S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - The Russian equilavent of Fallout?

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Is it?

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    Jul 14, 2017
    Many people love to say that STALKER is essentially Russian Fallout. What bothers me is really that they don't share many similiarities to be counterparts of each other. Here's few reasons for it:

    -The game is set on Ukraine, not in Russia. The common misconception is to include almost every eastern european country that speaks even lightly Cyrillic language is considered as hard WBR Slav.

    -The game lacks RPG mechanics and elements. For sure, it has equipment progression, there's different artifacts to boosts primary stats and later games have upgradable weapons/armor, but it lacks skills, xp, leveling, perks and such that would really make character stand out or specialize to be something (if we are nitpicky, you could specialize on the gun type you use, but that would be stretching it out).

    -The game is not post apocalyptic. I don't get the notion where people started to claim The Chernobyl Disaster Zone is same place like a nuked american city, surviving people trying to scrape by and being hunted by bandits and mutants. For sure, bandits give trouble, but they are shown to be reasonable, and there are settlements, big ones even, where people hang around without any sort of worry about being attacked by mutants.

    If anything, the only thing that shares them together is that you shoot in them, there are abandoned places and every game on the series are buggy as hell, prone to crashing.
    What are your thoughts about this?
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    If anything, ATOM RPG is much closer to a Russian Fallout than STALKER could ever be.
    Because ATOM is an actual cRPG set in Russia.

    But even ATOM, which I played a couple of hours and loved it, is not Russian Fallout because while we can see where it took inspiration from classic Fallout games, it still doesn't feel like Fallout. Which is a good thing, because I also love the feeling of ATOM, I think they managed to pull making their game have a unique personality instead of just trying to recreate Fallout.

    There's no need for a game to recreate Fallout, it's much better that games be and do their own thing, while still taking inspiration from great classic games. This way games will give unique feelings while still feeling familiar, instead of playing "Fallout clone #10". Too much of something always spoils it.
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