The Age of Decadence

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    Name and release date- The Age of Decadence, October 14, 2015
    Developer- Iron Tower Studio
    Platform- Windows
    Available for purchase- GOG/Steam

    The setting, story etc: post-apoc, low magic, set after the fall of an "ancient" empire etc. the story unfolds quite differently depending on which class you play as. Although it is fairly short the replay value is through the roof. The ugly art style would be one complaint I have about the game, but for hardcore cRPG fans that won't be a problem.

    It plays much like your typical turn based isometric RPG of yore, with perhaps more punishing combat than some are used to. A fairly well known RPG Codex member led the project for years, even posting on here when they released a demo early on. I never thought it would see to to completion back then, but I am happy to wipe egg off my face now.
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    Just stop trying with these really useless inputs.
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    A little more information would be nice. Shit I could fill this whole list up in a day if we wrote this much. :mrgreen:

    Great game though.
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    Every game he has posted contains like two sentences. It's just useless and isn't really helping anyone who comes looking for RPGs.
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    True, doesn't even provide links to GOG/Steam. Really LQ threads mate.
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    Playing this one.
    On the surface it looks just like a generic medieval RPG but the amount of options it offers in the first map alone is amazing.