Rebuttal of Escapist's "Bethesda Killed Fallout" article

Discussion in 'Fallout 3 Discussion' started by mannawyadden, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Mar 21, 2016
    Nice try describing this forum as an 'echo chamber' :clap: nice to see 2014-registered Bethestard suddenly appear. This place need some entertainment, don't disappoint us.
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    Apr 7, 2017
    Gotta love the deflection to any legit criticism when they use terms like "echo chamber" to think we are an hivemind that just mindlessly hate the Bethesda Fallouts. It's not like we played them, then compared them to the other Fallout games and just noticed how much inferior they are. But no, we just decided to hate Bethesda Fallouts just because.

    I actually hate that i hate the Bethesda Fallouts. I want to like them, to sing their praises, but i can't because they do just too much stuff wrong. And i can't just suddenly like them, i can't accept bad game design.
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    Jun 1, 2018
    I'm fairly new to NMA but from what I've seen if we really wanted to, we all could sit around and tell each other how wrong we are about Fallout games and our opinions on them. I've seen most of us fairly disagree on a lot when it comes to these games. It's just a majority of us don't like or don't particularly care for the Bethesda Fallout titles so I guess that makes us an echo chamber.

    Imagine a forum based on any topic being around for YEARS and then something happens to said topic and it's a drastic change and the entire forum says, "Hey, uh, that thing you did with <insert topic> sucks now, why'd you do that?" and now out of nowhere, you're an echo chamber, apparently.
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    Much as I despise the Bethesda attempt(s) at Fallout sequels, there are games that I would like to see made by Bethesda; Lands of Lore 4 for one, and a TES style RIFTS RPG, based on the Palladium Books IP.

    *No... it's not backhanded praise :smug:... I am serious about it. I do think that they could do both series justice; justice that neither has had. Lands of Lore seems a perfect fit for their design ethos, and RIFTS RPG needs a perfect blend of FO4 and Morrowind to work [IMO].

    FO3 was an exercise in damaging —ruinous— experimentation... to see if they could re-make Oblivion in the Fallout IP setting. And it worked [for them]... They succeeded and profited handsomely by it, and at our expense & perpetual enmity for it. But I would buy a
    [day one] retail copy of Rifts, and Lands of Lore from them. I think it would very likely deliver everything that I would want and expect from it.

    I don't hate Bethesda, just some of their callous—and very calculated actions. They would never make a proper Fallout game, because the sale margins are too low for them to invest in it.

    Interplay should have known this; and I place the entire blame on them, for this fiasco.
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