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    Are you ready for yet another Eastern European RPG heavily inspired by Fallout? Because here's the ATOM RPG, currently being kickstarted with a rather modest goal of only $15000, as they seem entirely willing to finish it whether they reach the goal or not:
    Good to see dedication like that.
    They have already been greenlit on Steam and are currently shooting for a Feb 2018 release. Demo download links are available on the Kickstarter page if you want to check it out.

    For the French, there's apparently a book being written about the history of Fallout by Théo Dezalay (aka @Izual), also with a history of modding and more. An excerpt can be found here, and it looks like you can buy it here.
    Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an English translation at this time.

    Finally, a Croatian conference called Reboot Develop is being held this weekend, and Tim Cain will hold a talk entitled Building a Better RPG: Seven Mistakes to Avoid, which will be live streamed here: https://www.twitch.tv/rebootdevelop
    Tim's talk starts this Saturday at 10:00 AM CET. Besides the interest of hearing the old master talk about how to design RPGs, we might be able to get some clues on the project he's working on at Obsidian with Leonard Boyarsky.
    According to the schedule, there's also a different panel with Tim and Chris Avellone about world-building, plus a panel with Tim, Chris and Tramell Ray Isaac about stories from the development of Fallout, but unfortunately these will not be livestreamed. Expect to see them on the front page if they ever get released elsewhere.

    Tim's talk can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/137273761?t=18m36s

    Also there is apparently a Fallout: New Vegas mod in development for Fallout 4: http://kotaku.com/modder-is-building-new-vegas-inside-of-fallout-4-1794629368
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    In other news: @PlanHex has a disturbing avatar now.
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    Backed Atom! Sounds great!
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    Fellas, back ATOM! Quickly! Go go go! Awesome idea. Indie developers need all the support they can get.
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    It's pretty good, by the way.
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    The graphics and art style of ATOM look great. The character portraits look pretty good, but its the developer portraits that are the standout. I hope they make it into the final game.
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    Also, in case anyone's interested. Tim has done some explaining on some things he said in his talk (and promises more talk on the subject when he clears his jetlag).



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