Poin with no return in quests.

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    Dec 1, 2011
    Hello. I have problem with institute quests. I never wanted to join institute but i think i might did just that. Every other power in commonwealth when asking about supporting them mearly offered some questlines for plot and exploration. No more. No final decision involved. Meanwhile, here in the insitute i was cheated. Not only they never asked me officialy to pledge my alliegance to them but i also used evasive and unsure answer while offered to join - never said YES. And shaun gave me quests jsut like that. So i marginalised it ofcourse. I finished quest with synth in libertia, sabotaged synth capture operation in bunker hill, attended meeting in humanity redefined. And i grew suspicious. I checked wiki storyline and now i think i might joined them for good without a chance to support mine original faction. Am i right?