Questions about my Ironman Playtrough.

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  1. Liadrin

    Liadrin First time out of the vault

    Nov 1, 2017
    Hello guys , i'm planning to do a Ironman Playtough and i have some questions about my Build ideas and routes i wanna take.

    I have done this type of challenge in many other games and i've completed them but i didn't touch Fallout 2 since few years and some stuff is still cloudy for me.
    For start - Restoration Project won't be used , i wont farm encounters for XP and i wont Gamble.
    The whole idea is to experience the Game as ''basic'' Playtrough but with 1 life (like the Hardcore Mode in Diablo).
    Skipping Towns , rushing for endgame Gear and not tagging Combat Skills so i can kite with 40% Unarmed is also out of question.

    So , here are the ''Builds'' i plan to try it with.

    1)Melee Weapons (i know that knockbacks are double-edged Sword and that Melee is better)

    S-5(10) Traits:Gifted and Kamikaze(i like it a lot but is it worthy for Ironman)?
    P-7(8) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E-10 Tags:Melee Weapons , Speech & Sneak / Outdoor / Lockpick?


    S-5(10) Traits:Gifted
    P-9(10) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E-4 Tags:Small Weapons, Sneak and Speech
    C-2 Should i ''Tag'' Energy Weapons at 18 or should i rally on Gauss?
    I-9(10) How am i going to perform with only 4 End and should i pick the Lifegiver?


    S-5(10) Traits:Gifted & Fast Shot
    P-7(8) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E-10 Tags:Small & Big Guns + Speech

    I'm taking both Small and Big Guns here because i don't wanna to waste braincells half of the game till the Heavy Weapons appear and i just wanna have side arm in the late game where i can and don't want to waste ammo/fuel/rockets.


    I will be more than happy if you criticize my Builds and give me tips about them how to be improved and what kind of route should i take during my Game.
    What encounters and places do you think will be the most dangerous and what other preparations should i consider.
    Thank you in advance!
  2. PlanHex

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    Nov 4, 2007
    I think EN 4 is a bit risky. You'd die from a single unlucky crit/turn. Otherwise it doesn't look that bad to me. I've never done an Ironman run though.
    Don't really like Kamikaze in general, but I can see how higher sequence could be beneficial in an Ironman. The hit to AC might not be so good though.
    Not sure about tagging sneak either, since you'll likely not be taking chances with sneaking around and stealing stuff with a chance to turn entire cities hostile I presume?
  3. Liadrin

    Liadrin First time out of the vault

    Nov 1, 2017
    Hi , the Sneak is mostly to position myself before fights (to open fights) and to run away from fights(from what i know 10 hexes away during fight with enough Sneak makes the character lose agro).
    Btw , how is the ''Burst'' in the begging of the Game and mostly till ''Sniper'' Perk , am i going to lose a lot of Damage without the aimed shots and the most curios question is - how do i pair the ''Big Guns'' with something else till i start using them.
    Am i on the right track to pair them with Small Guys as i've said above (tagging both) or is it too much of an overkill?
  4. PlanHex

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    Nov 4, 2007
    Ah, yeah ok, then Sneak makes a lot of sense.
    For the burst, I think you will be fine using standard shots until you can get SMGs or the like, which I think you'll be able to find in the Den. Although you may have to murder the shopkeepers for them if you're low on money. Especially since you'll need lots of ammo too.
    The biggest problem early on is probably just not being able to hit melee enemies in the legs or two-handed enemies in the arms, but since you'll have a good amount of HP, you'll probably be fine. Though I guess the effective range of bursting might be a bit risky too. May have to run up close to people to get a lot of bullets in.
    Getting bonus ranged damage and living anatomy should help until you can get the Bozar and start mowing everyone down.
    edit: If memory serves, you can also get a flamer from some of the early random encounters around the Den, though you'll likely be screwed when it comes to finding fuel for it.
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  5. .Pixote.

    .Pixote. Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Sep 14, 2009
    You should consider 8 luck, and the jinxed trait - that with a melee character would be effective method. The jinxed trait will fuck the enemies with critical misses, losing their ammo, or even better crippling their limbs. Just make sure you get the bonus 2 luck at the NCR for that magical 10 luck stat. If you come across the pariah dog grab him...extra jinx wont hurt.
  6. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I think that the Jinxed, high Luck and Pariah Dog doesn't work very well. It would also clash with the Kamikaze trait that the melee character says it would have.

    Why wouldn't high Luck + Jinxed + Pariah Dog + Kamikaze be very good?
    Well because, IIRC, in Fallout 2 what the Jinx trait does is that every time a character (enemy or not) misses, it has like a 50% chance of that miss become a critical miss. So if the character has a lower AC because of the Kamikaze trait, it is making himself be easier to be hit, so it is making the Jinxed trait less effective. Also once Pariah Dog "joins" the party the Chosen One Luck value will be reduced to the minimum possible (normally 1, or 2 with the Gifted Trait) so that totally negates the high luck value of the character.
  7. Liadrin

    Liadrin First time out of the vault

    Nov 1, 2017
    Interesting ideas Guys.
    I can't be sure that i get the bonus 2 luck in the NCR mate , i have completed this game several times during the years and i still have no clue what the requirements are (i know i can check Wiki).