Obsidian Cannot Save Fallout

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    Fallout as a franchise is pretty much ruined, and no amount of intervention on behalf of other major studios will be able to save it. Beyond a complete and total reboot, the series as we know it will basically continue to slide down the Fallout-Doom path until Bethesda squeezes every last dime out of the franchise and then it goes dormant.

    Now admittedly, though not a positive outlook on the current situation, it's very much a realistic assessment of the franchise. What made Fallout 1, 2, 3 (Van Buren) and to a lesser extent Tactics unique, was the fact that the games themselves were far more concerned with story telling than being sensitive towards social or political trends.

    For example and though this discussion has been done to death, but the omission of the "Child Killer" perk from Bethesda's Fallout, while the focus of graphic yet "comedic" weapons, demonstrated that the tone of Fallout had transitioned towards a Millennial audience who values high intensity violence and political correctness over morally gray characters.

    Now it's true, Fallout: New Vegas was interesting and with it's attached DLC's, was even a unique experience, however due to the fact that the product has to remain true to the stories and plots outlined by Bethesda, it tended to fall short when it comes to being a true Fallout masterpiece. And, due to the rather simple fact that Obsidian will not get a free hand to develop their own content, anything which they do put out, will only keep the series on life support.

    Fallout is in effect a product of it's time, a combination of tabletop games, popular culture references and an 80's action movie. Unfortunately, in this day and age, Millennial audiences want something entirely different and therefore as time goes on, Fallout will inevitably drift further from it's original material.
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    I don't think anyone's deluded enough to think Fallout can be saved at this point, unless Bethesda collapses and how likely is that?
    What people want when they say give Obsidian another crack is simply to get another nu-Fallout game that is decent.

    And I think Bethesda is straight up stupid for not lending the IP out to some smaller developer so that they can develop a cRPG in the veins of the old games as the budget for it would be a fraction of what it would be for a AAA title, so I don't think it's too late for that. We'll just have to wait for the upper management to change and hope the next person in charge (in Todd's position?) sees that "wait a second, we could spend a fraction of our proceeds to have a game developed that will earn a ton of money on name recognition alone, and we wouldn't even need to work on it!"

    Quite frankly I think it's just a matter of time. I doubt I'll still care at that point though.
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    How can you write this while Mutant rising or the sum are still in developpement and nevada been recently translated ?
    (and Olympus 2207, other mods in developement, and spiritual successors etc...)

    About the branded titles, they have been dead since 2004, with New Vegas as a post-mortem shake.
    But fallout itself is not the brand.

    PS: The original had some moderate successes, but never been AAA thingies. They were part o a solid niche, but there were already other games like TES as blockbusters at the time. They aren't more game o the past now than they were at the time. They were targetted to a specitic audience.
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