up the wazzu just because they're safe.

    I'd like to think My Courier lived out his days in Goodsprings playing Sheriff with Sunny as his deputy.
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  6. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    Reno. I like prostitutes and gamble.
  7. CerberusGate

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    Jun 6, 2016
    In Fallout 1, Shady Sands or Junktown.

    In Fallout 2, the NCR, Arroyo (after the events of Fallout 2 have played out) or Modoc (after the famine crisis has been averted).

    In New Vegas, either Goodsprings, Novac or the Strip (though I'd probably hate living at the Strip due to how bright and noisy it is).
  8. The Man From Nowhere

    The Man From Nowhere First time out of the vault

    Oct 28, 2017
    Novac wouldn't be a bad place to live as long as it's Jeannie May who is shot in front of the dinosaur.
  9. CerberusGate

    CerberusGate I should save my game in a whole new slot

    Jun 6, 2016
    True that. Look at her the wrong way and she'll sell you into slavery.
  10. The Man From Nowhere

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    Oct 28, 2017
    Novac is a decent place and all but she was like crazed obsessed fanboy. She's type that would have you disappear if you said anything about bad about anything.
  11. Danuis

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    Jul 6, 2016
    That should had been a thing, if you stood in Novac but disparaged it in front of her. Maybe even a small quest about how the legion treats people they take in from a first-hand view.
  12. xKiwil

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    Mar 18, 2018
    Fallout 1, Junktown.
    Fallout 2, Navarro.
    Fallout 3, Rivet City (as long as that ship isn't always fucking creaking.)
    Fallout NV, The Strip or Nellis Airforce Base
    Fallout 4, Goodneighbor.

  13. President_Peaches

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    Mar 4, 2018
    In a farming village you don't have to worry about malnutrition and everyone usually looks out for one another, so I would have to say Shady Sands in F1, Modoc or Arroyo in F2 and Goodsprings in New Vegas. Though, these little rustic towns are really vulnerable to bad harvests and opportunist gangs.