The Fallout Franchise As A Dysfunctional Family Of Brothers.

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    Fallout 1 The smart business casual family member who everyone listens to and is looking forward to the weekend.

    Fallout 2 The family member who has tattoos all over his body covers them up with a suit gets black out drunk and wakes up not knowing where he is every morning.

    Fallout 3 The family member who tries too hard to impress his two older brothers and eventually ended up going his own way.

    Fallout 4 The Energy drink swilling "Bro" who you don't want around but keeps on showing up and talking about the latest FPS game while showing you how much he can bench.

    Fallout: New Vegas The brother that is always out of town and when he shows up you forget how much you missed him and wish he would move back home.

    Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood Of Steel The shy quiet brother who no one pays attention to and only speaks when the rest of the brothers are fighting.

    Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel The unholy abomination that was conceived when mother and farther had too much wine and is locked up in the attic or loft and eats from a bowl of fish heads.

    Fallout Van Buren The brother that was meant to be but before he could be made mother and father had some financial troubles and could not support another child.

    Came up with the idea while I was bored thought it would be fun feel free to add your own.
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    Fallout 2 is basically Ryan Reynolds. He used to be the cool Van Wilder guy with a wicked sense of humour, but he's stuck in the 1990s.

    Also New Vegas wears a fringed jacket and blue jeans. He also likes country music, like a lot.